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Want to learn about customer acquisition and retention strategies employed by high growth digital-native product brands? This podcast - 2X eCommerce features interviews with experts at the forefront of technology and innovation in digital retail. Hear firsthand stories from founders of innovative direct-to-consumer brands. These insights will help you grow in specific areas of your direct-to-consumer business. hosted by Kunle Campbell


SE07 EP08: eCommerce Platforming - fireside chat w/ Tim Bucciarelli (BONUS EPISODE) 59:13 05/16/2022
S07 EP08: How DTC brand, Dermadry is Solving Excessive Sweating at Scale as a Segment Leader w/ Mathieu Mireault 45:48 05/14/2022
S07 EP07: Using AI to Turbocharge Your Product Recommendations w/ Oliver Edholm 44:03 05/05/2022
S07 EP06: Simplifying the Fundamentals of eCommerce Growth w/ Jason Caruso 77:04 04/28/2022
S07 EP05: Gaining Competitive Audience-Building Advantage with TikTok w/ Austin Armstrong 50:50 04/21/2022
S07 EP04: Strategy Sprints for eCommerce Leaders w/ Simon Severino 53:31 04/14/2022
BONUS EPISODE: The Search For the Fastest Growing Commerce Brands in the U.S. and UK w/ Mark Hook 46:33 04/10/2022
S07 EP03: Building a Headless and Transparent Checkout Experience with Open Banking w/ Simone Martinelli 36:01 04/07/2022
S07 EP02: Focus on Being Obsessively Helpful to Customers w/ Csaba Zajdó 51:58 03/31/2022
S07 EP01: Optimizing of the Post-Purchase Experience you Deliver to Your Customers w/ Andrew Chan 51:50 03/24/2022
S06 EP66: How Best-In-Class Peformance Marketing Teams are Structured and Operate w/ Reza Khadjavi 🔂 59:11 03/17/2022
S06 EP65: 🇺🇦 Ukraine: How the eCommerce Industry Can Help w/ Paul Okhrem 30:41 03/13/2022
S06 EP64: Building a Future-Proof Attribution Framework w/ Matt Bahr 48:52 03/10/2022
S06 EP63: The Subscription Commerce Advantage w/ Evan Padgett 73:18 03/03/2022
S06 EP62: Conversion Research: The Goldmine for Increasing eCommerce Revenue w/ Rich Page 47:02 02/24/2022
S06 EP61: Digging Into Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Cost w/ Paul Orlando 45:12 02/17/2022
S06 EP60: Helping Amazon Sellers Strategize and Maximize their Exit w/ Josh Dittrich 34:48 02/10/2022
S06 EP59: Octillion is Helping Commerce Founders Preserve and Build on their Brands’ Legacy at Exit w/ Ayo Disu 34:48 02/03/2022
S06 EP58: How OpenStore is Providing Instant Exit Liquidity to Shopify Brands w/ Michael Rubenstein 42:36 01/27/2022
S06 EP57: The Outlook for eCommerce in 2022 w/ Mike Shapaker 39:40 01/20/2022
S06 EP56: Revenue-Based Financing: The BIG Shift to Raising Capital w/ Asher Ismail 37:19 01/13/2022
S06 EP55: Systematising User Generated Content UGC that activates Authentic Communities w/ Adam Dornbusch 44:27 12/16/2021
S06 EP54: SWIMINISTA - How Andréa is Building an Eco-Conscious Brand from Ground-Up 50:23 12/09/2021
S06 EP53: Accurate eCommerce Analytics in a First Party Data Era w/ Edward Upton 41:27 12/02/2021
S06 EP52: How Getting a Grasp of Critical Metrics Accelerated Kindred Bravely's Growth w/ Garrett Akerson 59:10 11/25/2021
S06 EP51: Optimising CLV with Cohort Analysis w/ Eden Amirav 49:33 11/18/2021
S06 EP50: How Collaborative Commerce Could Potentially Disrupt Traditional Wholesaling w/ David Perry 51:16 11/11/2021
S06 EP49: Marketing Leaders Q4 BFCM Forum 55:54 11/08/2021
S06 EP48: Zero and 1st Party Data for Q4 54:18 11/07/2021
S06 EP47: Performance Marketing for Q4 46:57 11/06/2021