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Let's Talk Spanish

Improve your Spanish while learning about the Spanish-speaking world! Each episode of our Spanish podcast provides listening practice and the chance to learn about countries where Spanish is spoken - perfect if you plan to travel to Spain or Latin America in the future! There are episodes specifically for beginner Spanish learners but also more advanced ones if you have more experience with the language. Because the podcast is specifically created with students in mind, the episodes are laid out in a digestible way, with English used at points to further your understanding.


Mexico City (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 18:19 04/23/2021
Quintana Roo & Food of the Yucatan Peninsula (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 17:52 04/16/2021
Yucatán, México: Chichén Itzá and Marquesitas (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 18:49 04/09/2021
Cuba Parte 2: La Habana y otras atracciones (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 17:58 04/02/2021
Cuba: Vida diaria, Comida y Trinidad (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 17:12 03/26/2021
La República Dominicana (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 15:41 03/10/2021
Puerto Rico (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 17:18 03/03/2021
Las Islas Canarias: un área súper volcánica (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 17:05 02/24/2021
Sevilla: la ciudad principal de Andalucía (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 19:33 02/17/2021
Madrid: Llegamos a la capital de España (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 21:48 02/10/2021
Valencia y la Comunidad Valenciana (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 22:26 02/03/2021
Mallorca y Las Islas Baleares (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 18:33 01/27/2021
Barcelona - La Segunda Ciudad de España (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 19:40 01/20/2021
Bilbao y El País Vasco (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour) 19:17 01/13/2021
Series 4 Trailer 02:27 01/07/2021
Beginners' Corner 20: Qué quieres hacer este año? 06:49 08/23/2020
Wifredo Lam - pintor afrocubano (Biography in Spanish) 14:21 08/19/2020
Beginners' Corner 19: Las mascotas 06:57 08/16/2020
Daddy Yankee: El Rey del Reggaetón (Biography in Spanish) 13:26 08/12/2020
Beginners' Corner 18: Idiomas y Países 07:36 08/09/2020
The Mirabal Sisters: heroínas de la República Dominicana (Biography in Spanish) 15:18 08/05/2020
Beginners' Corner 17: Adónde quiero viajar? 07:17 08/02/2020
Antonio Banderas: una carrera muy exitosa (Biography in Spanish) 14:07 07/29/2020
Beginners' Corner 16: Qué tipo de vacaciones me gusta? 06:54 07/26/2020
Fidel Castro: Líder de la revolución cubana (Biography in Spanish) 18:01 07/22/2020
Beginners' Corner 15: Por qué me gusta viajar? 07:46 07/19/2020
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel: Encarcelado durante 14 meses sin juicio (Biography in Spanish) 15:08 07/15/2020
Beginners' Corner 14: Qué tiempo hace? 07:05 07/12/2020
Federico García Lorca: gran poeta y dramaturgo (Biography in Spanish) 17:43 07/08/2020
Beginners' Corner 13: Mañana, voy a... (Using the Immediate Future) 07:13 07/05/2020