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As a modern Catholic guy, it's hard to find the balance. We know that God should come first, but what does that really mean? We know we're supposed to love our wife, but how do I do that when I'm overwhelmed by work and kids? This podcast is dedicated to those guys who really want to grow and become the man God created them to be. You'll find both practical strategies for managing life and better ways to view and engage the world. Join Life Coach Michael Jaquith and take one step closer to standing tall in the sight of the Father.


201 - Burn The Boats with Kevin Phillip
Sometimes God asks us for little things. A little adjustment here or there.  Sometimes He asks us to do things that scare the...poop out of us. How we respond to His call tells us a lot about ourselves. All too often we crumble and falter. But we don't have to! Join me in this episode as Kevin Phillip shares his story of God's call to ministry through his life. Sometimes it was easy, and sometimes it was very hard. God often calls us into the place we least want to go - the place we are most afraid of. How we respond to that call sets the course of our lives! You can read more about Kevin's ministry and what he offers at:
63:52 5/20/24
200 - The Real I
Every human has a great number of pieces, parts, and facets to themself. Finding balance is often difficult - commonly one piece (perhaps a lustful piece) takes over control and we seem "surprised" with where we end up. Things get really bad when we confuse a "piece" of ourself for the actual "self." Who is the real "I" that lives beneath all our desires, whims, and needs? Join me in this episode as I start with Exodus chapter 32 (the original "Pride Parade") and explore what commonly happens whenever we confuse a piece of ourselves with the actual self. The response is for the Levites to draw swords and kill - and that is often the response we need also towards those lustful, gluttonous and sinful parts. Mild action doesn't cut it. We need to be radical.
30:37 5/13/24
199 - God's Patience with Scott Maderer
So often in our lives, God is moving pieces that we don't see, or at least understand. We commonly are so focused on the moment we fail to see the bigger picture. Commonly we fear that things are so bad there is no way even God could bring good out. But there are also those blessed moments where God lets us really see back in time - see the beauty of His design, the power of His creativity. In those moments we are offered a renewed hope. Join me in this episode as Scott Maderer shares his story. It is a powerful story of a patient God who lets Scott try it his own way. When that fails, God gently, patiently, and inexorably leads Scott back to the faith. You can read more about Scott's business Inspired Leadership at:
63:43 5/8/24
198 - Deacons of Hope with Dr Kevin Cummings
The Pro-Life cause is near and dear to many Catholics' hearts. Yet, a lot of us, with good intention, write a check, pray, and hope that's enough. Here's a great story about a group of Deacons who set out to do more. Join me in this episode as Deacon Dr. Kevin Cummings shares the story of Deacons of Hope. While based in Kansas, they are looking to expand. They created an amazing way to help women who were considering abortion; they support, treat, and train these women for success in life. Deacon Kevin also shares some great life advice for those of us who aren't in that "second career" phase yet. You can read more about the Deacons of Hope at their website:
52:15 5/1/24
196 - Time and Purpose with David Buck
Most of us believe that God has a plan for us. Probably even a purpose...but do we know what it is? Have you done the work to really connect deeply with God's plan for you? If so, have you gone even further and aligned your time, your calendar, and your life with that purpose? Join me in this episode as David Buck shares both his story and his wisdom about this topic. Like many of us, God has regularly given David a radical turn in the "plan" of his life. As David learned to navigate these changes, he was better able to connect with his purpose and align his time to that purpose. I invite you to listen to this episode and do likewise. It will change your life. You can read more about David and his company (as well as take a free Time Management Analysis) at his website:
66:24 4/29/24
197 - How To Find The Real Issue
We all get triggered. Some of us, frequently. When we get triggered, we love to point the finger at the other person, at the situation, even at God. But what if the right person to point the finger at is ourselves? My claim to you is that you have the power to solve your own triggers, to create your own responses that you choose. You can do it by finally getting to the bottom of what in your life controls you. Join me in this episode as I walk through a process to help sort out and confront many common root causes that cause us as men to become triggered. You can do a lot of this work by yourself, but will definitely benefit from wise and trustworthy men in your life. For certain, you will need to include the Lord.
32:41 4/23/24
195 - The Trap of Addiction with Logan Hufford
There are some addictions and traps that God lets us get out of pretty easy, but there are some that are really tough. Often we persuade ourselves that we can do it, or that it'll be enough to just get mostly clean - but we're wrong. We delay the healing through self deception. Join me in this episode as Logan Hufford shares his story of a severe sexual addiction and the years he spent struggling for freedom. So often he deceived even himself about what was going on. Even in his darkest moments, God had a plan. The struggle to fully accept God's love is hard for all of us, but certainly for those struggling with an addiction. You can find a link to the specific program Logan was part of here: If you have questions about the groups Logan talked about, or the tools available on the Prodigals of Alaska website, please feel free to reach out to Logan at
77:18 4/10/24
194 - Community and Mentorship with Terry Allen
Most of us have been blessed repeatedly in life by another person offering wisdom and perspective. Sometimes it was a formal mentorship, sometimes simply a random passing. There's something fundamental to the human experience to learn from and be in community with other humans. Our modern world is quietly suffering in extreme isolation. We've never been so lonely. But we don't have to stay alone! Join me in this episode as Terry Allen describes a new program he is launching to provide mentors to people of all ages. This program is totally free, and has the potential to forever change your life!  You can read about this amazing program and sign up to be either a mentor or mentee at his website:
43:54 4/8/24
193 - Escape Addiction with Nico Morales
Addiction can leave one feeling utterly trapped, helpless, and powerless. It's so hard to escape, and even harder yet to hold onto hope. Yet we are never too far gone for God's mercy. Join me in this episode as Nico Morales shares his amazing story of addiction, escape, falling again, and escape again. God's love and grace are what save us all, but not everyone's story shows that love and grace quite so powerfully! You can read more about Nico at his website:
68:11 4/3/24
192 - Suffering and Marriage with Steve Thomas
"Marriage is the primordial sacrament" - a comment understood by almost none of us. We know that marriage matters, intellectually at least. But how do we actually live out our marriage? How do we capture that sacramental grace in a practical way? Join me in this episode as Catholic author Steve Thomas and I walk through what it means to be a man who is committed to living his marital sacrament in the modern day. It is not an easy, or painless, path. It's a cross, in the most painful of senses. But it is also the most important thing we men who are called to marry can do with our lives! You can find Steve's book at his website:
52:40 4/1/24
191 - Music and Purpose with John Michael Talbot
The early church (and much of the modern Eastern church) had this strong Contemplative component that provided a powerful basis for Christians. This component is, sadly, mostly missing from our modern western Latin Rite Catholicism. But what if what we lost is actually really important? What if we need both contemplative time and community life at times? Join me in this episode as Catholic music composer and community founder John Michael Talbot talks about his life with me. He not only shares a powerful story, he talks about how God was active in his life to bring him to a deeper and more powerful connection. Music was a major part of his story and life. You can read about his music at You can read about his community at You can read about his bakery at  
62:22 3/27/24
190 - Differences Between Coaching and Therapy
One of the most common questions I get is what are the actual differences between Coaching and Therapy. While there are some common challenges between them, there are also some significant differences. Coaching, much like in a gym, is much more of a push to do your best. Therapy, at it's finest, is a gentle nurturing restoration of traumatic damage. There's a time and a place for each, but there's definitely a modern trend to turn to therapy too quickly for too many things. Join me in this episode as I explore some of the major differences between therapy and coaching, both in people who work in each field and how the fields work. I'll also give you some practical ways to help decide where you should go to get the help you need!
33:24 3/20/24
189 - Conquering Addiction with Ryan Penley
We all get into a low slump at times in our lives. Some of those times are lower than others. Most men, when we get into a sticky and dark situation, really struggle to accept help. It seems like simply too much. Join me in this episode as Ryan Penley shares his story of addiction, and how one man's tenderness and gentleness finally cut through his defensive shell and inspired him to get help. Wherever you are in your struggles, or if you know someone else who is struggling, kindness, tenderness, and compassion are a secret weapon for finding help. You can read more about Ryan and his story at You can order his book at
53:00 3/18/24
188 - A Conversion Story with Bill Yoh
So often, when God tells us His plan, we resist. We fight it, we avoid it, we might even ignore it. But the Hound of Heaven is not so easily avoided. Sometimes it might take more than 40 years, but He comes for us relentlessly. Join me in this episode as Bill Yoh shares his life and conversion story. We talk through some of his difficult moments and what they mean for us men now. You can find out more about Bill and his book at his website:
43:24 3/13/24
187 - Let Go Of The Past
We all know we're supposed to forgive. It should be simple, it should be straightforward. But the truth is it's not only complicated, but extremely difficult. Often we don't even realize when we're failing to forgive. Historians often say that those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it. I would add that those who do not forgive past hurts are doomed to repeat them. Join me in this episode as I walk through both the metaphysics of forgiveness and some practical ways to really strive towards a deeper forgiveness of others. If we do not forgive, we hurt ourselves - badly. Our Lord's words could not be more clear on this.  It is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your future - for you, your family, and your community.
31:34 3/11/24
186 - Follow Gods Plan with Brandon Davis
Most of us already feel overwhelmed, like we cannot get everything done we need to. The thought of slowing down to do something else feels impossible. When God suggests a path that isn't already on our list - it's hard. Yet often, when we surrender the first fruits of our time to God, He gives us far more in return. Join me in this episode as Brandon Davis shares how God transformed his life. At the age of 18, Brandon put everything on hold to go into mission for 2 years. Although many things went wrong, more things went very right. God has blessed his life greatly though this obedience. You can find out more about Brandon from his podcast Get Over Yourself.  You can also find out more about his AI receptionist business at
50:41 3/4/24
185 - How To Understand Women
Whether you're married or not, it's a safe assumption to say you've been confused by how women think. All men are, at least sometimes. But what if there were at least some guidelines to help you better understand her? Join me in this episode as I offer you 10 different perspectives on specific ways that women think differently from men. I also offer you some specific tips and tricks to help you better understand and connect with a woman. Both men and women are created in the image of God, with equal dignity. Sometimes, though, a better perspective offers better understanding of this truth.
46:00 2/26/24
184 - Radical Catholic Responsibility
We love the stories of the heroes, the underdogs, and the winners. We revel in the touchdown throw that wins the superbowl. We sometimes even cry as the hero in the movie sacrifices everything. Yet we so often fail to live our potential in our own lives. What if "taking radical responsibility," "extreme ownership," and "radical accountability" are actually very Catholic ideas, consistent with the teachings of the church? Join me in this episode as I explore the idea that not only is taking responsibility (when done properly) a source of humility, it is even the source of our greatest fulfillment as men. God gave us talents that all too often we allow to stay buried. He's going to demand an accounting of them all one day! Taking responsibility is a powerful step to answering God's call.
27:55 2/19/24
183 - Catholic Parenting with Nancy Bandzuch
It's always been hard to be a parent of a large family. It's even harder these days. The entire culture often seems aligned against us. Even our own church members often seem upset with large families during mass. It's often lonely, isolating, and so frustrating. But you're not alone. Join me in this episode as Nancy Bandzuch talks about the new show put out by the Augustine Institute called "The Catholic Parent." It will help you feel like you're not alone and also help you to be a better parent at the same time.  You can find this series on Formed. Most likely, your parish has already purchased access for you. If not, you can get a free trial at this link:  
48:21 2/14/24
182 - Stop Fighting with Daryl Dittmer
Surrender is a funny concept. Sometimes we need to fight for what's right. Sometimes we just need to surrender and accept what is. Always, we are in a struggle to balance the two. Join me in this episode as Daryl Dittmer and I discuss how to build a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. We all come from broken beginnings - some more broken than others. What we do what that makes the difference for where our lives go. When we surrender, stop fighting, and accept what actually works, our lives can get much better. You can read more about Daryl on his website: You can find his book here:
54:55 2/12/24
181 - Encouraging Youth with Ahmard Vital
Are frustrated and unsure about how to really reach your teenage (or even 20's) son?  Have you tried a lot, but they just don't seem interested? Maybe your son isn't yet a teenager, but you're worried because other dads you know have shared some unsettling stories? Join me in this episode as Ahmard Vital shares both his story, as well as practical lessons from his work with young men. It's hard to be a male of any age in our world right now, but particularly hard on the youth. Our only hope - at any age - is a strong connection with the Lord. But how do we fathers encourage our sons in this direction? Listen to find out more! You can find out more about Ahmard on his website:
55:38 2/7/24
180 - How To Seek Greatness
So many men are slowly dying inside as they choose comfort or convenience over the greater calling that God has placed within their lives. Mostly because that battle is scary! It will cost you greatly. The cost to inaction, however, is actually greater. Join me in this episode as I talk about how it takes a balance of both humility and magnanimity to counter pride. It takes a willingness to embrace discomfort as part of the pursuit of adventure that God has planned for your life. You were made for greatness. You were made for battle. You were not made to simply exist. Choose life!
35:52 2/5/24
179 - How to discern a change
There's a number of times in life we come to a potential crossroads in our life. We can either stumble along on our own, or we can bring God into the process. One of those works a whole lot better than others Join me in this episode as I discuss how you can include God in your discernment process and make a decision that you will respect. To stand strong as a man and lead your marriage and family, you must be able to make a strong decision, aligned with God's will, and stand in confidence of that. I'll help you do that.
26:43 1/29/24
178 - Entitlements and Frozen Pipes
It's not common for an event to take over your life. In that list is frozen main water supply during winter. That's the story that starts this podcast episode. It's funny how God takes away anything we choose over Him. While often extremely painful, it is effective at pointing out our entitlements. Join me in this episode as I share how a really horrible week allowed me to improve my gratitude and humility. God's plans are sometimes painful, but to trust in Him is always the invitation. Plus this is a pretty funny story.
38:40 1/22/24
177 - Orphan to Inner Hero with David Ask
Deep inside every man is a boy desiring to become a hero. So often this boy gets stomped, beaten down, and stuffed into the corner of the needs of the world. Yet he's still there, in each of us men - longing for greatness. Longing to finally find and slay the dragon. Longing to be accepted and welcomed by the Father. Join me in this episode as David Ask and I have an amazing conversation about the inner call and journey of manhood. Where are we going, what's important, and how do we be true to ourselves on the journey. David shares powerful parts of his own story that will help guide as all. You can read more about David at or find out more about his company at  
49:09 1/19/24
175 - Why Men Must Honor Their Word
Most men would acknowledge they should keep their word - but so many of us really don't make it a priority. If our wife gets upset, or if the kids are worked up, or maybe even if I just don't feel great; I'm all too ready to bail on a commitment. What if our failure to honor our word is actually a far bigger deal than we want to admit? Join me in this episode as I discuss why your word is so critical to your identity and strength as a man. I also discuss some practical ways to improve your strength in this critical characteristic!
36:56 1/8/24
176 - Strong and Dangerous with Jason Perry
To say that we don't really see a lot of great masculine examples is an understatement. Even the idea of a "Strong man" sounds scary to a lot of people. But what if men are supposed to be strong? Competent? Dangerous, even? Join me in this episode as former Navy Seal and police officer Jason Perry shares his journey into the faith and authentic masculinity. Men are supposed to be powerful and dangerous. Yet so few of us live into that potential. You can read more about Jason on his website:
60:50 1/3/24
174 - Mentorship and Healing Prayer with Dr David Chotka
I have a confession to make. Don't tell - at least not too many. Most of us Catholics aren't very good at praying for (and expecting!) really big miracles. We tend to get lost in repetitive prayer (which is good) and forget that Christ gave the power for miracles to us too - not just to Protestants. Join me in this podcast as Dr. David Chotka shares some powerful stories - both about prayer and mentorship in his life and healing prayer in general. He has powerful stories about the miraculous way God can act in anyone's life. Now get busy praying! You can find more about David and his book at his website:
58:03 12/27/23
173 - What Isn't Transformed is Transmitted
I bet you're a pretty good dad, right? You provide and shelter. You do your best to engage. You try to keep them safe. But what if there's a lurking problem that you aren't addressing?  What if the problem is inside of you? Join me in this episode as I explore how critically important it is for us men to engage in self work. The problems in ourselves that we allow to remain will be transmitted on to our children and even our grandchildren.  The devil is motivated to keep you complacent. You were not born for this - you were born to slay a dragon. And you need good Christian men to help you do it.
33:33 12/25/23
172 - Introspective Humility with Eric Sardina
There's a lot of self-help advice out there today. A lot of quick fixes and cures that will solve any problem! Yet all the ones that actually work come down to the same basic premise: Are you willing to actually look inside at the parts of yourself that are less flattering, accept they are there, and work on them? Join me in this episode as fellow Executive and Life Coach Eric Sardina shares his story and his perspective on what's going on with men right now. We talk about some real practical ways to embrace discomfort and really grow. We also talk about how to know if you need a coach in your life. You can find out more about Eric at his website:
62:51 12/20/23