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Welcome to the Simplified Functional Medicine Podcast! When it comes to most approaches to functional medicine, most are DYS-functional. Our mission is to help doctors help more patients through providing them with a simplified, streamlined approach to functional medicine.


Episode #61: The Secret to Becoming a True Healer with Dr. Jason West
Listeners, today on "The Laser Light Show," we’re thrilled to introduce a practitioner whose dedication and diverse expertise make him a true gem in the healthcare community: Dr. Jason West. Dr. West firmly believes in the continuous journey of learning. His philosophy is that no single medical professional possesses all the answers; it’s the constant pursuit of knowledge that uncovers unique and invaluable insights, procedures, and treatments that benefit patients. His compassion is evident when he speaks of patients who, after exhausting conventional medical treatments, finally find hope at his clinic. Dr. West’s heartfelt wish? If only they had reached out to him sooner, perhaps they could have been spared much suffering. Based in Pocatello, Idaho, Dr. West manages the globally-recognized West Clinic, a medical institution with a legacy spanning over a century. This clinic, established in 1916, stands testament to four generations of dedicated doctors and has treated six generations of grateful patients. The West Clinic's reputation is such that it attracts individuals from every US state and even from distant continents. Dr. West's educational background is both impressive and diverse. He graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, where he was lauded with the Outstanding Senior Award by his peers and the Presidential Leadership Award by the university's president. Twice, in 2012 and 2016, he was honored with the Idaho Chiropractor of the Year Award. Never one to rest on his laurels, Dr. West further expanded his knowledge base by completing a fellowship in Oriental Medicine, earning a Diplomate in Nutrition, and pursuing a second doctorate as a Naturopathic Doctor. This vast reservoir of knowledge, combined with the diverse expertise of his team at the West Clinic, enables them to craft comprehensive treatment plans for a myriad of diseases. For those who are curious about the outcomes of his treatments, patient success stories can be found on the digital blog An accomplished author, Dr. West has penned scientific articles on headaches and authored several books. Notably, his book "Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease" claimed the #1 spot on Amazon's Best Seller list. His other noteworthy publication, "Hidden Secrets to Healthy Living," serves as both a guide to wellness and a cookbook. Apart from writing, Dr. West is a sought-after speaker, having addressed audiences worldwide at conferences. His seminars are a treasure trove of information, covering topics like clinical nutrition, chronic disease, and energy deficits. On a personal note, Dr. West cherishes time with his beloved wife, Maxine, and their five sons. Together, they indulge in adventurous pursuits like snowmobiling and motorcycle riding. When Dr. West seeks a moment of relaxation, you'll find him either gracefully playing the piano or engrossed in his reading. As we delve deeper into the world of low-level laser therapy today, Dr. Jason West's expertise promises a session filled with profound insights. Let’s get started!
64:49 8/25/23
Episode #60: Leveraging and Embracing AI and Technology with Dr. Jay Greenstein
On today's episode of the Simplified Functional Medicine podcast we sit down with our good friend, Dr. Jay Greenstein.  We had a great conversation regarding advancements in AI and technology to better help patients and practitioners alike.  We also discussed Jay's role in a lot of different projects to help the chiropractic profession.  Dr. Greenstein is a wonderful guy and an incredible researcher, practitioner and is doing some amazing things.  To find out more about him and what he's doing you can check him out here:  
43:25 6/30/23
Episode #59: 6 Reasons Your Ads Aren't Working and How to Fix Them
On today's episode we share some of the most common reasons why your ads may not be working and some simple tweaks to fix them.  When it comes to helping more people and growing your practice paid ads is one of the most critical pieces of the overall puzzle.  We'll help provide you with some basic insights that will allow you to better leverage paid advertising and avoid some of the common pitfalls with this area of marketing.
47:33 4/10/23
Episode #58: Top Lessons for Practitioners with Dr. Mark Sanna
On today's episode we sit down with Chiropractor and Coach, Dr. Mark Sanna.  Dr. Mark has been serving the profession for a long time and heads up the company Breakthrough Coaching.  He is an all-around great guy and it was an absolute pleasure getting to chat with him.  To find out more about his program and what he does you can visit his site here:
37:01 4/10/23
Episode #57: A Simplified Approach to Tackling Autoimmune Problems with Dr. Forest Sauer
On today's episode we sit down with our good friend Dr. Forest Sauer and discuss how to better approach helping patients who are struggling with autoimmune problems.  Dr. Sauer has been helping patients solve these types of issues for a long time and shares some powerful insights and wisdom on this subject.
60:25 12/23/22
Episode #56: The #1 Secret To Practice Growth in 2023 and Beyond
On today's episode we share what we believe is the #1 Secret to growing your practice this upcoming year and beyond.  If you're looking for a solid, long-term growth strategy, this is perhaps the foundation that has to be laid in order to have success.  
53:58 12/16/22
Episode #55: Is Caricature Medicine to Blame for Today's Biggest Health Problems?
On today's episode we discuss what we call "Caricature Medicine".  We share our thoughts on what this is and what it's doing with regard to the collective state of health (or lack thereof.
43:58 12/9/22
Episode #54: How To Make 6-Figures in 6 Months Using This Simple Strategy!
On today's episode we share a very simple strategy that will allow you to not only make a greater impact on your patients and community but also significantly increase your income.  In fact, it is totally realistic to add an additional 6-figures of revenue into your practice by simply doing what we share with you here on this episode.
60:25 12/2/22
Episode #53: Simplifying the Immune Health Conversation with Dr. Rob Silverman
On today's episode we sit down with our good friend and clinical advisor Dr. Rob Silverman to discuss immune system health.  Dr. Rob's new book "The Immune Reboot" is now out and we are so excited to share it with practitioners and patients.  If you want to pick up a copy you can go to
36:06 11/18/22
Episode #52: When Evidence Based Medicine is Anything But with Dr. Marc Funderlich
On today's episode we dive into the realm of "evidence based" medicine.  What is it?  What does this even mean?  Are those who are not practicing evidence based methods harming the public?  Are functional medicine and chiropractic even evidence based?  Join me and my good friend Dr. Marc Funderlich as we explore all these questions and more! Click here to check out the low level laser study that Dr. Funderlich references.
75:42 10/19/22
Episode #51: Internal Marketing, Patient Education and More with Dr. Greg Zoldy
On today's episode we discuss strategies for patient education, internal marketing and more with Dr. Greg Zoldy of Chiro Media.  If you want a simple but powerful way to provide your patients with better education and inspirational content check out what Chiro Media is doing.
50:20 9/23/22
Episode #50: How to Quadruple Your Case Value with Cellcore
On today's episode we discuss how to dramatically increase your overall case values by providing better, more comprehensive solutions for your patients.  A BIG part of our system for allowing us to do this is Cellcore.  If you're wanting to command a higher price for your products, programs and services then definitely check out this episode.
62:14 9/20/22
Episode #49: Common Denominators of Success with Dr. Matt Loop
On today's episode we discuss some of the most common denominators of the very most successful entrepreneurs.  Dr. Matt Loop has been helping healthcare professionals reach more people through a variety of social media marketing strategies.  He shares some amazing insights on this episode.  To learn more about what Dr. Matt Loop is doing, you can check out his website:
37:33 9/19/22
Episode #48: The Step-By-Step Process of Creating a Successful Functional Medicine Program
On today's episode we outline for you a step-by-step process for creating your own successful functional medicine program.  We share the most common errors that are made throughout the process and how to overcome them and we show you a proven approach to allowing you to  ultimately allow you to help more people and make more money.   This episode is sponsored by Erchonia's contuing education events.  Join us September 10-11 for an upcoming seminar in Bloomington, MN.  "The Future of Neurology Now" with Dr. Brandon Brock and Dr. Trevor Berry.  It's going to be awesome!  To find out more, you can check it out here.
75:54 9/5/22
Episode #47: Who Was the First Functional Medicine Practitioner?
On today's episode we pose the question:  Who was the first functional medicine practitioner?  The answer might surprise you.  We further discuss some distinct advantages that functional medicine practitioners can capitalize on if they recognize them. This episode is sponsored by Erchonia's contuing education events.  Join us September 10-11 for an upcoming seminar in Bloomington, MN.  "The Future of Neurology Now" with Dr. Brandon Brock and Dr. Trevor Berry.  It's going to be awesome!  To find out more, you can check it out here.
36:02 9/2/22
Episode #46: Should You Get Certified in Functional Medicine?
On today's episode we discuss functional certifications.  Is there value to getting certified in functional medicine?  If so, what's the advantage in getting certified?  Is there a specific program that we recommend?  We discuss all of this and more on this episode! This episode is sponsored by Erchonia's contuing education events.  Join us September 10-11 for an upcoming seminar in Bloomington, MN.  "The Future of Neurology Now" with Dr. Brandon Brock and Dr. Trevor Berry.  It's going to be awesome!  To find out more, you can check it out here.
25:09 8/29/22
Episode #45: The Time-Value Blackhole
On today's episode we dive into the topic of time and value.  How much time should you spend with your patients?  Does time matter?  How much time is too much?  How little time is too little?  This is such an important topic with regard to functional medicine because as most can attest, most approaches are definitely time-intensive.  Perhaps what we share today can give you some valuable insights and possibly even change the way you look at time spent with your patients. This episode is sponsored by Erchonia's contuing education events.  Join us September 10-11 for an upcoming seminar in Bloomington, MN.  "The Future of Neurology Now" with Dr. Brandon Brock and Dr. Trevor Berry.  It's going to be awesome!  To find out more, you can check it out here.
52:58 8/26/22
Episode #44: The Gut-Disc Axis
On today's episode we explore a brand new study with pretty profound implications regarding the relationship between the microbiome, our intervertebral discs and more.  Far too often we compartmentalize things and what we hope to explore here is the very interconnected relationships that occur in our body.  Further we hope to provide some powerful insights as to how we can better help our patients through a more holistic way of approaching how we care for them.   To learn more about Erchonia you can go to
43:49 8/8/22
Episode #43: Why Money is an Essential Ingredient for Successful Patient Outcomes
On today's episode we talk about money.  For many, money can be a challenging topic when it comes to patients and patient care.  Various preconceived ideas, biases and assumptions can often cloud our judgement and negatively effect our ability to impact more lives for good.  We share some insights that might help you better navigate how money plays an essential role in our ability to help our patients. 
44:17 6/27/22
Episode #42: Insulin Resistance and Depression
On today's episode we discuss an interesting new study that Stanford published in 2021 that showed that those with insulin resistance were 2x more likely to suffer from depression.  What does this mean?  How can this help us help our patients?  We discuss several of the implications of this along with some practical application in practice on this episode. Click here to see the study we reference in this episode.
40:57 6/13/22
Episode #41: The Power of Mindset with Dr. Justin Mosely
On today's episode we sit down with Dr. Justin Mosely to discuss mindset.  When all is said and done what differentiates the successful docs from the unsuccessful isn't a lack of talent, skill or resources.  It's far deeper and fundamental than that.  It's their mindset.  Dr. Justin Mosely helps us hone in on the power of mindset, what it's all about and how to intentionally develop a successful mindset.  To learn more about what Dr. Mosely is doing you can follow him on instagram @drjustinmoseley To join his free mindset coaching group on Facebook go here:  
54:30 3/14/22
Episode #40: Body Contouring with Erchonia Lasers
On today's episode we sit down with Penny Sneed from Erchonia lasers.  She shares some really cool insights with how Erchonia lasers can help patients with a wide range of health issues.  To learn more you can reach out to Penny directy at: Or you can find out more at:  
39:12 3/9/22
Episode #39: Talking Business with Dr. Beau Pierce
On today's episode we sit down with Dr. Beau Pierce to discuss business, life and everything in between.  It was a great discussion and we had a lot of fun!  To learn more about what Dr. Beau is up to you can follow him here:  
66:17 3/7/22
Episode #38: Discussing Laser Therapy to Help Patients with Chronic Health Problems with Dr. Rick Amy from
On today's episode we discussing laser therapy for helping patients with chronic health problems with Dr. Rick Amy from Avant Lasers.  To learn more about what Dr. Amy is doing you check out more here:  
39:06 2/28/22
Episode #37: Iceberg Ahead! With Heather Simmons from Chirohealth USA
On today's episode of the Simplified Functional Medicine Podcast we sit down with Heather Simmons from Chirohealth USA to discuss how practitioners can better prepare and protect their practices through setting proper fee schedules.  Heather does a great job of helping us navigate these waters and helping docs to avoid unnecessary "icebergs" so to speak.
37:00 2/21/22
Episode #36: The Ripple Effect with Dr. Andrew Oteo
On today's episode we discuss the Ripple Effect with Dr. Andrew Oteo.  Dr. Oteo is a chiropractor in the North Dallas, Texas area.  He's been practicing for 12 years and is a Parker Mentor, Vice President of the Parker Alumni Association Board of Directors, and as a credentialed Community Based Internship (CBI) doctor. Dr. Oteo was also named the 2015 Parker University Young Alumni of the Year as well as the 2017 TCA District 5 Doctor of the Year. He does not limit his service strictly to Parker University, but also supports wounded warriors through his involvement with the Patriot Project and the Warrior Open golf tournament, where he has been a central part of integrating chiropractic care into the event’s medical team since 2011. Whatever Dr. Oteo does, he is firm, and enthusiastic in his approach. He brings energy and optimism to his chiropractic practice and his passion in life is helping people reach their full God-given health & performance potential through chiropractic care.
46:57 2/16/22
Episode #35: A Recap of Our First SFM Live!
On today's episode we recap our first Simplified Functional Medicine LIVE event!  It was incredible!  Docs flew in from all across the country to experience a full immersion training.  If you're interested in attending our next SFM live event you can check out more info here  
45:26 2/7/22
Episode #34: How to Create a Podcast for Your Functional Medicine Practice/Program with Katy Wells
On today's episode we have a special guest and top 50 podcaster, Katy Wells!  She shares some powerful insights on how and why to start a podcast to help you expand your influence and help more patients.  Check out what Katy is doing here:
43:13 1/31/22
Episode #33: The Patient Value Equation with Dr. Josh Wagner
On today's episode we discuss some powerful concepts about patient communication and conversion.  Dr. Josh Wagner is an expert at helping docs become far more effective at communicating real value to patients without sounding like a "salesperson".  For more info on what Dr. Josh Wagner is doing you can check it out here:  
56:02 1/27/22
Episode #32: Essential Oils for Sleep, Stress, and More with Jodi Cohen
On today's episode of the Simplified Functional Medicine Podcast we sit down with Jodi Cohen from Vibrant Blue Oils to discuss all things essential oils.  Jodi is SUPER smart and shared some incredible insights regarding strategies for helping patients using essential oils.  You can check out her oils at
40:40 1/17/22

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