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The Texas City Management Association (TCMA) presents Perspectives on City Management, a podcast about the people who work hard every day to keep Texas cities running smoothly. In each episode we sit down with city managers and other municipal public servants to discuss the business of local government, and the professionals who make it work. Show topics include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; City Management; Economic Development; Quality of Life; Next Generation of Leaders; and TCMA initiatives that benefit local leaders. Perspectives on Local Government is brought to you TCMA. The show is hosted, recorded, and produced by TCMA Social Media Coordinator Stacey Ford Osborne.


Episode 03:02 Time Management Hacks
Time management and keeping a balanced life is challenging. This episode will provide practical advice and encouragement for new and well-seasoned city management professionals.GUESTS:Taylor Lough, Assistant City Manager, City of AnnaShanna Sims-Bradish,  Assistant City Manager, University Park
44:06 4/9/24
Episode 03.01 Grant Funding: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Generating revenue from traditional sources has become more difficult and cities are turning to alternative ways to fund major infrastructure projects. Grants are a fantastic way to help cities fund these projects, but they often come with strings attached, and those can be a bit tricky. In this episode we talk with two well-seasoned grant recipients to walk us through the process and share their insights.  GUESTS:Austin Bleess, City Manager,  City of Jersey VillageCesar Garcia, City Manager, City of La MarqueRESOURCES:
45:04 1/13/24
Episode 2:07 Innovations in Human Resource Management
Finding and keeping talent in municipal government can be a challenge and with cities being unique workplaces, it’s important for city management to be flexible and creative with human resource management. In Season 2, Episode 7, our guests share innovative ways to hire and keep municipal employees.GUESTS: Gina Nash, City Manager, City of Sachse LaShon Ross, Deputy City Manager, City of Plano
44:59 11/20/23
Episode 2:06 Preparing the Next Generation
To help recruit and prepare a new generation of city managers, TCMA’s City Managers of Tomorrow Committee partners with university programs to tap those interested in a career in the city management profession. This episode will highlight how the how the TCMA Managers in Partnership Program is having a positive impact.  GUESTS:Corby Alexander, City Manager, City of La Porte and Chair of the City Managers of Tomorrow CommitteeJoey Dunn, Deputy City Manager, City of Bryan and TCMA Manager in Partnership for Texas A&M UniversityBrian Nakamura, Former City Manager and Assistant Professor, Texas A&M UniversityTeagan Trammell, Student, Texas A&M University, Intern, City of Bryan. Learn more about the City Managers of Tomorrow Committee on our website. 
46:02 10/17/23
Episode 2:05 Local Government 2030: Re-shaping How We Advance Democracy
In 2022, 51 practitioners under the age of 40 came together to discuss how to advance the future of local government. The convening was modeled after the Minnowbrook conferences, which started in 1968 and continued in 1988 and 2018 to reimagine the field of public administration.  In this episode,  Lauren Rose and Derrick Stanford  share their experiences as delegates at the convening. In addition,  Mike Land shares his participation in organizing the event and the importance encouraging young professionals to be a part of the conversation. Guests: Mike Land, City Manager, City of Coppell, Organizing Committee MemberLauren Rose, Assistant City Manager for the City of Sachse and General Administration Delegate Derrick Stanford, Corporal, City of Coppell and Public Safety Delegate To learn more about Local Government 2030 and to read about the initiatives, visit the Local Gov 2030 website.  
46:24 8/16/23
Episode 2.04: Perspectives on a Tragedy--Vince DiPiazza, City Manager, Uvalde TX (Part 2)
In Part 2 of of the episode Perspectives on a Tragedy, Vince DiPiazza, Uvalde City Manager and the 2023 TCMA Administrator of the Year, shares his experience during the mass shooting in Uvalde on May 24, 2022, and his management of the crisis.
38:47 7/13/23
Episode 2.03: Perspectives on a Tragedy--Vince DiPiazza, City Manager, Uvalde TX (Part 1)
In a two-part series, Vince DiPiazza, Uvalde City Manager and the 2023 TCMA Administrator of the Year, shares his experience during the mass shooting in Uvalde on May 24, 2022, and his management of the crisis.
34:44 7/11/23
Episode 02.02: The Ethics of City Management
A commitment to ethics is the cornerstone of the Texas City Management Association. In this episode we’ll talk with the chair and vice-chair of the TCMA Ethics Committee about how ethics shapes city management. GUESTS:Matt Mueller, Town Manager, Little Elm | Ethics Committee ChairJennifer May, Deputy City Manager, Sugar Land | Ethics Committee Vice ChairLearn more:
44:44 3/29/23
Episode 02.01 Moving from Urban to Rural
In this first episode of Season 2, we talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with moving from an urban city or town to a more rural community with two TCMA members who have made the move.GUESTS:Josh Selleck, City Manager, City of KilgoreTerrell Smith, City Manager, City of Marshall
45:22 2/26/23
Episode 20: Emerging Leaders and the Value They Bring
On this episode of Perspectives we talk with two emerging leaders who bring value to their respective cities by virtue of their unique experiences outside of city management.GUESTS:Sara Robinson, Assistant City Manager, City of Deer ParkMayra Cantu, Strategic Support Manager, City of Georgetown 
47:03 12/29/22
Episode 19: How Work Life Balance Works in the Real World
In this episode we talk with two local government leaders and their spouses about their perspective on work life balance in the real world. GUESTSPaulette Hartman, Deputy City Manager, North Richland HillsMichael Hartman (spouse to Paulette)Danny Zincke, Assistant City Manager, BoerneLacey Dingman (spouse to Danny Zincke and Director of Parks and Recreation, Marble Falls)
54:58 11/17/22
Episode 18: A Mental Wellness Imperative
Learn how TCMA is helping  members with mental wellness and those who were instrumental in creating TCMA’s mental wellness program.GUESTSCliff Keheley, City Manager, City of MesquiteA. C. Gonzalez, TCMA Life Member and Senior AdvisorGreg Smith, TCMA Life Member Learn more about TCMA’s mental wellness program. 
52:52 10/13/22
Episode 17: The Times They Are a Changing--Preparing for Demographic Changes in Texas Cities
Learn how to prepare your city staff, residents, and elected officials for changing demographics. The City of Coppell recently implemented a successful program in their community that embraces diversity and encourages residents to do the same.GUESTS:Mike Land, City Manager, City of CoppellVicki Chiavetta, Coppell Deputy City Manager, City of Coppell LEARN MORE:City of Coppell Allies in Community Program: Engagement Program:
42:23 8/29/22
Episode 16: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships
Public schools are an important part of a municipality and many city managers work closely with their local school districts to ensure local students have the resources they need to succeed. The City of Boerne recently partnered with their local school district and the partnership has worked both ways. GUESTS:Ben Thatcher, City Manager, City of BoerneChris Shadrock, Communications Director, City of BoernePiper Adamson, Communications Intern, City of Boerne
39:11 7/26/22
Episode 15: How Internships Create Great Leaders
City management internships can be beneficial for both the intern and the city. Our guests on Episode 15 share how their experiences as interns helped them be better leaders of their municipalities. GUESTS:Brooks Bennett, Assistant City Manager, City of Round RockImelda Speck, Senior Housing and Development Manager, City of IrvingStacey Ybarra, Assistant Village Administrator, Village of SaladoLearn more about internships in municipalities on the TCMA website.
47:01 5/31/22
Episode 14: Sneak Peek—2022 TCMA Annual Conference
The 2022 TCMA Annual Conference, "Seeing the Forest for the Trees," will be June 9 – 12 at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Bastrop. Our guests on Episode 14 tell us what we can expect.  GUESTS:James Stokes, TCMA President-Elect and City Manager, City of Deer Park Paul Hofmann, City Manager, City of Bastropand Kim Pendergraft, Affiliate Association Manager, Texas Municipal LeagueTCMA members can learn about the conference and register online at the TCMA website. 
16:46 4/27/22
Episode 13: The Nontraditional Path to City Management
There are many paths to becoming a city manager. Some people follow the traditional path with a masters in public administration while others follow a less traditional path. On this episode, we talk with three TCMA members who followed their own path and the interesting twists and turns on their journey and how city management has become their passion.GUESTS:Clay Caruthers, City Manager in HurstScott Swigert, Interim City Manager in Mont BelvieuSteve Williams, City Manager in Carthage
54:08 3/24/22
Episode 12: A Day in the Life of a City Manager
Being a city manager is a unique job that comes with a whole set of interesting challenges that change on a daily basis. In this episode we talk with three TCMA members who  share their stories about what can happen in the day in a life of a City Manager.GUESTS:Julie Couch, Town Manager, Town of FairviewJeff Jenkins, Deputy City Manager,  City of TaylorTed Benavides, Associate Professor of Practice, University of Texas at Dallas and retired city manager, City of Dallas
46:50 2/23/22
Episode 11: A Journey of Two Aspiring City Managers
In this episode we talk with two city managers who met under interesting circumstances at a TCMA conference and have supported each other in the profession over many years of friendship. Their story was featured in the July, 2021 issue of TCMA's Management Messenger newsletter. GUESTS:Mike Goodrum, City Manager, Sugar Land Gabe Reaume, City Manager, Saginaw
34:40 1/31/22
Episode 10: Women in City Management
We talk with three women who are leading local governments in Texas. GUESTSKaren Daly, TCMA Life Member, ICMA Mountain Plains Regional Director, and Texas Women Leading Government Executive DirectorPaulette Hartman, Deputy City Manager, City of North Richland Hills, TCMA Past President Lauren Middleton-Pratt, Assistant City Manager, City of BudaICMA Study on Women in City Government:
43:00 1/14/22
Episode 9: Sage Insights from Terrell Blodgett
A legend in the Texas city management profession, Terrell Blodgett is one of five individuals who have been honored as a TCMA distinguished member in its nearly 100 year history as an association. He was also selected as a TCMA Legacy Leader  in 2010. His interview can be seen: Mr. Blodgett was recently honored by the City of Austin for his lifetime commitment to public service and advancing the city management profession.GUEST:Terrell Blodgett
35:06 12/14/21
Episode 8: Managing When Life Happens
The topic of Episode 8 is “Managing When Life Happens.” We talk about how to manage a demanding job when life is happening around you. Guest:Julie Robinson, City Administrator in Spring Valley Village
43:04 10/7/21
Episode 7: The History of City Management in Texas, Part 2
On this episode we conclude our conversation about the history of the City Management profession in Texas. You can listen to the first part of our conversation in Episode 6. Guest: Dan JohnsonCity Manager, City of RichardsonMore information:https://www.tcma.org
28:06 9/22/21
Episode 6: The History of City Management in Texas, Part 1
On this episode we’ll have the first part of a conversation about the history of the City Management profession in Texas. Part 2 will be aired in a future episode.Guest: Dan JohnsonCity Manager, City of RichardsonMore information:https://www.tcma.org
29:30 9/1/21
Episode 5: Senior Advisor Program
In this episode, we talk with two of the advisors who make up the ICMA/TCMA Senior Advisor Program. The Program, formerly known as Range Riders, is a partnership program between TCMA and the International City Management Association (ICMA) to make the counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired managers of the profession available to individual members. The program is designed to help with personal and professional issues, but does not provide any form of technical assistance nor to solve substantive problems in a local government.GUESTS:AC Gonzalez, Jr., Senior Advisor, Regions 4, 7, and 8 Bob Livingston, Senior Advisor, Regions 3, 4, and 10Learn more about the Senior Advisors Program on our website. 
31:28 8/6/21
Episode 4: The Importance of Ethics in City Management
On this episode we discuss the importance of ethics in City Management.  GUESTS:Paul Hofmann, City Manager, City of Bastrop and Chair of the TCMA Ethics CommitteeMatt Mueller, Town Manager, Little Elm and Vice-Chair of the Ethics Committee Nick Finan, Life Member of TCMA and the recipient of the very first TCMA Excellence in Ethics and Integrity Award.
45:50 7/16/21
Episode 3: TCMA Allies Task Force
In this episode, we chat with some some TCMA members who came up with the concept of this podcast, the TCMA Allies Task Force, about their efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Association and the city management profession.GUESTS:Noel Bernal,  City Manager, City of BrownsvilleDebbie Maynor, Founder, HR & Management Solutions
28:22 6/4/21
Episode 2: City Managers of Tomorrow
In this episode we visit with members of the TCMA City Managers of Tomorrow Committee to discuss their efforts to develop a sustainable program to encourage and assist members who identify as emerging leaders. GUESTS: Austin Bleess, City Manager, Jersey Village James Earp, Assistant City Manager, City of KyleCrayton Brubaker, TCMA Student Member
37:28 5/3/21
Episode 1: Advocacy Committee: Campaign for Professional and Ethical City Management
In this episode, we chat with  members of the TCMA Advocacy Committee to discuss their efforts to advocate for the association and the city management profession.GUESTS: Ed Broussard, City Manager, City of Tyler, TexasHugh Walker, Deputy City Manager, City of Bryan, TexasJoe Pace, City Manager, City of Lorena, Texas
47:46 4/7/21