Show cover of The Occupational Philosophers - A not-so-serious business podcast to spark Creativity, Imagination and Curiosity

The Occupational Philosophers - A not-so-serious business podcast to spark Creativity, Imagination and Curiosity

Would you like to fulfill your potential to be the curious, creative, and imaginative star that you are, or would like to be? You already know in your bones that you are a creative beast, but maybe you just don't quite know how to unleash it – perhaps it’s an ignored talent in writing, leading innovation at work or simply underwater basket weaving. Every fortnight, John, a mild-mannered, middle-aged British man with a love of curiosity and philosophy, and a slightly louder, middle-aged Australian surfer man, artist, and published author on creativity chat with guests drawn from many walks of life who have woven creativity, curiosity and play into their everyday lives - and thrived in the process. So, if you would like to listen to a “not-so-serious business podcast” and would like some thoughts, tools, and tips on staying curious, creative, and asking those really great questions (and leading a most interesting life in the process) then this is the podcast you have been waiting for all your life. Well, maybe not all your life, but for a while…


Ep. 38 - Inbetweeners: Are you asking purposeful questions? 10:02 06/30/2022
Episode 37: Guest episode with the amazing Tim Vaughan-Hughes (and did we mention Monty Python?) 63:26 06/23/2022
Ep.36 - Inbetweeners: Oooh Yeah....Navigating tensions 09:07 06/13/2022
Ep.35 - Inbetweeners:The half baked idea..... 09:21 06/06/2022
Ep.34 - I am like a cat, I can play all day.... 63:23 05/30/2022
Ep.33 - Inbetweeners: Looking at the world with Travellers Eyes 10:35 05/16/2022
Ep.32 - Guest episode with the amazing Dr. Jen Frahm 68:49 05/09/2022
Ep.31 - Inbetweeners: Jez Rose’s lost garden of curious delights 06:42 05/02/2022
Ep.30 - Inbetweeners: Need some inspiration? We have the answer! 09:12 04/19/2022
Ep.29 - Is technology killing our creativity? 65:29 04/11/2022
Ep.28 - Inbetweeners: Priming the pump for curiosity 07:00 04/04/2022
Ep.27 - Guest episode with award-winning author, TV host & internationally renowned behaviourist Jez Rose 75:45 03/28/2022
Ep. 26 - Inbetweeners: Rap music epiphany....are we ignoring things that are ripe for DisRupTioN? 07:49 03/20/2022
Ep.25 - Socrates, Plato and Aristotle walk into a bar.... 59:38 03/14/2022
Ep.24 - Inbetweeners: How often do we date life? 10:25 03/06/2022
Ep.23 - Guest episode with Innovator, CEO and Moonshot Podcaster Mike Parsons 49:59 02/27/2022
Ep.22 - Inbetweeners: Activities to drive creativity and imagination in your team 11:10 02/20/2022
Ep. 21 - Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Picasso walk into a bar 48:30 02/13/2022
Ep. 20 - Inbetweeners: Questions to drive creativity and curiosity in your team 11:05 02/06/2022
Ep.19 - Guest episode with life changing entrepreneur Danielle Chiel; Founder of KOCO (Knit One, Change One) 56:50 01/30/2022
Ep.18 - Inbetweeners: January Advent Calendar of Curious Surprises (Inbetweeners = 10 min episode) 14:42 01/16/2022
Ep.16 - Guest Episode with UK comedian Neil Mullarkey (and did we mention Austin Powers star?) 78:03 01/13/2022
Ep.17 - How to achieve your New Year’s Goals (or not)....pitfalls, feeling uninspired and great habits 45:45 01/10/2022
Ep.15 - Imagination (sounds delicious) - Why it‘s so important AND why you‘re an imaginative superstar 57:18 12/08/2021
Ep.14: Guest episode with Creative and Design Powerhouse Tanya Chua 65:04 11/24/2021
Ep.13 - Finding your FLOW.......what it is and how to get some 43:58 11/10/2021
Ep. 12: Accidental Mashups, mess ups and moments of genius! 54:08 10/27/2021
Ep.11: Guest episode with Dr Brock Bastian: Social Psychologist & Professor, University of Melbourne 72:13 10/13/2021
Ep.10: Self belief, creativity, being human, reimagining, laughter (and interpretive dance) 54:27 09/29/2021
Ep. 9: Guest episode with Eleanor Tweddell, Author of ”Why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you” 84:46 09/15/2021