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A Nun's Life Ministry is founded on the belief that each person is called by God to a vocation that enriches the individual and benefits the world. Our mission is to help people discover and grow in their vocation by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life.


Outreach and hope to youth in juvenile detention centers 03:36 05/27/2022
Challenge and hope for change at the Permian Basin 02:47 05/20/2022
Ask Sister – Do Protestants have saints, does the Mass need updating if people leave early, how do I know God wants me to enter religious life, 54-day novenas 44:31 05/13/2022
Hospitality at the heart of restorative justice 02:57 05/06/2022
Faith and facts about immigration 04:36 04/29/2022
In Good Faith with Sister Alice Ann O'Neill, cellist, Suzuki teacher, Suzuki teacher trainer 61:36 04/22/2022
Keeping the faith on the slow road to justice 03:24 04/15/2022
The Holy Week homestretch 05:12 04/15/2022
Representing Dominican Sisters at the United Nations 03:53 04/08/2022
Why do Mass readings end with “the Word of God” when the words were written by regular people, not God 09:44 04/01/2022
Spirituality and belonging in the global Dominican Family 05:14 03/25/2022
In Good Faith with Sister Rejane Cytacki, Executive Director of A Nun’s Life Ministry 57:31 03/18/2022
Life in a social justice family 03:51 03/13/2022
The power of reconciliation 05:12 03/12/2022
The distinctive difference that Catholic Sisters make in social justice 03:16 03/11/2022
The dollars and sense of changes in the minimum wage 04:23 03/04/2022
As a Catholic, if I don’t do more to reduce climate change, is it a sin? 15:51 02/25/2022
AS238 Ask Sister – Our Lady of Lourdes, chores vs. chocolate for Lent, Seven Deadly Sins, crying as a way to pray 40:03 02/19/2022
How should I greet a nun or priest in public, without invading their privacy? 09:01 02/04/2022
Nuns take creative steps to care for creation 05:09 01/28/2022
What are some ways nuns prepare for Lent? 01:39 01/21/2022
Catholic nuns and civil rights history in Selma 04:29 01/12/2022
AS237 Ask Sister – New Year’s resolutions, spiritual ambition, if a romantic relationship falters does that mean you should be a nun, how Catholics relate to Jesus 38:44 01/07/2022
The sweet ministry of beekeeping 02:18 12/31/2021
Does Jesus know the Easter Bunny and Santa? Tis the season for kids’ questions! 08:26 12/24/2021
What are some important facts to know about poverty in the U.S.? 06:53 12/17/2021
What is one of your most powerful experiences of prayer? 02:31 12/11/2021
AS236 Ask Sister – climate change conundrum, hey you Nuns, the Word of God or of regular people 44:02 12/04/2021
Catholic nun, lawyer, leader: a vocation journey 06:57 11/24/2021
Why do nuns profess vows twice instead of once, like married people? 12:05 11/19/2021