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The E-commerce Content Creation Podcast

The E-commerce Content Creation Podcast takes a broad look at the impact of creative production in retail and e-commerce — focusing in on specific creative production functions and roles and how they collaborate with other e-commerce functions to achieve their respective organizational goals.


On Post Production Org Structure with Ashley Snarski of Medline 26:35 05/24/2022
Photo Studio Operations Live! with David Hice 34:01 05/17/2022
Zoom Out, Reconnect, Improve with Sean Arbabi 28:21 05/10/2022
A Project Management Mindset for the Studio with David Hice of Aritzia 26:14 05/03/2022
Photo Studio Ops New York - A Preview with Stacey Tyrell 20:14 04/26/2022
Giveaway Announcement - Win a pass to Photo Studio Operations 2022 in New York City 01:33 04/21/2022
Studio Automation 101 with Marc, Dan, Lesley, and Rob 25:12 04/19/2022
Thoughts on Studio Automation with Marc Berenson 25:34 04/12/2022
Has it Been A Year Already? 30:31 04/05/2022
The Philosophy and Ethics of Retouching with Mercedes Castaneda of Fabletics Men 31:57 03/29/2022
A Degree in Photography with Christopher Kern of CBU 30:21 03/22/2022
Embracing a Broad Definition of Inclusive with Jessica Lopez 23:00 03/15/2022
FLOW Los Angeles 2022 - Tales from Hudson Loft 23:05 03/08/2022
Relatable Content in a Post Covid World with Mark Stocker of The Very Group 27:45 03/01/2022
The New Era of User Generated Video with Ajay Bam of Vyrill 31:18 02/22/2022
The Power of Positivity on Set with Cathi Singh 29:43 02/15/2022
Taking DEI Deeper than Content with Karen Williams 31:57 02/08/2022
What is Customer Success with Ryan Roberts of Pixelz 31:46 02/01/2022
Algorithms, Synths, and the Modeling Agency of the Future 33:10 01/25/2022
Process Improvement 101 with Kevin Mason of Studio Workflow 28:24 01/18/2022
Conversations on Color with Jason Wheeler and Jean Francois Ortiz of Columbia Sportswear 30:01 01/11/2022
Planning for Disruption with Rob Regovich of Malouf Companies 25:56 01/04/2022
A Year in Review with Tejs Rasmussen 22:11 12/28/2021
The Gift of Feedback with Terence Mahone of Farfetch 35:40 12/21/2021
Efficiency with Phillip Kirst of Spice Media 25:24 12/14/2021
KPIs, Planning, and Continuous Improvement - 2021 Clip Show with James Lewis 32:32 12/07/2021
Social Media Marketing in the New Era of E-commerce with JR Curley of Fab Fit Fun 28:29 11/30/2021
Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - Book Club 13:03 11/23/2021
Swinging the Pendulum of Cost and Quality with Mark Stocker of The Very Group 30:46 11/16/2021
Physical Studio Space Considerations with Kevin Mason 29:49 11/09/2021