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Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck

Awaken and discover the deeper journey of dating with Break The Glass Slipper. As featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TEDx, dating expert and host Crista Beck exposes the fantasies about love that prevent single women from meeting a quality man. All designed to light up a new path, answer your biggest dating questions, and lovingly guide you on your search for love.


Science of Success (Pt. 4): Train Your Mind For Love 26:46 08/03/2022
Science of Success (Pt. 3): Build Your Own Mastermind for Dating Power 17:54 07/27/2022
Science of Success (Pt. 2): Define Your Dating Purpose 29:46 07/20/2022
Science of Success (Pt. 1): How to Find Love and Achieve Everything You Want in Life 18:49 07/13/2022
The 5 Red Flags You MUST Watch Out For In Yourself 17:28 06/29/2022
How to Date with Integrity - The 3 Principles You Need to Know 24:13 06/22/2022
This Little Pep Talk Will Help You Get Through It (And Find Love) 11:14 06/15/2022
Don't Date Like Cookie Monster 19:51 06/08/2022
Can You Fall In Love With a Friend? 16:37 06/01/2022
Dating Coach vs. Therapist: What's The Difference? 15:30 05/25/2022
Dating: The Unpretzeled Truth 26:07 05/18/2022
What Viola Davis Can Teach Us About Finding Love 19:34 05/11/2022
Processing Your Feelings is KEY to a Successful Dating Life (Here's How) 23:47 05/04/2022
Older Women, Younger Men: Dating Myths Debunked 17:55 04/27/2022
How My Client Became Exclusive And You Can Too! 20:36 04/20/2022
Single & Happy: How To Be Genuinely Fulfilled While Single 17:54 04/13/2022
Don't Let the Scarcity Mindset Keep You from Finding Love 20:38 04/06/2022
Why Single Women Start Mothering Men 23:54 03/23/2022
Don't let Instagram Control Your Love Life 18:48 03/16/2022
What Does It Mean To Hold Space? 24:00 03/09/2022
5 Reasons Why It's Hard To Let Go Of Stuff (And How To Do It Anyway) 27:52 03/02/2022
First Date Advice: What Should I Do If He Invites Me To His Place? 19:35 02/23/2022
Meta-Emotions: The Key to Finding Lasting Love? 12:45 02/16/2022
How To Handle Valentine's Day If You Just Started Dating 17:28 02/09/2022
Is He Marriage Material? 17:36 02/02/2022
Stop Gambling With Your Love Life: Learn When To Commit 21:06 01/26/2022
Nourish Yourself To Get The Love You Want 27:11 01/19/2022
How To Bounce Back After Being Stood Up 20:40 01/12/2022
It’s Time To Leave Your Comfort Zone. 15:48 01/05/2022
4 Reasons Why We Stay In Unhappy Relationships 20:36 12/15/2021