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Building HVAC Science

Building HVAC Science covers a broad array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics, as well as human comfort, health, and safety. Hosted by HVAC measurement and building performance expert Bill Spohn, this show will take a deep dive into all things that relate to buildings and people in the built environment. This show is a production of TruTech Tools


EP76 How to market invisible performance with Max Rohr (Feb. 2020) 25:53 05/20/2022
EP75 What it’s like working at Kalos with Austin Klokus (Nov. 2019) 25:54 05/13/2022
EP74 Where you can go with passion and persistence with Craig Migliaccio (April 2022) 53:18 05/06/2022
EP73 Creating superb customer service with Steve Coscia (Sep 2021) 41:27 04/22/2022
EP72 Energy Efficiency, decarbonization and sustainability with John Sheff from Danfoss (Aug. 2021) 30:23 04/15/2022
EP71 Helping contractors, technically and through marketing services- a conversation with Tom Jackson (Sept. 2019) 50:12 04/08/2022
EP70 Getting an early start in the trades with Elana and Jordan Day (March 2022) 20:13 04/01/2022
EP69 From particle accelerators to radon measurement, the Airthings story with Erlend Bolle (Jan 2022) 30:22 03/18/2022
EP68 Sustainability for homes with Brett Little 34:31 03/11/2022
EP67 Residential HVAC design has not changed much in 20+ years with Russ King (Aug 2021) 41:00 03/04/2022
EP66 The Art & Science of Healthy Homes with Joe Medosch 46:53 02/25/2022
EP65 Let's talk mold with Jason Earle (January 2022) 36:57 02/18/2022
EP64 All houses are different, some can be deadly with Paul Raymer (Sept 2021) 38:46 02/11/2022
EP63 The History and Mission of UEi with Michael Kane (Sept 2021) 39:25 02/04/2022
EP62 The Next Evolution in Healthy Air with Dawn Oggier & Brian Kennihan 38:24 01/28/2022
EP61 A unique approach to efficient urban housing with Brian Gaudio (July 2019) 30:00 01/21/2022
EP60: Inside Inficon with Bob Belvick (July 2020) 31:06 08/06/2021
EP59: How I built Halco with Hal Smith (Dec 2019) 30:18 07/30/2021
EP58: Genry Garcia: An inspiring contractor's story (June 2021) 29:41 07/23/2021
EP57: IAQ Devices & Technology Perspectives from the Isle of Man with Big Clive 45:29 07/16/2021
EP 56 School IAQ and Astrophotography with Steve Pascuzzo from Testo (Jan 2021) 40:06 07/09/2021
EP55: SpohnHome: The Energy Vanguard Investigates (Apr. 2021) 45:30 07/02/2021
EP54: SpohnHome Interview of Bill Spohn hosted by Nate Adams of HVAC 2.0 (May 2020) 50:20 06/25/2021
EP53: Pearl Certification for HVAC- Throw Shade on Your Competition with Cynthia Adams & Robin LeBaron 42:08 06/18/2021
EP52: Technology in HVAC, Driving Contractor Wins with Joe Samel (SensiPredict - Emerson) & Sam Troyer (Comfort Zone, Inc) 27:08 06/11/2021
EP51: NH Saves NetZero Home Challenge (Jan 2021) with Joe Rando and Adam Nyborg 36:36 06/04/2021
EP50: Why you should attend the National Home Performances Conference with Steve Byers (EnergyLogic) & Peter Troast (EnergyCircle) 18:12 03/25/2021
EP49: A unique air quality monitor for the home with Ben Reed (TZOA) & Kaleb Saleeby (HVAC School) 53:22 02/05/2021
EP48 Buildings & Health. An interview with Dr. Stephanie Taylor 34:43 11/27/2020
EP47 Insights from ENCON: A Unique, Generational Mechanical Contractor 28:10 11/20/2020