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The Explanation: How to bring peace and prosperity to humankind. Our 21st century world must assemble with the Bible narrative if there's any value there. Join me and check out the original language, the Biblical Hebrew, of the dawn of our Universe and humankind in the first chapters of Genesis. They establish the history of Earth and the story of humanity. Unlock Bible meaning with a unique, no fuss study method, see the Bible pieces form a perfectly assembled puzzle and reveal the answers for today's society. The Bible is more contemporary than you realize. Dare to dig for Bible meaning.


Human Rulership has the Responsibility for People & Resources. Why? 22:31 05/19/2022
Social Relationships. Puzzling Humans Love & Hate. Why? 23:22 05/12/2022
Human Nature. How Creative Humans Worldwide "Should" Work 23:48 05/05/2022
What is the Purpose of Life? Why Humans Crave an Answer 23:20 04/28/2022
Neshama is Translated Inspiration. Discover the Deeper Meaning of Consciousness 24:55 04/21/2022
Breath of Life. The Unique Possessors of Neshama on Earth. Does Neshama animate Animals? 21:23 04/14/2022
The Human Body. Incredible Complex Dust of the Ground 18:29 04/07/2022
God Works & Humans Work. God Develops Relationships with His Spiritual Children and Rules the Universe. We Create Family & Rule Earth 22:43 03/31/2022
The All-Time Biggest Hidden Truth. Elohim, God is a Family 20:07 03/24/2022
Does God Exist? Yes, Who is the Higher Power YHVH Elohim? 24:37 03/17/2022
Men and Women Equality. Discover the Big Meaning of 'adam' 18:42 03/10/2022
Fastest Bible Study Method to Grasp the God-intended Meaning of Scripture 20:13 03/03/2022
Where is the Full Definition of Mind-Body, Consciousness? 17:30 02/24/2022
Human Reasoning has No Explanation for the Mind. Dreadful 21:16 02/17/2022
Animal Cognition. Richly Similar & Different to Human Minds 19:56 02/10/2022
Brain to Mind. Can the Material Create the Immaterial? 19:27 02/03/2022
Life Biology. From Rocks to Cells, Sublime Simple Complexity 15:03 01/27/2022
Did a Fine-Tuned Universe Give Rise to Our Dazzling Earth? 17:56 01/20/2022
Your Starting Point: Higher Power or Not? Spiritual or Secular? 21:02 01/13/2022
Mind-Body Problem Solved. That’s a mind-blowing bold claim 17:46 01/06/2022
Jerusalem, City of Conflict and Peace. Fascinating Future 24:56 12/30/2021
Nazareth, Hometown of Jesus. Let's Solve a NT Mystery 28:43 12/23/2021
Bethlehem birthplace of Jesus. Why there? What's the Big Deal? 23:37 12/16/2021
Shalom, the Hebrew Greeting. You Have No Idea What it Means 22:42 12/09/2021
Shabbat - Biblical Hebrew Words Tell Revealing Stories 20:09 12/02/2021
Biblical Hebrew Word Stories. Powerful Key 7 for Bible Meaning 15:50 11/25/2021
Unlock Bible Meaning - What You've Learned from 7 Keys Mastery... so far 17:06 11/18/2021
Biblical Hebrew Word Roots - Key 6 - Validates Strong's 12:06 11/11/2021
God did Garnish the Heavens. What is the Amazing Meaning? 11:05 11/04/2021
Genesis 1:2. Darkness and Deep Correspond to Tohu va Bohu 15:17 10/28/2021