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The Anxious Child Podcast

According to NIMH, one in three teens has an anxiety disorder. For kids, this is estimated at one in ten. What is going on? How can we help them? This podcast is hosted by Stephen Quinlan, a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience and a specialization in working with kids and parents who have anxiety. Join Stephen as he sits down with some of the best experts in the field to try to help kids as best we can.


Stepping up to social anxiety with Dr. Jacqueline Sperling 48:21 02/07/2022
Anxiety in young children and early intervention with Dr. Nicholas Mian 44:19 01/24/2022
Childhood trauma and getting back to nature with Ari Gunzburg 52:29 01/10/2022
OCD, the pandemic, and exposure therapy with Dr. Michael Stein 42:02 12/20/2021
Parent like a guide, not like a boss with Valerie Canino 41:26 12/06/2021
Letting your kids fail with Jessica Lahey (part 2) 42:48 11/22/2021
Letting your kids fail with Jessica Lahey (part 1) 39:37 11/15/2021
Bonus meditation for kids with Ryan Judd 05:42 11/03/2021
The Parents Corner: Kelly Melhorn 46:41 11/01/2021
Mindfulness in the classroom and beyond with Kate Munding 52:03 10/18/2021
Music therapy for anxiety with Ryan Judd 55:18 10/04/2021
Parenting in real life with Dana Baker-Williams 44:51 09/20/2021
Relationships, anxiety, and apologies you never got with Bethany Nicole 48:29 09/06/2021
Mindfulness-based stress reduction with Dr. Rachel Barbenel-Fried- 51:13 08/23/2021
The Gut-Brain Connection and anxiety in our kids with mama bear Deborah Ann Morgan 58:59 08/16/2021
Adolescent substance use with Richard Capriola 49:40 08/09/2021
The link between nutrition and mental health with Wade Lightheart 49:19 08/02/2021
Masculinity, your mind as software and getting out of your own head with Brian Sachetta 54:31 07/26/2021
Compassion fatigue and Narrative Medicine with Peter Sultan, LCSW 62:31 07/19/2021
Trauma-informed anxiety treatment with Dr. Don Russell 55:27 07/12/2021
The Parents Corner: Jim 52:57 07/05/2021
Bonus hypnotherapy episode with Wendi Friesen 12:04 07/01/2021
Hypnotherapy, anxiety and substance use with Wendi Friesen 53:32 06/28/2021
Yoga, anxiety and working with kids with Julie Campilio 44:47 06/21/2021
Bonus meditation for sleep with Katie Maken 16:48 06/17/2021
The wonder of outdoor, unsupervised play with Angela Hanscom, OTR/L 39:17 06/14/2021
Bonus meditation with Katie Maken 08:50 06/10/2021
Anxiety in women, teen girls and parents with Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW 51:59 06/07/2021
Bonus meditation with Suddhayu 10:34 05/27/2021
Mindfulness and anxiety with Suddhayu 41:39 05/24/2021