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Listen to a selection of EPRS policy podcasts here. An in-depth look at different topical EU policy areas based on objective authoritative and independent research.


How State aid works in the EU 06:22 05/16/2022
Is 5G wireless communication safe for human health? 05:54 05/16/2022
European Parliament's legislative initiative 04:08 05/16/2022
Revision of the EU's Waste Shipment Regulation 08:30 04/29/2022
Sustainable maritime fuels - 'Fit for 55' package: the FuelEU Maritime proposal 06:02 04/29/2022
Temporary protection directive 09:04 04/29/2022
Equal pay for equal work between men and women: Pay transparency and enforcement mechanisms 08:17 04/01/2022
EU space policy: Boosting EU competitiveness and accelerating the twin ecological and digital transition 09:21 04/01/2022
EU taxonomy: Delegated acts on climate, and nuclear and gas 07:57 04/01/2022
Russia's war on Ukraine: The EU's financing of military assistance to Ukraine 06:25 04/01/2022
Review of the EU ETS: 'Fit for 55' package 09:00 03/04/2022
Revision of EU ETS as regards aviation: 'Fit for 55' package 07:14 03/04/2022
Understanding EU policy on firearms trafficking 08:50 03/04/2022
Right to repair 06:17 02/11/2022
Fighting money laundering and counter terrorist financing 07:32 02/11/2022
European green bonds: A standard for Europe, open to the world 07:04 02/11/2022
Resilience of global supply chains: Challenges and solutions 08:21 01/14/2022
A common charger for electronic devices: Revision of the Radio Equipment Directive 06:05 01/14/2022
Central bank digital currencies: Evolution or revolution? 07:53 01/14/2022
Artificial intelligence act 09:01 12/10/2021
Social climate fund: Fit for 55 package 06:00 12/10/2021
Global human rights sanctions - Mapping Magnitsky laws: The US, Canadian, UK and EU approach 11:18 12/10/2021
Introducing the European Union agency for asylum 08:31 11/19/2021
Taxing the digital economy: New developments and the way forward 07:58 11/19/2021
The concept of 'climate refugee': Towards a possible definition 08:09 11/19/2021
The EU-US Trade and Technology Council 07:22 10/15/2021
Understanding the EU's response to drugs 07:58 10/15/2021
General product safety regulation 05:39 10/15/2021
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE): A pillar of the European security order 08:03 10/01/2021
Protecting pollinators 05:36 10/01/2021