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European Parliament - EPRS Science and Technology podcasts

Listen to a selection of podcasts reporting on the latest science and technology developments, looking into the impact they will have on our lives and capturing their policy implications.


What if AI regulation promoted innovation? 03:16 04/29/2022
What if machines made fairer decisions than humans? 04:56 04/01/2022
What if we killed all microorganisms in our bodies? 03:54 02/11/2022
What if xenotransplantation made up for the shortage of organ donation? 04:47 01/14/2022
What if hydrogen accelerated decarbonisation of European Industry? 04:53 12/10/2021
What if ecolabels could nudge us to choose greener food? 06:39 11/19/2021
What if novel drug delivery methods revolutionised medicine? 04:54 10/15/2021
What if the Internet failed? 03:43 10/01/2021
What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear? 03:16 09/10/2021
What if we chose new metaphors for artificial intelligence? 05:44 07/02/2021
What if objects around us flocked together to become intelligent? 03:18 06/04/2021
What if blockchain could guarantee ethical AI? 04:13 05/14/2021
What if consumers could use devices to sequence DNA? 04:51 04/30/2021
What if we could engineer the planet to help fight climate change? 04:00 03/05/2021
What If Technology And Culture Combined To Boost A Green Recovery? 02:47 02/05/2021
What if AI could assist thermal imaging in fighting coronavirus? 03:24 01/15/2021
What if AI took care of traffic as well as driving? 02:42 01/15/2021
What if we could renew all our cells? 03:13 12/11/2020
What if AI could help us become ‘greener'? 03:55 11/20/2020
What if 'rewilding' could help reverse biodiversity loss in Europe? 04:01 10/02/2020
What if insects were on the menu in Europe? 03:20 07/03/2020
What if fashion were good for the planet? 03:20 07/03/2020
What if AI could advance the science surrounding dementia? 03:27 06/12/2020
What if we could fight antibiotic resistance with probiotics? 04:04 05/08/2020
What if we could fight coronavirus with artificial intelligence? 03:32 03/27/2020
What if artificial intelligence made work obsolete? 03:13 03/06/2020
What if crop protection were eco-friendly? 03:35 02/07/2020
What if life expectancy reached 150 years? 03:24 12/13/2019
What if hydrogen could help decarbonise transport? 03:32 11/22/2019
What if technologies substituted for humans in elderly care? 02:35 10/18/2019