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Wright Where You Are

With inspiring guest interviews and Jason’s unique lens on life, this is your place to see good in the world, to lift and be lifted, and no matter your starting point, to make a difference that matters. And we’ll do it all together — Wright Where You Are. (April 2022 Update — Now on hiatus!)


David McConnell — Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Author, Mime 45:37 04/14/2022
Aaron Blight — More Than a Career, He Has a Calling with Caregiving and Aging 42:18 04/07/2022
Phillip Cowley — The Hilarious Pharmacist Whose Hacks Are Taking Over Social Media 37:03 03/31/2022
Setema Gali — The NFL Champ Who Lost And Found It All 38:36 03/24/2022
Jim Ericson — The Marketing Man with a Passion for Family History 48:28 03/17/2022
Oakli Van Meter — Editor, Wife, Mother, Daughter Extraordinaire 36:18 03/10/2022
Jason Wright — As His Own Guest, Takes Questions on Writing. Dogs, Faith, and More 30:47 03/03/2022
McCall Hoyle — The Unusual Triple Threat of Best-Selling Author, Dog Trainer, and Librarian 35:01 02/24/2022
Kirby Heyborne — His Voice, Talent, and Heart Are All Dedicated to Making Good 51:48 02/17/2022
Jenny Sasser — The Dog Breeder Who Has Already Prayed for You 66:15 02/10/2022
Debra Bonner — The Remarkable Wife and Mother of Eight Who Helps Us Find Our Voices 36:51 02/03/2022
Dan Markham — The Creator of "What's Inside?" 45:10 01/26/2022
Melinda Wheelwright Brown — Finding Joy in the Thorny Patches 37:59 01/20/2022
Whitney Johnson — World Renowned Expert on Disruption and Self-Improvement 49:54 01/13/2022
Brooke Romney — Meet the Inspiring Influencer, Writer, Speaker, Educator 33:23 01/06/2022
Jason Wright and Friends — What's Your Word of the Year for 2022? 18:10 12/30/2021
Jason Wright and Family — Take a Christmas Jars Journey with the Wrights 47:03 12/23/2021
Rebecca Goodwin — How a Christmas Jar Brought Hope After Her Daughter's Death 36:32 12/16/2021
Kathy Hutto — The Single Mom in Georgia Who Needed the Christmas Jars Message More than the Money 19:43 12/09/2021
Sarah Dean — Her Family Found a Miracle Christmas Jar in the Snow 23:31 12/02/2021
Jason Wright and Friends — Special Thanksgiving Day Episode 23:57 11/25/2021
Brook Stringham — Blogger, Advocate, Autism Mom 43:38 11/18/2021
Lisa Valentine Clark — Comedian, Actress. Radio Host, Joyful Survivor 41:25 11/11/2021
Rebecca Connolly — The Novelist Boarding the Titanic with a Head Injury 36:14 11/04/2021
Monique Coleman — High School Musical Star, Dancer, Activist, Philanthropist and So Much More 28:15 10/28/2021
Alesha Penland — Finding Hope, Healing and Forgiveness After The Tragic Death of Her Baby 43:50 10/21/2021
Michael McLean — The Man Behind 500 Songs and One Faith Crisis 70:41 10/14/2021
Emily Farmer — How She Found Hope and Healing in Her 99-Year-Old Best Friend 27:19 10/07/2021
Mallory Everton and Whitney Call — The Hilarious Stars and Writers of The Movie Stop & Go 47:46 09/30/2021
Ganel-Lyn Condie — An Emotional, Authentic Discussion About Suicide, Grief, Hope and Healing 53:16 09/23/2021