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Wild About Conservation

Wild about conservation - a new podcast hosted by two chatty conservationists. How do you get wild about conservation? Do you get outside and explore? Have you read every book on natural history? Or maybe, you have watched every wildlife documentary? Listen to Hannah and Lexi - women in science, communicators, conservationists, and volunteers - as they talk to guests about their experiences, stories, and getting wild about conservation.


Wild About Flapper Skates with Ed Lavender - S2 E6 90:12 10/13/2021
Wild About Mangroves and ACES with Robyn Shilland - S2 E5 74:37 10/06/2021
Wild About Archerfish with Dagmar der Weduwen - S2 E4 59:00 09/29/2021
Wild About Intertidal Ecology with Hannah Grist - S2 E3 67:59 09/22/2021
Wild About Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation with Zoe Cox - S2 E2 87:45 09/15/2021
Wild About Environmental Emergencies with Matthew Andersen - S2 E1 92:27 09/08/2021
Wild About BDMLR with Dan Jarvis - S2 E0 79:15 09/01/2021
Wild About all things ocean - Season wrap up with your hosts - S1 E13 53:58 07/28/2021
Wild About The Conservation Project International - S1 E12 81:22 07/21/2021
Wild About Seaweed with Tara Proud - S1 E11 58:07 07/14/2021
Wild About Seals and Movement Ecology with William Kay - S1 E10.2 56:30 07/07/2021
Wild About Seals, Policy and Internships with Dr William P Kay - S1 E10.1 54:37 06/30/2021
Wild About The Cephalopod Citizen Science Project with Gavan Cooke - S1 E9 89:16 06/23/2021
Wild About Turtles with Abigail Parker - S1 E8 60:05 06/16/2021
Wild About Sea Birds and Monitoring Methods with Melissa Costagliola-Ray - S1 E7 78:26 06/09/2021
Wild About The MCS Good Fish Guide with Alice Moore - S1 E6 52:55 06/02/2021
Wild About Cetaceans with Kate Weston - S1 E5 100:36 05/26/2021
Wild About Coral Reefs and Restoration with Jess Kalisiak - S1 E4 66:47 05/19/2021
Wild About Sharks and Photography with Donovan Lewis - S1 E3 74:58 05/12/2021
Wild About deep sea sponge grounds with Heidi Meyer - S1 E2 66:16 05/05/2021
Wild About the Narwhals Wake with Ian Rowan - S1 E1 85:18 04/28/2021
Wild About getting to know your hosts - S1 E0 54:30 04/21/2021
Trailer: Wild About Conservation - coming soon 02:00 04/18/2021