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Do you like your job? Do you believe in the companies vision? What type of leader do you want to be? If you just answered "Yes" - "Sometimes" - " The type that doesn't suck," Then join Jake and Brock on Leaders Drink Last Podcast, where we will discuss experiences on construction projects around the world, new and old leadership styles, failures, quitting jobs, coaches, mentors, building teams, trust, empathy, life, and beer. Ironically when you start to feel like you are making an impact, happy hour continues to push back late into the evening. Author/Leader Brock Yordy: "As leaders, we have to recognize what our teams require to be successful. A new hire in their early 20s may have few life experiences to pull from to overcome situations with lousy vision or no vision at all. We must dig deeper to know our team beyond the skills required to do the job." "How to be the Leader." Author/ Captain Jacob Fletcher: " Adaptive leadership is a matter of humility. It is the act of “we” not “me.” It demonstrates the importance of each person and figures out how to bring out the best from them. In the ROTC, they taught us the phrase “mission first, people always.” I find many leaders have forgotten the second piece of that phrase. You cannot complete a mission, whether winning a baseball game or drilling water well, without people. A leader people cannot trust cannot expect those people to follow. Of course, there are other ways to earn trust, but for me, adaptiveness is my bread and butter. I challenge you to give it a shot. "Add Adaptive Leadership to their Toolbox."


Leading a younger generation. Simple Milestones. Generation Z
Brock and Jake discuss Leading a younger generation.  Then they discuss a leadership milestone program for new hires.  They finish by discussing Generation Z and how they are starting to compare to the Greatest Generation. Introduction to Leaders Drink Last Podcast
88:47 3/3/22
Leadership in Sports. Leaders Drink Last Season 2 EP 1
Jake and Brock start season 2 with a special guest Spencer "Sky" Kerstein, a leader in sports administration and media.  The team talks about what is involved in mastering Sports Leadership and leading people.  We end the episode by discussing Coaches taking risks on people, specifically Coach Dick Vermeil, who challenged the league twice with Vince Papale and Kurt Warner. Introduction to Leaders Drink Last Podcast
83:54 2/9/22
Leaders Drink Last Episode 6 - Checking in on your people. Brock's Hiatus
In episode 6 Brock and Jake discuss mental health and checking in on the team.   Brock shares why Leaders Drink Last was on hiatus in August.  
112:12 9/22/21
Leaders Drink Last EP 5 : Leadership Swap Meet or Leadership Sponsor - Leadership Facade
In Episode 5 Jake and Brock discuss leadership books and how leaders utilize them.  Jake introduces the idea of a Leadership Swap Meet, where leaders come to swap ideas and styles that best suit their situation.  Brock counters with needing a Leadership Sponsor for being a  recovering bosshole. 
94:37 7/17/21
Leaders Drink Last - A DADS INFLUENCE - CHEERS TO FATHERS DAY - Drillercast Crossover
Brock, Dave, and Jake talk about a father's influence on leadership and the construction industry.  
87:14 6/19/21
Leaders Drink Last - Episode 3 - Athletic Coaches, our first exposure to leadership, Coaching, Giving feedback, and Operating after Covid
Jake and Brock discuss the influence of a childhood athletic coach as a leader.  Next, Brock and Jake discuss leaders and giving feedback.  They close by discussing mental health and opening up after Covid 19. 
88:37 5/25/21
Episode 2 - Partners Who Challenge and Drive US. Moms & Zoomers
In Episode 2 Brock Yordy and Jake Fletcher discuss creating partnerships that complement, challenge, and drive you. Building trust in the ones you work with.  Generation Z and their capabilities. Finally celebrating moms for mothers day. Special guest Habib Baydoun from the pharma technology industry.  
80:21 5/9/21
Leaders Drink Last - Episode 1 - Pieces from the Field.
In Episode 1 - Jacob Fletcher and Brock Yordy discuss leadership from their first job and beyond.  The discussion further expands into leadership experience from the field. 
88:55 4/20/21