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The Family Business Leader Podcast is for the multi-generational family business leaders who are struggling, with the transition into upper management. There are few people that understand the relationship dynamics, pressures of trying to live up to someone else's legacy, and the overwhelm and isolation of running the family business. Leadership coach and founder of Successful Generations, Ellie Frey Zagel, gets it! After working in her family’s foundations since the age of 15 she understands that family business is not like corporate. Join her each week as she shares the exact tools, strategies, and mindset shifts you need to become the leader you want to be. You’ll learn how to: ~Develop your own authentic leadership style and be true to yourself ~ How to lead your family in a way that fosters love and collaboration ~ And how to create your own legacy while still honoring theirs For information visit


Ep #15: Taking Back Control 15:17 08/18/2021
Ep #14: Learner's Mindset 23:12 08/13/2021
Ep #13: 2 Tools for Tough Conversations 23:39 07/21/2021
Ep #12: Banning the Badge of Busyness 21:14 07/14/2021
Ep #11: Power Dynamics in Family Systems 36:23 07/07/2021
Ep #10: Getting Out of Other People’s Brains 12:18 06/30/2021
Ep #9: The Reality of Being an Entrepreneur Couple with Jake and Whit Roehl 48:08 06/23/2021
Ep #8: The Truth About Confidence 20:15 06/16/2021
Ep #7: The Emotional Armoire 16:50 06/09/2021
Ep #6: Entitlement with Kim Eddleston 25:19 06/02/2021
Ep #5: Purposeful Vacation Planning 19:21 05/26/2021
Ep #4: Why Tracking and Celebrating Your Wins Matters 13:32 05/19/2021
Ep #3: The Practice of Same-Page Leadership 24:24 05/12/2021
Ep #2: Same-Page Leadership 21:01 05/05/2021
Ep #1: Why the Name Change? 11:16 04/28/2021
BONUS Episode: The Real Work of Mindset Transformation with Neill Williams 52:54 03/31/2021
[SG]89: Millennial Engagement in Family Philanthropy with Bob Reid 56:39 03/24/2021
[SG]88: Growing into Wealth with Logan Angel 29:59 03/17/2021
[SG]87: Helping the Rising Generation Flourish with Andrew Doust of Kore Venture 27:02 03/11/2021
[SG]86 Family Business Succession Planning with Steven Goodman 52:40 10/21/2020
[SG]85: Family Office 101 with FOX's Glen Johnson 42:53 09/02/2020
[SG]84 Rising Gen Education with FOX's Mindy Earley 39:54 08/10/2020
[SG]83 A Vibrant Family Business Vision with Richard N. Seaman 55:44 08/05/2020
[SG]82 Family Business Retirement: "I am Only Leaving Feet First" 29:41 07/15/2020
BONUS: Family Business and the Seaman Family Foundation 17:12 07/09/2020
[SG]81: Seaman Corp w/ Richard Seaman, 2ndGen- Pt1 52:35 07/01/2020
[SG]80: Delusional Altruism with Kris Putnam-Walkerly 52:48 06/10/2020
[SG]79 Getting on the Same Page while Working with your Spouse 39:59 05/20/2020
[SG]78 Family Councils with Chris Eckrich: Best Practices Pt2 31:56 04/29/2020
[SG]77: Getting Started with Family Councils PT1 27:06 04/16/2020