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Ever wish you had someone to help you with the mental aspects of dance? That's exactly what you get when you tune in to the Passion for Dance podcast... a sport psychology expert who understands the dance industry. Welcome to a Passion for Dance Podcast where your host Dr. Chelsea will bring the science of sport psychology into the dance studio. Each week you will hear tips and strategies around topics like confidence, growth mindset, resilience, motivation, and happiness… all the tools the help you thrive and become the best version of yourself (on and off the dance floor!) Dance teaches us to push through the pain to reach our goals, and we are used to criticism, tears, bleeding toes, and sore muscles. The show must go on no matter what right? But what if there were another way? Being a dancer teaches us important life skills, but that doesn't mean we have to be broken in order to build ourselves back up. Dance can teach us about self-discipline, teamwork, confidence, grit, and resilience without destroying a dancer’s self-esteem. The path to personal growth is full of joy, self-discovery, and challenging roadblocks, but we don’t have to figure it out alone. So if you are a dance educator, studio teacher, or school coach, what do you say? Are you ready to share your passion for dance with the world?


66. Supporting Our Dancers’ Mental Health 13:31 06/23/2022
65. Team Building with Champion All-Star Coach Stephanie Westbrook 39:14 06/16/2022
64: 5 Simple Ideas for Continued Personal Growth 12:08 06/09/2022
63. When Do I Teach My Dancers About Mental Skills? 15:00 06/02/2022
62. How I Plan My Dance Season 12:45 05/26/2022
61. The Positive Coaching Framework 08:33 05/19/2022
60. Do You Know How to Give Tough Love Without Hurting Your Dancers? 10:56 05/12/2022
59. Advice from Passionate Dance Educators Joe Nickel & Michelle Tolson 42:31 05/05/2022
58. Never Regret a Day 08:06 04/28/2022
57. How to Prepare your Captain to Become an Influential Leader 15:27 04/21/2022
56. 3 Key Qualities of an Effective Dance Team Captain 11:48 04/14/2022
55. Coaching Advice Inspired By My Darkest Moments 06:21 04/07/2022
54. How to Stay Motivated After Competitive Success 12:48 03/31/2022
53. 1 Big Reason Team Conflict Isn’t A Bad Thing 15:19 03/17/2022
52. The Mindset of a Dance Boss with Erin Pompa 33:59 03/10/2022
51. Hard-Working Dancers have Teachers Who Do These 3 Things 13:39 03/03/2022
50. My Dance Story and How it Shaped Me: The Birthday Episode! 15:25 02/24/2022
49. LSU Tiger Girls: The Coach’s Story 46:01 02/17/2022
48. Fueling for Competition: Advice from Registered Dietitians Melisa and Yasi of MY Dance Nutrition 44:55 02/10/2022
47. Coaching and Mentoring for Professional Dance Teams featuring Sabrina and Amira of the Cultivate Code 48:48 02/03/2022
46. Love Languages for Dance Team: How to emotionally connect with your dancers in record time 14:44 01/27/2022
45. 5 Mindset Lessons from Dance Team Nationals 12:03 01/20/2022
44. Dancers: Confidently Amplify Your Personal Brand with Sonja McCord 40:48 01/13/2022
43. My One Word for 2022 and Why You Should Set One Too 12:14 01/06/2022
42. 4 Dance Coaches Share Their Best Mindset Lessons 47:47 12/10/2021
41. Developing a Pre-Performance Routine for Confidence 11:56 12/02/2021
40. How to Encourage Mental Toughness in our Dancers with Chelsie Hightower 50:13 11/18/2021
39. Is Your Passion Making You Better or Weighing You Down? 16:03 11/11/2021
38. The Shame of Failing at Work-Life Balance 10:28 11/04/2021
37. Why Don't Some Dancers Take Accountability for Their Bad Choices? 15:55 10/21/2021