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Welcome to the Australian Book Lovers podcast! Our mission is to bring fabulous Australian and Indigenous literature that spans a whole range of genres to book lovers around the globe, as well as fantastic resources and information for passionate authors looking to write their next bestseller. Visit to learn more!


Author David Cairns Of Finavon
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a literary step back in time as we delve into the trials and tribulations of convict life thanks to a deep and thorough chat with historical fiction  author David Cairns of Finavon! Not only that but there are chats about Razz'a and Snips and which one was best, the various different types of book readers, what makes gold so special and who were the Australian celebrities born in 1968... But that's not all! There's industry news, the Reader's Cafe featuring a book review by aweseome contributor Naomi Shippen, and a special appearance by superstar author and podcast producer Hayley Walsh of The Write Words Podcast in the Writer's Lounge, so we invite you to hit play, sit back and enjoy a little reading and writing love...Visit to learn more.
170:08 09/23/2022
Author Miranda Luby
Could this be our biggest episode yet? Join hosts Veronica and Darren for podcast 67 featuring a Reader's Cafe with special guest Belinda Grant who shares a book review with us, an incredible interview with author Miranda Luby, a laughter fuelled visit to the Writer's Lounge with special guests Reb Langham and Kevin Klehr from Twitter's #AusWrites, industry news, chats about a missing prime minister, the dangers of fake news, the complexities of traversing new digital realms and of course a quote or two! It's time to get comfortable...Intro - 00:00News - 16.15Reader's Cafe - 23.22Author Interview -40.00Interview Discussion - 1:32.30Writer's Lounge - 1.50.35Episode Wrap Up - 2:43.50Visit to learn more.
170:41 09/15/2022
Author Dime Sheppard
Episode 66 is here and with it some brand new segments! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss clickety keyboards, the possible cosmic river of archetypes that brings voice to the muse, chickens waiting for spaceships and aliens advertising on Youtube...Not only that, but Darren enjoys a stupendously fun interview with crime author Dime Sheppard who chats about her latest release Crime Writer, the door is opened for the first time to the Reader's Cafe, and author K.M. Allan joins the brand new Writer's Lounge for some relaxing banter! Grab a coffee or a sneaky wine, sit back and (we hope) enjoy the show...Intro - 00:00News - 13:35Reader's Cafe - 19:50Author Interview - 36:25Interview Discussion - 1:48:20Writer's Lounge - 2:07:55Episode Wrap Up - 2:31:05Visit to learn more.
160:27 09/04/2022
Author Holden Sheppard
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a filled to 'the brink' episode featuring a deep and motivating interview with astounding author Holden Sheppard, as well as discussions about pen licenses, how persistance and tenacity can walk beside you on even the most difficult paths, the fine line between a good or bad lamington, and the importance of facing painful truths and turning them into stunning jewels...Not only that but we have a wonderful book review by Naomi Shippen and a fascinating reading by author Lucy Christopher from her latest book Release, so settle back and hit play!Visit to learn more. 
138:20 08/28/2022
Author Nikky Lee
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a filled to the brim episode featuring discussions about the monster that just might lurk within us all, sharp eggs that can't be found in attics, book news, book reviews and a whole lot more...Not only that, but Veronica sits down with the astoundingly magical author Nikky Lee to discuss all the secret ingredients that make her books so special! And, as if that's not enough, Nikky was kind enough to record a reading from her latest book The Rarkyn's Familiar so sit back, relax, and be swept away to dark, emotion filled lands...Visit to discover more.
148:32 08/23/2022
Author Lucy Christopher
After a slight pause thanks to geographical relocation madness and insanity, episode 63 is here! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a jam packed edition featuring discussions about chasing brown snakes down wombat holes, the irony of agreeing to fight for a truth that can't be proven, the intricacies of delving into sympathetic elements of human monsters and why love is such a double edged sword. What makes this episode extra special though is a magical interview with best selling author Lucy Christopher, who shares with us the wonders of her literary and academic journey, chats about her latest book "Release", and introduces us to possibly the fastest dog in the world, Rocket...Visit to learn more.
125:48 08/13/2022
Author Marie Sulda
Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss the existential and philosophical implications of a mouldy coffee cup, and why writing a journal can sometimes soothe and repair the soul. We cover how grief can shape new visions in life and the wonders of taking the time to rest your brain. Not only that, but we have a stunningly insightful and heart warming interview with author Marie Sulda who shares the journey that formed her book 'Travel The Mind' - A Book of Magical Meditation Adventures for Children. Stay tuned at the conclusion of the episode for one of Marie's magical readings from her book and be transported to a place of peace, calm and happiness....Spotlights: The Helot's Tale Books 1 & 2 by David Cairns of Finavon + The Jade Book by Elizabeth KleinVisit to learn more.
121:21 07/08/2022
Author Jules Van Mil
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a jam packed episode 61 featuring discussions about sunbaking wombats, the power of fashion to help shape your reality, the wonders of cultural differences, how dangerous art can be and how parachute pants must never return.... Not only that, but Australian Book Lovers is proud to present an astronomically awesome author interview with the truly inspiring Jules Van Mil who discusses her upcoming book A Remarkable Woman as well as a whole lot more!Visit to learn more.
147:04 06/23/2022
Author Kanako Okiron
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a jam packed episode featuring discussions about the ups and downs of fame, why Australia needs a good lawyer when it comes to pavlovas, the brand new Short Stories addition to the Australian Book Lovers website and the fragility of your persona... Oh, and did we mention we have an absolute show stoppingly amazing interview with 15-year-old author Kanako Okiron, who chats with us about philosophy and fame, and shares the inside story of her new book? We do, and you can discover the magic by hitting play!Visit to learn more.
100:38 06/22/2022
Super Science Fiction Panel Special Part 1
Join host Veronica and extra special guests and amazing sci-fi authors E.J. Dawson and Laurie Bell for a super fantastic, star filled and light speed busting episode 59! Part one of our Sci Fi Panel special is sure to spark the engines of your warp drive imagination and leave you ready for some galactic adventures...Visit to learn more.
111:14 06/20/2022
Author Andrew Roff
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a giant episode 58 and delve into discussions about the original 58 sins of ancient Aztec cultures, the trials and tribulations of recording songs from radio onto cassette, the subtle promises that an author and reader share, industry news, book reviews, and a moment of research into how many golf balls are on the moon! Best of all, there's an awe inspiring interview with the wonderful Andrew Roff. He's currently celebrating the release of his oustanding anthology, 'The Teeth Of A Slow Machine'... How can you not want to hit play?Visit to learn more. 
137:18 06/10/2022
Author Ishmael A. Soledad
Episode 57 is here and it's full of cosmic rabbit holes...Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss the intricate relationship between buying a packet of chips and corruption, the paradox of a morality that will kill to maintain its peaceful philosophy, what aspects of humanity should be ventured into the stars and what it means to not have a brass razoo... oh, and a gobsmackingly thought provoking interview with prolific science fiction author Ishmael A. Soledad! So strap yourself in for some fascinating conversation, industry news, book reviews and a whole lot more...Visit to learn more.
130:19 05/31/2022
Author Callan J. Mulligan
Activate the artificial gravity, fire up the anti-gravity propulsion systems and join hosts Veronica and Darren for a star glazing episode 56! Discussions include the intracacies of spitting the dummy, how differently we might appreciate reality if it only lasted for another ten seconds, how it is that space travel becomes such an intimate reflection on who we are, and the three difficult levels of chucking a sickie...But best of all, we have an astronomical interview with best selling science fiction author Callan J. Mulligan! So strap in, ignite your imagination, and join us for an intestellar audio adventure...Visit to learn more.
135:04 05/24/2022
Author Kate Foster
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for episode 55 featuring industry and book news, discussions about the role books play as instruction manuals for little humans, what it means to take a screamer, why Darren will never have a spider as a pet, and a captivatingly awesome and important interview with fantastic author Kate Foster! Oh, and there might be a slight mention about AFL umpiring...Visit to learn more.
109:11 05/16/2022
Author Tanya Heaslip
Episode 54 is here and it's a big one! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for industry and book news, discussions about the intracacies of shared identity, why 54 was a fantastic year for a certain prime minister, the lessons life can teach us when we ditch the safety of the easy path and a super magnificent, globe trotting interview with astronomically awesome author Tanya Heaslip who shares the wonders that she has experienced on her journey from cattle farm to Europe and beyond...Visit to learn more.
151:46 05/09/2022
Author Jake O'Donnell
Episode 53 is here! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss the ability of Ugg Boots to bring pure happiness, archetypes made of cookie dough, what we can learn from life's pivotal moments and what a tiger and a shaking leg have in common, as well as industry news and book reviews! We also have a super fun interview with author Jake O'Donnell who shares with the listeners his thoughts on what it means to grow up in the 21st century...Visit to learn more.
117:26 05/03/2022
Author Michele Layet
Episode 52 is here and it's supersized! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they chat about magical discoveries to be found in your first job, the (rough) directions to Woop Woop, the effect people we meet can have on character building, and why mistakes are so vital when it comes to reaching the top of the mountain. And we have an awesomely electric and fascinating interview with author Michele Layet who welcomes our listeners to peek behind the curtains of the corporate giant that is McDonalds...Visit to learn more!
113:20 04/22/2022
Author Annette Janic
The Easter Bunny/Bilby is almost here and so is episode 51!!!Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they chat about the power of words to speak about what can't be spoken, the dangers of sticking your head in the back of an arcade machine, new book listings and industry news, as well as an important, emotional and thought provoking interview with author Annette Janic about her book War Child.Visit to learn more. 
95:21 04/14/2022
Author Steven Fine
Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss the importance of settings in literature, the different forms of energy that can be experienced in city streets and suburbs, time travelling legal advice and a super fun interview with author Steven Fine who joins us for this jam packed 50th episode!Visit to learn more.
105:11 04/08/2022
Authors for Mental Health with Kate Foster and Sandy Barker
There are moments in time when stars align and the world begins to become a special place...Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a super super special episode about Authors for Mental Health, a new source of energy that just might change the world and bring a new understanding to some of our secretly kept fears.... as well as the tools to identify the truth about who we are. Hit play, kick back and be inspired by authors Kate Foster and Sandy Barker in ways that defy traditional  adventures... #AuthorsForMentalHealth #ErasetheStigmaVisit to learn more. 
78:06 03/09/2022
Author Mary-Lou Stephens
Episode 48 is here and it's a huge one! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for some industry news, chats about vulnerability and its importance in literature, the dangers of a furry tummy, the honest and sometimes uncomfortable bridge between abuse and drug addiction, the power of books that can change your life, and a magical interview with the unbelievably awesome Mary-Lou Stephens... not to mention a heart pulsing read from Chapter Five of Kevin Klehr's Winter Masquerade!Visit to learn more.
123:40 03/04/2022
Author C.J. Timms
Roll the dice, level up and join hosts Veronica and Darren for a Lit RPG episode that features giant wombats, a deep dive into choose your own adventures, a call for Australian book lovers to decide on the magical scent of second hand or new books and an Aussie apocalyptic interview with C.J. Timms! Visit to learn more!
103:00 02/25/2022
Author Hazel Edwards and Producer Sarah Bacaller
Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a jam packed episode ready to inspire new books to be read and new novels to be written... In this episode we have a spectacular interview with the author of over 200 books Hazel Edwards who is joined with equally spectacular audio book producer and author Sarah Bacaller. Add in audio book reviews, chats about mosquito bites on the tips of your toes, industry news including information about the upcoming Writer's Week in Adelaide, and the amazing psychological benefits of snuggling up with a good book! Oh, and a mission to deep dive into choose your own adventures...Visit to learn more.
122:15 02/18/2022
Author Lisa Forsythe
Episode 45 is here and that means rediscovering our inner child... Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they delve into growing neurons and jazz, the possibility of bridging together two worlds, book news including the latest website listings as well as a surprise chat with Belinda M Grant about her upcoming Twitter event, #RomComMarch. And we have a truly wonderful interview with fabulous children's nonfiction author Lisa Forsythe!Visit to learn more.
101:42 02/12/2022
Author Susanne Gervay
Episode 44 is here and that means a superfantabulous interview with globally loved and respected author Susanne Gervay! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss potential numerology battles, the search for philosophical equality that is feminism, the power of literature to tackle the blight of bullying and the art of rock concert research... and a whole lot more.Visit to learn more!
132:56 01/29/2022
Author Mary Philippou
Episode 43 is here and we're bringing the inspiration to shake the foundations and pursue the dream of running your own business! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss winning the lottery and expensive thongs, the magic of business non-fiction's ability to let you ride on the shoulders of giants, how we can learn from remote paths trodden by others, and what has been truly proven to be important in our society...ABL is also extremely honoured to present an interview with business  and author superstar Mary Philippou who will absolutely inspire you to grab life with both hands, take the plunge and be all that you can be! Forget doom scrolling, 2022 is already magical thanks to the wisdom Mary brought to our show and the stunning passion she has for all of our amazing listeners...To learn more visit 
100:28 01/22/2022
Author Lachlan Walter
It's 2022, episode 42, so does that mean we've cracked the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Hmm... only one way to find out!Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a monster filled edition where discussions stomp through themes such as monsters as symbolic sirens to alert us to inner dangers, what can happen when you stare into the abyss, the quest to transform this new year into a mission of seeking the small joys in life. But best of all, there is an earth shaking interview with none other than Lachlan Walter whose qualifications make him the perfect guest to talk about monsters and Australian's relationship with the apocalypse!Visit to learn more.
126:22 01/15/2022
Super New Year's Eve Special
Pop the champagne, look to the future and celebrate a super exciting New Year's Eve with the Australian Book Lovers podcast! Join hosts Veronica, Darren, and a rat pack of some truly special Australian authors as they look back on a year that will echo throughout history. Listen as Kevin Klehr, Sandy Barker, Laurie Bell, Hayley Walsh and Maria P. Frino share their highlights and lessons from 2021 — and their hopes for 2022. Most importantly of all, there's a whole heap of literary love and laughter!!! So please, pour a drink, kick back, and be a part of our first ever end of year edition....Happy New Year to all of our wonderful book lovers, authors, and everyone who has supported our podcast and website in our first fabulous year.  :)Visit to learn more.
89:32 12/31/2021
Author Gavin Fisher
Life for our Australian Book Lovers podcast has only just begun thanks to reaching episode 40! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for information about the latest stunning books by Australian authors, discussions about what makes a great thriller, an action packed interview with author Gavin Fisher and why starting all over can be good for the soul....Visit to learn more!
76:44 12/21/2021
Special Christmas Edition
Here it is! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a warm and wonderful Christmas edition featuring interviews with incredible authors and readings from the anthology Christmas Australis - A Frighteningly Festive Anthology Of Spine Jingling Tales...If the festive season is anything, it's a celebration of dreams and goals, and we hope you can enjoy this edition of the Australian Book Lovers podcast as something special and a little inspiring as summer and magic begins...Visit to learn more.
155:26 12/07/2021