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All things ABT, start to finish. Host Dr. Randy Olson a decade ago formulated the ABT Narrative Template built around the three words And, But, Therefore. It is now the centerpiece of his books, “Houston, We Have A Narrative,” “Narrative is Everything,” and “The Narrative Gym.” In this weekly hour long post he will discuss observations, applications and implications of this powerful tool that is at the core of his narrative training program and effective communication of all forms.


ABT Time Episode 40 - The Story of Type One Diabetes: Activist Laura Pavlakovich Tells Us her Dobzhansky 43:36 06/19/2022
ABT Time Episode 39 - (former) King of the DHY, Zen Faulkes, talks about his new book, "Better Posters" 65:20 06/06/2022
ABT Time Episode 38 - ABT REUNION TIME: 8 participants from the first round (of 25) of the ABT Framework Course 55:15 05/04/2022
ABT Time Episode 37 - Eccentric, Passionate, Dedicated: A tribute to fish biologists and legendarily funny ichthyologist Karel Liem, with Julie Claussen and Dr. Dana Ono 60:54 04/13/2022
ABT Time Episode 36 - Environmental Laugh Riot: Recent Harvard grad Lincoln Sorscher shares the thesis of his senior thesis on the existence (or not) of “environmental comedy” (w/special guest Rod L 63:14 04/05/2022
ABT Time Episode 35 - The Four Horsemen of the ABT Apocalypse: SCIENCE (Randy Olson), BUSINESS(Park Howell), LAW (Doug Passon) and POLITICS (Dave Gold) 75:26 03/29/2022
ABT Time Episode 34 - “Arouse and Fulfill”: Dr. Tom Hollihan, USC Annenberg School of Communication, 24 years after his iconic sound bite 49:35 03/18/2022
ABT Time Episode 33 - Spotting Stories with our UK buddies, Sarah Jane and David Pullan of Story Spotters 61:12 02/21/2022
ABT Time Episode 32 - Optimism Matters: Dr. Nancy Knowlton, originator of #OceanOptimism, #EarthOptimism and veteran ABT instructor talks relentless optimism with us 62:02 01/31/2022
ABT Time Episode 31 - Adventures in Wrongness: David H. Freedman, Science Journalist (The Atlantic, Newsweek) and author of “Wrong,” Discusses our False Positive Society 61:47 01/20/2022
ABT Time Episode 30 - Our New Book: “The Narrative Gym for Law,” discussion with coauthor and defense lawyer, Doug Passon 55:48 12/21/2021
ABT Time Episode 29 - South African Conservation Writer Adam Welz Tells how Wildlife Conservation and Climate Action are on a Collision Course 63:33 12/07/2021
ABT Time Episode 28 - UNCLENCHABLES 3: We Out-Smart Artificial Intelligence (kind of) 54:46 11/15/2021
ABT Time Episode 27 - 180 Miles Out of Stonington: Maine Lobster Fisherman/Storyteller Brian Robbins 121:38 10/31/2021
ABT Time Episode 26 - Dr. Shirley Malcom, Legendary Voice for Equity, Inclusion, Diversity in Science 61:19 10/18/2021
ABT Time Episode 25 - Veridicality: Cognitive psychologist Maryanne Garry tells the truth about false memories 63:45 10/11/2021
ABT Time Episode 24 - Pulitzer Prize-nominated Investigative/Environmental Writer Mark Dowie talks about “Losing Ground” and “The Haida Gwai Lesson” 70:00 10/04/2021
ABT Time Episode 23 - Dos Actores Latinos: Veteran Actors (and ABT fans) Julie Carmen & Jose Angel Santana 69:28 09/30/2021
ABT Time Episode 22 - World Climate Role Play: Dr. John Sterman & his Climate Interactive Event (plus The Fool) 87:31 09/17/2021
ABT Time Ep 21 - UNCLENCHABLES 2: KYSS - Keep Yer Slogan Simple, plus Machinist John Small 60:32 09/09/2021
ABT Time Episode 20 - CONFRONTING “DANGEROUS STUPIDITIES”: Historian (Dr. Patty Limerick) meets Historical Ecologist (Dr. Jeremy Jackson) for an Epic Discussion 90:19 09/02/2021
ABT Time Episode 19 - RAISING LIONS: Child Behaviorist and Story Circles Graduate Joe Newman 62:15 08/25/2021
ABT Time Episode 18 - The Makers of “WHITE RHINO” Surf Documentary: Brent Storm, director, and producers Julie Romaniuk, Brian Bielmann and Randy Olson 69:27 08/20/2021
ABT Time Episode 17 - Adventures in Visual Expression: Legendary film professor Bruce Block of USC School of Cinema Arts joined by Hollywood Directors Jason Ensler and Greg Tillman 87:37 08/10/2021
ABT Time Episode 16 - Getting Down to Business: Park Howell, host of “The Business of Story” podcast, and I discuss our new book, “The Narrative Gym for Business.” 47:16 08/05/2021
ABT Time Episode 15 - Silo Busting with “The Janis Joplin of History” (Dr. Patty Limerick) 60:43 07/28/2021
ABT Time Episode 14 - The Unclenchables: Three Aussie Science Communicators Unclench with a Yank 63:08 07/22/2021
ABT Time Episode 13 - The ABT Variety Show, Roundup #1 75:37 07/15/2021
ABT Time Episode 12 - Fun with Coral Reefs, starring Dr. Peter Sale and his new book, “Coral Reefs” with guest appearance from Dr. Bob Steneck 60:48 07/06/2021
ABT Time Episode 11 - The Narrative Blitz Redux ANALYSIS: Part 2 (Blocks 3 & 4) 90:05 07/01/2021