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Show Me the Proof, Get to the Point

At Proofpoint, we like to say the “Proof is in the Pudding.” And while we’re still figuring out how to serve everyone some of our sweet, sweet digital marketing pudding, this is the next best thing! Hear from leading B2B marketing experts, entrepreneurs and practitioners, as your hosts and Proofpoint Co-Founders, Gaby and Mike, uncover the winning strategies, tactics and processes implemented for marketing success across various industries. This podcast will provide you tons of actionable insights. Through targeted and pointed conversations with our amazing guests, we’ll show you the proof, and they’ll get the point, so you can up your B2B marketing game, while learning from some of the best. Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode!


Ep. 20 Steve Watt - Real Business Outcomes from Social Selling 84:30 12/29/2021
Ep. 19 Jonathan Morgan - Demand Capture vs. Demand Creation 77:49 12/13/2021
Ep. 18 Camille Trent - Driving High Intent Leads With Repurposed Webinar Content 66:05 11/03/2021
Ep. 17 Angela Labrozzi - Building a Channel Partner Program 53:16 10/20/2021
Ep. 16 Alex Low- $5 Million in Pipeline From Social Selling 52:32 09/29/2021
Ep. 15 Tim Bornholdt - The Power of Podcasting for Building your Brand 53:49 09/22/2021
Ep. 14 Ben Reese - Using Webinars as Your Content Engine 76:43 09/08/2021
Ep. 13 Bryan Urioste - The Proof is in Maximizing Your Sales Team 42:37 08/26/2021
Ep. 12 Steve Lamar - The Proof is in the Tweeting 38:19 08/18/2021
Ep. 11 Garrio Harrison - The Proof is in Pinpointing the Data 77:12 08/11/2021
Ep. 10 Jaclyn Mullen - The Proof is in Optimizing Email Sequences 51:02 07/28/2021
Ep. 9 Udi Ledergor - The Proof is in Thinking Outside the Box 50:25 07/21/2021
Ep. 8 John Rougeux - The Proof is in Designing a New Category 55:03 07/14/2021
Ep. 7 James Ricks - The Proof is in Creating a Category 64:56 06/30/2021
Ep. 6 Johnas Street - The Proof is in the Social Media Strategy 38:30 06/24/2021
Ep. 5 Tim Brown - The Proof is in the Referral Partnership 35:20 06/16/2021
Ep. 4: Andrei Zinkevich - The Proof is in the Systemized Approach 58:24 06/09/2021
Ep. 3 Jason Bradwell - The Proof is in the Podcasting Relationships 50:42 06/02/2021
Ep. 2 Moira van den Akker - The Proof is in the ABM Pilot 37:35 05/26/2021
Ep. 1 Brooklin Nash - The Proof is in the Content Audit 32:40 05/19/2021
Welcome to Show Me The Proof, Get To The Point! 01:55 04/22/2021