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New Contact Artistic Director Keisha Thompson 30:02 04/04/2022
Les Enfants' Chicken Legs comes to roost at HOME 33:28 03/28/2022
Cameron's sold-out play For Black Boys transfers to Royal Court 32:21 03/21/2022
Pilot brings Australian refugee story to UK 26:07 02/02/2022
Vikki Stone: panto for the 2020s in Hammersmith 38:40 12/04/2021
Nathaniel Parker returns as Henry VIII in RSC's Mantel trilogy 36:35 10/08/2021
Ravenhill and Price jointly take over London's oldest pub theatre 35:56 08/25/2021
Restarting the Edinburgh Festivals: Guy Masterson on his 27th Fringe 20:18 08/19/2021
Brighton Fringe returns both online and in live venues 28:06 04/23/2021
Comedian Kevin Day joins appeal for support and recognition for the live events industry 43:12 03/30/2021
Staged star hears out leading theatre actors performing favourite speeches 47:55 03/23/2021
UK Theatres at Risk in 2021 46:36 02/18/2021
An adventurous 70th anniversary season at Pitlochry after a challenging 2020 29:31 02/12/2021
Talawa tells verbatim tales from black frontline workers 24:58 12/11/2020
Peter Polycarpou takes online audiences back to the music of the Roaring Twenties 31:58 11/21/2020
Pursued by a Bear takes Nothing on Earth online 43:45 09/28/2020
Theatre in a time of Pandemic 55:09 09/04/2020
Kneehigh strikes out with post-lockdown plans in 40th anniversary year 39:03 08/28/2020
Told by an Idiot invites families to Get Happy at Greenwich+Docklands 38:22 08/21/2020
New Tara Arts Artistic Director Abdul Shayek 32:47 08/14/2020
Godspell 50th anniversary concert streaming worldwide 27:02 07/29/2020
Beats & Elements brings working class voices and beatboxing to online theatre 35:19 06/26/2020
New Perspectives presents all-star recordings of David Rudkin pieces 16:54 06/21/2020
All-star cast broadcasts to the world from Huddersfield 51:56 05/01/2020
Slung Low streams civil war from Leeds 22:41 04/24/2020
HOME brings Homemakers into your homes 20:05 03/27/2020
Long John Silver sets sail for Derby Theatre for Easter 20:24 03/14/2020
Dickens ascends Ramps on the Moon in Leeds and on tour 24:24 02/28/2020
Crossing the Atlantic: NYT theatre critic Ben Brantley on theatre in New York and London 29:16 02/21/2020
Sansom brings Barrie's Quality Street to the home of the chocolates, then on tour 25:51 02/12/2020