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The pool podcast hosted by Pool Magazine discusses various topics and events going on in the Swimming Pool Industry. We interview some of the largest Pool Builders, Pool Service Companies, Pool Manufacturers and other thought leaders working in the world of pools & spas today. Follow one of the leading news sources in the pool industry on Why follow our Pool Podcast? Pool Magazine offers a different spin than the typical fare found in most industry trade publications. We're all about what is new and currently happening in the pool world. The strength of our digital publication allows us to focus on up to the minute news and events as they pertain to the pool industry. We're reporting news pool industry professionals want to know about. Running a company and want your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the pool industry? Subscribe to our podcast and our digital publication.


Pool Magazine - One on One With Sai Reddy of CamerEye - Voted Best Pool Alarm of The Year 23:11 05/02/2022
Pool Magazine - The Next Generation of Rising Stars in San Antonio - Element Pool Company 20:18 04/25/2022
Pool Magazine - One on One With Anthony & Sylvan's New CEO Bonnie Chong 16:58 04/25/2022
Pool Magazine - Pool & Outdoor Living Environments With Jason Brownlee & Chad Christenson 43:54 04/22/2022
Pool Magazine - Head to Head With Mosaicist - Ray Corral - Creating Optical Illusions in The Pool 37:47 04/20/2022
Pool Magazine With Ledge Lounger Founder & CEO Christopher Anderson 29:30 03/24/2022
Pool Magazine - Form Smart Swim Goggles - One on One With Dan Eisenhardt CEO 25:43 02/25/2022
Pool Magazine - A Look At The Upcoming Mote Marine Aquarium Project 24:31 02/25/2022
Pool Magazine - One on One With Luxury Pool Designer Ryan Hughes at the International Pool & Spa Expo 28:06 02/23/2022
Pool Magazine - Head to Head With Joe Vassallo of Paragon Pools 36:05 02/02/2022
Pool Magazine - Discussing TheMagic5 Swim Goggles With Co-Founder Rasmus Barfred 24:12 02/01/2022
Pool Magazine - Cajun Comfort Redefined - One on One With Brandon Miller 24:07 01/14/2022
Pool Magazine - Discussing Pool Scouts Franchise Growth With President Michael Wagner 15:33 01/12/2022
Pool Magazine - Becoming a Pool Builder - A Freshman Pool Companies Perspective 14:14 01/12/2022
Pool Magazine - Discussing Rebound Pool Surfaces - Steve Walsh / Lance Johnson 15:30 01/10/2022
Pool Magazine - Building Pools in New York City - Bob Blanda - Mill Bergen Pools 39:46 01/10/2022
Pool Magazine - Discussing Form Smart Swim Goggles With CEO Dan Eisenhardt 25:54 01/08/2022
Pool Magazine - Discussing Virtual Pool Inspections With Anthony Perera, Founder of 16:14 01/07/2022
Pool Magazine - Discussing Virtual CPO Classes With Lauren Broom of Space Coast Pool School 42:01 12/18/2021
Pool Magazine - Discussing Preventing Glass Tile Failures With Danilo Bonazza and Curt Rapp 20:54 12/06/2021
Pool Magazine - Pool Podcasts With Rising Stars in The Industry - Chris Bowen of Bowen Pools 23:46 10/08/2021
Pool Magazine - Pool Podcasts With The Industry Elite - Lee Russell of Russell Pool Company 46:26 10/02/2021
Pool Magazine - Pool Podcasts With The Industry Elite - Chuck Baumann of Creative Environments 33:46 10/02/2021
Pool Magazine - Talking With Reid Schindler - Elite Pool Designer & Co-Founder of The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge 26:57 09/17/2021
Pool Magazine - Natural Pools / Debating the Pros & Cons with Allen Schnaak of BioNova and Rudy Stankowitz 51:10 09/02/2021
Pool Magazine - One on One With Pool Tile Expert Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile 18:42 08/16/2021
Pool Magazine - Discussing Sky Pool With The Manufacturers Reynolds Polymer 18:06 07/22/2021
Pool Magazine - Discussions With Watershape University Instructor & Ask The Masters Co-Host Rick Chafey 38:29 07/13/2021
Pool Magazine - Discussing The Champlain Towers Incident With Waterproofing Expert Vito Mariano 26:43 07/02/2021
Pool Magazine - Discussing Custom Luxury Pools With Lance Irby of Premier Pools & Spas 26:22 06/17/2021