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Don't Make It Weird

Two amateur authors and amateur humans—Daniel and Dina—discuss all things writing and books, and re-tell chaotic life adventures from cults to exes that think they’re horses. We’ve got you covered in this comedic and sarcastic, life-centered podcast. Follow us as we fail to not make it weird.


The One With Emily Hoffmann 84:58 01/10/2022
The One With Shannon Bright 98:04 01/03/2022
The One With Kahner C. Calloway (Christmas Special) 85:50 12/27/2021
The One With The Quarantine Book Club (Live Christmas Show!) 160:59 12/20/2021
The One Where Anthony Gives The Best Hugs 78:08 12/13/2021
The One With Frosted Tips (The One With Alexander James) 104:21 12/06/2021
The One Where Dina Gets Jewified (Hanukkah Special) 70:09 11/29/2021
The Return Of Peter-Shaun Tyrell: The Thalkining 88:58 11/22/2021
The One Where Dina Escapes A Cult 107:12 11/15/2021
The One Where We Still Have Issues 131:12 11/08/2021
The One Where Jess Gives Us Wood (Halloween Special) 70:48 10/31/2021
The One With Rae Kennedy 86:07 10/25/2021
The One Where It Is Daniel's Birthday. 72:33 10/18/2021
The One With Sam Odiorne 81:40 10/11/2021
The One With The Pepper Cocaine 62:08 10/04/2021
The One With Dina's Birthday Spectacular! 60:00 09/27/2021
The One With Jonathan D. Clark 75:49 09/20/2021
The One With The Nose Boop 80:01 09/13/2021
The One With John Ortega 82:31 09/06/2021
Chimera: An Anthology LIVE Author Party feat. Lost Boys Press and Contributing Authors 79:41 09/01/2021
The One Where Dina Destroys Daniel 69:58 08/28/2021
The One With Zev Good 83:15 08/22/2021
The One With The Oreo-gasm 64:33 08/16/2021
The One With Cowboys And Poop Jokes 81:31 08/09/2021
The One Where Dina's A Psychic 72:22 08/02/2021
The One With Ashley Hutchison 85:52 07/26/2021
The One With Thomas Anthony Lay 81:44 07/19/2021
The One Where We Roast Raine 69:47 07/12/2021
The One With Zoe 80:37 07/05/2021
The One With All The Surprises 65:19 06/28/2021