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If you’ve been looking for comprehensive Bible school curriculum that explores redemptive realities in Jesus Christ, grounded in the Word of God- look no further. The goal of this podcast is to spread the life transforming Word of God throughout the world: for the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry, and to build up the Body of Christ in what Jesus has accomplished for us through His death, burial, resurrection and seating at the right hand of God the Father. There's such an untapped potential for Christians to enter into their glorious inheritance in Jesus Christ. Together we will discover what Jesus had done for us by providing such a great salvation and how to appropriate the promises of God in our lives. Jesus said in John 8:31-32, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." So let’s explore these Biblical truths and principles together that will absolutely transform our lives. Each podcast season will cover one of the books that I have compiled over the years, you can find a complete listing of my Christian education material on my web site at You’re welcome to down load these e-books for free in PDF format for your own personal or ministry use- God bless!


Authority of the Believer: In the Beginning
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- The Authority of the Believer! In this first episode we will be laying a foundation, by examining the origins of the authority that God had given to mankind from the beginning. 1. The Origin of MankindMankind was created in the image of God; the first man Adam was created as a physically mature adult. We did not evolve from comic goo. Nor are we an accident of nature, but were originally created as the crowning jewel of God’s re-creation of the earth- Acts 17:26. 2. Human Beings Consists of Three PartsWe are not just a physical body; we are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body- 1 Th. 5:23. With our spirit we contact the spirit realm; conscience is the voice of the human spirit. With our soul (mind, will and emotions) we contact the intellectual realm; reason is the voice of our soul. Finally with our physical body (5 physical senses) we make contact with the material world; feelings is the voice of the body. We are three dimensional beings.  3. God Gave Mankind DominionYet as soon as He finished restoring the earth to a habitable state, He turned it over to Adam on a lease, to be a steward and caretaker of it- Genesis 1:26-28. God created us for His glory (Isaiah 43:7) to have a relationship with Him- what an amazing honor! As a result, God made us a little lower than Himself (Psalm 8:3-9), “You made mankind a little lower than God (Hebrew word “elohiym”- for God).” The most High God made humanity the “gods” of this earth- Psalms 82:6; John 10:34-35. 4. The Probation of MankindIn Genesis 2:15, concerning the Garden of Eden, God told Adam to “take care of it or to keep it.” Obviously that implied to guard and protect it from intruders. This is the first reference to man’s adversary- the devil. Why put that tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden in the first place anyway? To have an opportunity to make a choice.  5. The Fall of MankindJust as Satan enticed 1/3 of the angels to rebel, here he is tempting Adam and Eve. The goal, was to usurp Adam’s God given authority by enticing them to commit high treason. If Satan could get Adam and Eve to obey his words and do what he says, they would then become his slave and Satan would gain Adam’s dominion by forfeit- Romans 6:16. 6. The Origin of SatanThere was an Arch-Angel at one time named Lucifer- an Arch-Angel is a high ranking angel. Isaiah 14:12-17 (KJV), “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!” Before Adam and Eve were created, which we call the Pre-Adamite age, spanning millions of years- the time before Genesis 1:2. Lucifer had authority given to him upon this earth, a throne over the nations of that time- Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-19.  7. The Kingdom of DarknessThe Lord does not want us ignorant, unaware or afraid of Satan’s devices- 2 Cor. 2:11. Being informed and equipped keeps us from being taken advantage of. Satan prefers anonymity, if people think he does not exist- no one will oppose him. It is vital that we understand that Satan incarnates all that is evil and wicked in this world.  8. Trials, Tests & TemptationsIt is critical for the believer to know the source of Good and Evil. Jesus made it plain in John 10:10; Good God vs Bad devil, simple theology- please don’t mix this up. A person can have 10 miles of trials and not grow an inch unless they stand on God’s Word in the midst of those trials, otherwise they become another victim or statistic. Let’s not get ripped off in life by the lies of the enemy (religious traditions), know your enemy and defeat him with the Word of God in Jesus’ Nam Support the show
135:08 4/26/21
Authority of the Believer: Our Glorious Redemption
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- The Authority of the Believer! Any authority is only as good as the power that backs it up. In this second episode we will explore the fundamentals of what backs our authority in Jesus Christ. What Jesus accomplished through His death, burial, resurrection paid the price for our glorious redemption from sin and death. Jesus is now seated at the right hand of God the Father, victorious and triumphant over the kingdom of darkness.  1. Blood CovenantWe need to briefly lay a foundation concerning blood covenant. The basis by which God and the ancient civilizations entered into agreement with one another. I am absolutely convinced that the subject of blood covenant is one of the most important and misunderstood subjects in the Bible. When the child of God fully grasps in his/her spirit the ramifications of these powerful truths, all things truly become possible to them who believe as Jesus said in Mark 9:23. 2. Authority Given to Human Beings on this EarthRemember back in Genesis, it was to mankind that God had given dominion to rule over His creation. In order for God or the devil to exert influence upon the earth, it must be done through people.  3. Death, Burial & ResurrectionWhat Jesus did in His death, burial and resurrection was the fulfillment of this Promise of deliverance, freedom, restoration and reconciliation for mankind in Genesis 3:15. To fully appreciate and operate in the authority that we have in Christ Jesus, we must first have a firm foundation and understand the glorious redemption that was bought and paid for on our behalf by Jesus. The subject of redemption covers what we have been redeemed from and what we have been redeemed to.  4. Seated Together with Jesus at the Right Hand of the FatherWe were raised together with Christ. He was raised up by the glory of the Father, when He had satisfied the claims of Justice for our sins, and had met our great enemy Satan and his army in the dark regions of hell and conquered them. He then was made alive in His spirit as the firstborn from among the dead. 5. Baptized Into the Name of JesusThe Greek the word “Baptism” means to “Submerge, immerse; to make overwhelmed, fully wet.” We will cover four different kinds of baptisms, but will go into greater detail on the first baptism that Christians undertake- being baptized into Jesus Christ. 6. The Court Room of HeavenI’m confident that this segment will really open our eyes to the intricacies and dynamics concerning the court room in heaven. Scripture not only points to a future judgment for all people, but we must realize that there is a spiritual court in session 24/7 today. What we do and say can and will be used for us or against us in this court of law.  Support the show
132:09 5/1/21
Authority of the Believer: The Name of Jesus
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- The Authority of the Believer! In this third episode we will be diving right into the power and use of the Name of Jesus. Acts 4:12, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” The Christian experience begins with calling on the person of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The reality of the power in the Name of Jesus continues to resonate throughout this life and for all eternity. 1. Mankind and MiraclesWhen reason takes the place of the miraculous, Christianity loses its vitality, fascination and fruitfulness. Christianity is not a religion, it is the very life of God in human beings. The religion of humanism and secularism leaves people empty, confused and hungry for God. The answer to the universal cravings of mankind for the supernatural is found only in the Lord. Specifically, found in the new birth, being baptized with the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus. We crave the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 2. How Jesus obtained a more excellent NameI need to point out that names in the Bible are really significant because they are titles of authority that point to a particular office and represent great achievements or victories- they serve a function. A person’s name represents a person, names have meanings. They shed light as to their character and destiny. When we learn about the Name of Jesus we will come to understand the person of Jesus. 3. The Name of Jesus- what is behind it!If one is planning to use the Name of Jesus in prayer, praise and power evangelism, one needs to know the power invested in that Name which God esteems above every other name. The Name of Jesus is just as wonderful as Jesus, all His conquests, power and victories are in the Name of Jesus and the Name of Jesus belongs to us, to use in every area of life today! 4. The Great CommissionThis concept, “The Power of Attorney” is foundational in understanding the authority of the Believer. Jesus gave us the power of attorney, the legal right to use His Name. Value of the Name of Jesus is based on how much power is backing the Name that it represents. So how much power and authority does Jesus have? We will explore that question in depth together. 5. The Unqualified Use of the Name of JesusAuthority is delegated power. God Himself is the power behind the authority that was given unto us through the Name of Jesus. Believers that are thoroughly convinced of the divine power that is behind them and of their own authority that has been delegated to them and exercises it, can face the enemy without fear or hesitancy. 6. The Place of Faith in the Use of the NameMost Christians believe the Name of Jesus belongs to them, but having faith in the Name is not the same. That is why we are not performing the same miracles they had in the early church, because our faith in the Name is not the same. Does not matter what we feel, our strength comes from the Lord and the power of His might- let's get that revelation into our spirit. 7. The Use of the NameIt would behoove us to see in the Scriptures how the Name of Jesus was used as it pertains to the plan of salvation and its relation to the believer in his/her Christian life. Christianity would have a whole new element about it if we taught the people according to the Word what it meant to believe ON the Name as a sinner and then to believe IN the Name as a believer.  Support the show
204:56 5/8/21
Authority of the Believer: Spiritual Warfare
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- The Authority of the Believer! I trust that you’ve been enjoying this series. As we continue our journey through this vital subject, I can’t stress enough how vital it is for all Christians to obtain a solid grasp of these Biblical revelations in our spirits. In this episode we will go into the particulars of spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry and the operation of demons.  As always, God's Word is our source of truth- Acts 17:11. 1. The Mandate Continues- Setting the Captives freeGod never intended that there should ever be any change in the methods of ministry down through the ages. Only as nations developed, should these methods be broadened, but the miraculous element enfolded in the Name of Jesus should be the means of opening closed doors to the Church everywhere; the sick should be healed; the power of Satan broken over lives and captives set free. 2. The Name of Jesus- Still ControversialJesus knew the place His Name would hold among humanity. People would love it enough to die for it; others would hate it enough to commit murder on account of it. This Name that makes demons tremble and saints rejoice. It’s no wonder that sinners use that Name in vain when they curse God.  3. Enforcing Satan’s DefeatHave you ever noticed how throughout the ministry of Jesus that He had regularly encountered the devil and evil spirits and put them in their place- casting them out of the lives and bodies of people! There are two extremes today- no devil or a devil behind every tree. The reality is that the Bible has a lot to say about demons, their habits, influence and power over people. 4. Our Place of Authority in CombatDoes the Church have authority that she has not recognized- yes, we have not even gotten into the edge of it. However, when Jesus returns, there will be a host of believers who will have raised up to this place. We as the Church have been given the authority that Jesus had obtained through conquest. His intent is that we exercise it on the earth today as His Body. 5. Another look at the TrichotomyWe are a three-fold being known as a Trichotomy- spirit, soul and body. I am a spirit being, I have a soul and I live in a body. Our development should encompass all three dimensions. To train only the physical is to make an athlete. To train only the mental is to make an intellectual academic. To train only the spiritual is to make a fanatic. God’s plan is for the development and training of the whole person. 6. What we need to know about demonsThe theological subject of “demonology” is more relevant today in a western culture that ignores or denies the existence of the spirit realm. Satan prefers anonymity in order to afflict humanity without taking the blame. We will explore some basic concepts of how the demonic seek to influence people.  Support the show
163:19 5/15/21
Authority of the Believer: Deliverance Ministry Mechanics
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- The Authority of the Believer! This will be our last episode for this season. Our Christian experience is grounded in the Word of God, so when it comes to the practical application of deliverance ministry- the Bible is our textbook. The Scriptures are full of teaching and examples of what deliverance ministry should look for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  1. Is the Devil or just the FleshWhen I talk about the “Flesh” I am talking about the old sinful human nature that is still left in the bodies of every Christian alive on the earth today. This means, that believers is Jesus Christ are very capable of committing sin. We are perfect now through righteousness in our born again spiritual natures, just not perfectly walking it out in our daily lives. Some things that folks attribute to the devil are really nothing more than works of the flesh. Most of the time Christians just need to learn how to bring their flesh under the dominion of their recreated spirit- that's called sanctification. 2. The difference between Oppression, Obsession and Possession To really understand how demons affect people, it’s also important to understand the difference between oppression, obsession, and possession. Many people use these terms interchangeably when they are actually referring to three separate degrees of demonic influence. The primary way Satan tries to gain access to people is through their mind and body. However, the enemy cannot possess a Christian in their spirit- Holy Spirit is already there! 3. Spiritual Warfare: Are we Wrestling or Resting Spiritual warfare and demonology are subjects some Christians are overemphasizing today in a way that is not in line with the Word of God. Many believers become fearful if we talk about the devil, demons, and evil spirits and their activities. The other extreme is when people seem to think it would be better not to even mention the devil or evil spirits. We need to know our enemy. The Bible says we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices and schemes. One of Satan’s devices is to get people off into the extreme, even in the area of spiritual warfare. 4. Pulling down Strongholds Evil spirits like to remain in the locality where they have established strongholds. The Bible gives us an example of this in Mark chapter 5 when Jesus delivered the madman of Gadara. When traveling, it can be easy to discern what kinds of spirits are in a given locality. The evil spirits that dominate a city will try to get into the local churches, if allowed to; the church of Corinth in the Bible is a good example- 1 Cor. 5. 5. Praying ScripturallyHow can we pray so that our prayers will affect change in our cities/nations? Only the Word of God will prevail over every circumstance, demon or force of evil. A revivalist once said, “It is no more supernatural for believers to have a revival than it is for farmers to reap a crop.” The same principles for sowing/reaping a crop apply to both the natural & spiritual realms. We prepare the ground of people’s hearts through scriptural prayer. The Word has to be sown in people’s hearts through the preaching/teaching of the Word. The Word and Prayer working together results in signs and wonders – revival in the land! 6. Is Deliverance Ministry Scriptural?If you are a Christian, healing and deliverance belongs to you. The word “deliverance” doesn’t just mean deliverance from demons- there’s a greater application. We’re talking about freedom from anything that would try to bind us is part of our redemptive rights in Christ. The greatest form of deliverance ministry is getting the Word of God into folks so Support the show
188:59 5/20/21
Healing is the Children's Bread: God's Compassion in Action
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! The subject of divine healing is significant in the Scriptures and is woven throughout the entire Bible as part of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. In this season we’ll take a comprehensive look concerning God’s will concerning healing. I’m convinced that the essence of divine healing is found in God’s love and His compassion in action for suffering humanity; as a result of the curse of sin and death in the world. I named this series “Healing is the Children’s Bread” because the Word of God plainly makes it a major staple for the believers to receive, enjoy and share with others. In Acts 5:20 the angel told Peter who was delivered from jail, “…tell the people the full message of this new life.” 1. Healing BreadBread in ancient times has been the symbol of life and nourishment for our bodies. It always has been regarded as something wholesome and good; representing the basic necessity of life. Is it no wonder that God makes a divine connection between natural bread and the Word of God? As Jesus said in John 6:63, “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” As natural bread sustains physical life, Jesus Christ, the Word of God sustains us on all three dimensions of our being- spirit, soul and body. “For in him we live and move and have our being,” Acts 17:28. 2. Who has Believed the Report?Isaiah 53:1, “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”My encouragement to you as you read this material is to be open in your thinking. There may be some unbiblical traditions and mentalities that will be challenged along the way, please don’t turn me off. Of course you are not obligated to accept anything in this material if you can’t see it plainly in the Word of God and bears witness with your spirit- Acts 17:11. However, if you begin to see things in the Word of God that may be a little different from what you have been accustomed to, we need to stay with the truth of God’s Word and not what we thought the Bible said, or what another person said they thought the Bible said. I don’t know about you, but if I am wrong in my thinking, I want to know about it and change so I can receive God’s blessing in my life. 3. God at WorkJesus had been healing on the Sabbath, which was a favorite thing for Him to do, and the religious leaders where upset with Him; for in their religious interpretations, Jesus was breaking the Sabbath day. In response Jesus said to them in John 5:17, “My Father is always at work to this very day, and I too, am working.” Jesus was emphatically stating that getting people healed, like getting people saved from sin, is considered the work of God- Healing people is God’s business! We see the same thing in Acts 10:38, “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with Him.” Thankfully, neither God the Father nor the Lord Jesus Christ has changed as they continue to work through believers, healing people today as part of the Great Commission- Mark 16:15-20.  Support the show
73:25 5/24/21
Healing is the Children's Bread: Under the Old Covenant
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! In this episode we will be examining how God’s provision for healing worked under the Old Covenant; which served as a type and shadow for better things to come under the New Covenant. Someone will ask, “What does healing under the Old Covenant that have to do with us today? That was back then and applied to Israel.” God is the same God now as He was then. The Bible says He does not change according to Malachi 3:6. God was against sin in the Old Testament and He is against sin in the New Testament. He was against sickness in the Old Testament, and He is against sickness in the New Testament. He made provision for healing in the Old Testament, and He made provision for healing in the New Testament. 1. God’s Healing Provision for IsraelGod always has been opposed to sickness, not in favor of it. Even in the Old Testament, He always made provision for His covenant people to be healed. If sickness was His will, He wouldn’t have made that provision. When Israel crossed the Red Sea and started toward their homeland, the Lord said: In Exodus 15:26, the Lord declares Himself to be “I am the Lord that heals you.” As long as Israel walked in the Covenant, there was no sickness among them. There is no record of a premature death- no babies, young people, or middle-aged people dying. With sickness taken away from among them, the children of Israel lived out their lives without disease- they just fell asleep at a ripe old age, full of years. When the time came for them to go, they would lay hands on their children and pronounce blessings upon them. Then they would gather their feet up into bed and their spirit would simply leave their body. This experience is referred to as the “Death of the Righteous,” no wasting disease eating away at them, no Alzheimer’s or mental debilitation. This is God’s best for His people. 2. God’s Covenant NamesThe great poet William Shakespeare once posed this question: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell sweet.” Our modern society places little significance on the meaning of a name. Parents usually name their children after beloved relatives or well-known persons. Sometimes they pick a child’s name merely because it “sounds good.” But seldom would they give thought to the meaning of a name. Yet names do mean something. Ideally, they correspond directly to the one designated by the name. This is certainly true of God. The Bible refers to God by many different names, and each one reveals some aspect of God’s character or His relationship with us. The translators who gave us the King James Version and other English versions of the Bible simply translate His name as “God” or “Lord”; but significantly, several Greek or Hebrew names are used in the original manuscripts. If we want to become a serious student of the Word of God, we should be familiar with those Greek and Hebrew names because they contain a wealth of truth about the wonderful God we serve.  Support the show
39:48 5/28/21
Healing is the Children's Bread: Healing and the Atonement
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! Most if not all Christians know that Jesus bore their sins on the cross. And because He did that, they know that forgiveness of sins has been purchased for them with His blood. But not many Christians know that Jesus also bore their sicknesses on the cross and purchased healing for them with His blood. In other words, they do not know that healing is in the atonement or redemptive work of Christ. They do not know that Christ has actually redeemed them from sickness. Why is this point so important? For one important reason, redemptive equivalency. Most Christians have tremendous faith in the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus because it is taught so much in local churches- that is a good thing of course. Since the Bible puts healing on the same redemptive ground as forgiveness of sins, folks can also direct the same faith and confidence in receiving healing (1 Peter 2:24) as they do the forgiveness of sins (1 John 1:9). 1. The Right SacrificeThe account of Cain and Abel is very significant because it points out a very important principle in regards to the means by which fallen man can be reconciled back to God. In other words, how do we deal with the sin problem, in order for our relationship with God to be restored? This fact has tremendous application to healing. As the story goes, Cain put his trust in his own labor as an offering to be acceptable to God, but it was rejected. Cain is a type and shadow for religion today, mankind’s manufactured effort to come to God on their own terms. Abel on the other hand was a man of faith who obeyed God’s instructions to offer a sacrifice of blood. 2. A Sure FoundationThe foundation for believing in divine healing and health is the cross of Jesus- His perfect, finished work. There is no other foundation. We cannot say that we believe in divine healing because we saw or know of someone who was miraculously healed by God. Why? Because when we see or know of someone who was not healed after prayer, our faith will be shaken. So we must see healing provided for us in the atonement of Christ. We must see it in His redemptive work and Word. That is our sure and firm foundation. 3. Jesus our SubstituteJesus took our place so that we could take His place. He traded places with us, so to speak. He became our divine substitute or scapegoat. As the old hymn goes, “He paid a debt He did not owe, I owed a debt I could not pay, I needed someone to wash my sins away.” For example, Jesus took our sins so that we can take His righteousness. He was forsaken by God so that God will never leave us nor forsake us. He became poor so that we can be made rich, lacking in nothing. He wore the crown of thorns for the restoration of our soul- peace of mind and deliverance from all mental anguish. And, of course, He took our sicknesses so that we can receive His health. He was scourged so that we can be healed.  4. Redeemed from the CurseWhenever the Bible makes reference to sickness it is always spoken of in terms of being a curse and not a blessing. Obviously a curse is always something bad, evil, hurtful, undesirable and destructive, and to be avoided. The curse as described in Deuteronomy chapter 28 is punishment in response to breaking God’s laws- punishing rebellion and disobedience. Jesus took our curse, was punished for our sin, and absorbed the full measure of pain and suffering as our substitute. As a result of the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection, we have been redeemed from everything that the devil can throw at us including sickness and every disease. Support the show
89:09 6/4/21
Healing is the Children's Bread: Passover, Communion and Redemption
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! In this episode we are going to take the Old Covenant types of Passover and marry it with the fulfillment in Jesus’ great redemptive work that was accomplished after the Last Supper. We will also explore the gravity of such a Great Salvation that was bought and paid for by the blood of our Lord Jesus. Salvation from sin, yes but also from all the multi-faceted consequences and effects of death that has plagued humanity since the first fatal bite by Adam and Eve. 1. Passover in EgyptThe word “Passover” in the Hebrew means “to pass” or “spring over” or “to spare”. Exodus Chapter 12 begins with the creation of the Jewish calendar- Exodus 12:1-2, “The LORD said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt, ‘This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.’” The Lord went on to instruct them that on the tenth day of the new month they are to take a lamb for each family, one for each household- this marked the beginning of their deliverance from bondage in Egypt. 2. Jesus and PassoverLet’s look at how Jesus partook of the Passover under the Old Covenant on that night when Jesus and His disciples met together to eat the Passover. The manner in which the Passover feast was kept by the Jews of that period differed in many details from that originally prescribed by the rules of Exodus 12. The narratives of the Gospels show how strongly the disciples were impressed by the Lord’s words which had given a new meaning to the old familiar acts. 3. Jesus the Lamb of GodWhen Jesus went to Golgotha’s hill to be crucified, He had a personal confrontation with Satan. At 9 o’clock that morning as the lambs were being prepared for sacrifice, Jesus was nailed to the cross in Mark 15:25. The third hour was 9 o’clock in the morning, Jewish time. There He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The Lord laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted. Yet He opened not His mouth, like a lamb led to the slaughter. 4. Salvation: More than Forgiveness of SinsThe Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul made an outstanding statement in Romans 1:16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation…” The Greek and Hebrew words translated salvation imply the ideas of deliverance, safety, preservation, healing, and health. Salvation is the great inclusive word of the Gospel, gathering into itself all the redemptive acts and processes. 5. Why Jesus could Heal then and NowPre-resurrection, why could Jesus go around healing the sick? The answer is simple, the redemptive work of Jesus. Jesus could take away a person’s disease because He knew that He was going to bear it for him/her in His redemptive work. Likewise, post-resurrection, Jesus by His Spirit can heal undeserving people because of redemption. He bore all our sicknesses and diseases in His redemptive work. Now, understand that as far as God the Father is concerned, the redemptive work of Jesus stands outside of time. Support the show
112:59 6/12/21
Healing is the Children's Bread: Right and Wrong Thinking
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! Are you familiar with the saying, “You are what you eat?” That’s pertinent to the physical body, so let’s expand that concept- “You become what you think.” As stated in proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” The thoughts we meditate on and embrace in our minds in time will make their way into our spirit like seeds. The heart of a person is the production center for our life- will produce a harvest in our lives. The words we speak drive our thoughts and dreams; they’re the most powerful things in our lives. The tongue is the rudder of our life, what we keep saying will determine our destination in life- James 3:2-4. 1. Wrong Thinking about HealingIf our thinking is wrong, our believing will be wrong; and if our believing is wrong, then what we say will be wrong too. It all goes back to our thinking. We’ve got to get our thinking straightened out in order to open the way to our heart to receive the Word of God on Healing. Some Christians who need healing have said to me, “Maybe God put this sickness on me for some purpose.” Did Jesus ever put sickness on anyone? When people came to Him for healing, did He ever turn even one away saying, “No, it’s not My will, just suffer a little longer. You’re just not pious or humble enough?” No! Not once! If you find such a Scripture, where Jesus turned people away to be healed, please show me. It is imperative that we get our thinking straight on this matter. 2. Understanding the Fall of MankindSo how and when did sickness and disease enter the earth? It certainly was not there in the Garden of Eden from the beginning. The answer to this question is the key to understanding divine healing. What makes heaven, heaven is God being there and the life and love of God that saturates everything in heaven with His glory.  God recreated the earth in Genesis 1:3 and throughout the first 6 days of creation there was this repeated refrain; for example, Gen 1:31, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good…” Multiple times God recognized His goodness throughout creation. After creating Adam and Eve something was introduced into the world that did not belong there. Our answer is found in Romans 5:12, “Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man [Adam], and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned.” Therefore, death and all that it produces contaminated and corrupted the goodness and beauty of God’s creation as the direct result of sin- disobedience to God- the world has been subject to death and decay every since. 3. So is God in Control of Everything on the Earth?We need to get some of these things straight in our minds, because many in the church world are confused. People have all kinds of unscriptural ideas. Some think, Well, God’s got everything under control, He is sovereign, so whatever happens does so for a reason- so don’t question or resist it. But that may or may not be so, according to how you mean it. If you mean that God is ruling the earth right now – no, He isn’t! He’s going to rule it again one of these days, but He’s not right now.  Luke 4:5-7“The devil led Jesus up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, ‘I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.’” Support the show
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Healing is the Children's Bread: Why do Christians get Sick?
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! There is always a reason why Christians fail to receive their healing or their healing is delayed. You will find out in this episode that the reasons are not too different as to why some people in the world are not getting  born again. It’s not because God is selectively saving some and denying eternal life to others. Nor is our Heavenly Father choosing to heal some of His children and not others for some esoteric reason.  Romans 2:11, “For God does not show favoritism.” The glorious promise for salvation is available to whosoever wills just as healing is available to all- 1 Peter 2:24 “ whose stripes you were healed.” 1. Three Main ReasonsGod’s Word settles the matter forever, divine healing is always His will- God’s Word is God’s will! Faith begins where the will of God is known. If God says it in His Word, that settles it, its truth and will not change, regardless of our experiences or what we see happen to others. Mark it down, there is always a reason why folks don’t receive from God- whether it’s a saint or sinner.  2. False TeachingJesus blasted the religious leaders for nullifying the Word of God for the sake of their traditions. In our day many ministers have done worse, for they have made void a part of the Gospel by their traditions. One such tradition is that, “it’s not always His will to heal, for God sovereignly chooses who to heal and who not to.” Some go so far that God purposely puts sickness on people in order to discipline them for their own good. It is a mystery to me how anyone can hold this view in the face of the Scriptures and the ministry of Jesus, who for three years healed all who came to Him for healing- Acts 10:38. 3. If it be Thy Will Concerning HealingOther saints are not healed because they always ask with those fatal words “if it be thy will.” Some people just tack the phrase “If it be Thy will” on the end of their prayers out of tradition. They think they’re being humble, but they’re really robbing themselves of the blessings of God. Anything the Bible promises us or says belongs to us is ours- already God’s will. We don’t have to put an “if’ in our prayers when we pray according to God’s Word! That’s why praying, “Lord, if it be Thy will, please heal me” is unnecessary. God has plainly told us in His Word that it is His will to heal us. A sinner wouldn’t pray, “Lord, save me, if it be Thy will.” That kind of prayer would be ridiculous, because God’s Word declares that it is His will for them to be saved, the same goes for the area of healing. 4. Spiritualizing the SituationWhen tragedy hits a Christian, the biggest mistake they can make is to spiritualize and reason out the cause for the calamity. Let’s not accuse God of evil; He is not the author of it. To insinuate that tornadoes, cancer and other calamities are an act of God is to fall right into the hands of Satan’s lies. People begin questioning the faithfulness of God. Why did He allow this to happen, why do bad things happen to seemingly good people. There is always a reason and we may not always know it, but I do know this according to 1 Corinthians 13: 8, “Love never fails!” God will never let us down, He is always faithful and true to His Word, He does not lie nor change His mind. If something went bad, God is not the one behind it or to blame. So when life becomes confusing, give God the benefit of the doubt; ask Him for wisdom according to James 1:5 instead of jumping to religious conclusions. Support the show
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Healing is the Children's Bread: Kicking Over Sacred Cows - Part 1
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! We now begin an epic journey together to kick over sacred cow religious traditions that are man-made; holding people in bondage and robbing them of the truth of God’s Word that sets us free. These next three episodes will focus on specific errors that continue to be peddled in some Christian circles today. Through the sword of God’s Word, we’ll “Demolish arguments and every pretention that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” 2 Cor. 10:5. 1. Permissive vs Causative TenseThere are many who oppose divine healing (God’s will for healing for all, all the time) in Christian circles and they will point out all kinds of scriptures to support their case. Note that the majority of them are found in the Old Testament. It is important to make that distinction because the Bible is progressive revelation in that an increase of light and revelation is given to mankind progressively from the oldest book, Job to the New Testament epistles or letters to the churches- Romans to Revelation. The KEY to understanding these different Old Testament passages of Scripture lies in knowing that the active verbs in Hebrew have been translated in the causative tense when they should have been translated in the permissive tense. So, Deuteronomy 28:27 should have been translated something like, “The Lord will allow/permit these plagues to be brought upon you...” 2. Guidelines for Bible Interpretation When the Reformers broke with Rome and claimed the view that the Bible was to be the supreme authority of the church, they were very careful to define basic principles of interpretation. The primary rule of Bible interpretation was called “the analogy of faith.” The analogy of faith is the rule that Scripture is to interpret Scripture. In other words, Sacred Scripture is its own interpreter.  3. Calvinism at the Root I will be introducing some theological beliefs that were first promoted by John Calvin (1509-1564), one of the leaders of the Protestant reformation. I believe that his teachings have cast a shadow on present day Christian theology and could be at the root of a number of misunderstandings that need to be clarified. So what’s wrong with most of Calvinism you may ask? To many, Calvinism goes against the whole flow of New Testament teaching. It substitutes a vengeful, capricious and merciless God, for the loving Father of Jesus’ teachings. It also substitutes God’s sovereignty for man’s free will to choose. Calvinism finds its root in the Old Testament where God is painted as the author of good and evil, without the clarification of the New Testament, that Satan is actually the author and agent of evil.  4. Does God show Favoritism? No, God does not show favoritism or partiality. There are no favorites in God’s family; He loves us all the same. Every person, born into His family has the same Redemption. Everyone has the same rights in the Family; each one may have a different gift set, but the gift does not make him/her any dearer to the heart of the Father. Each one has the same right to use the Name of Jesus; to deliver people from the dominion of Satan, to heal the sick and to cast out demons. The Father has no favorites, and the closer our fellowship is with the Father, the sweeter and richer our life will be-  Romans 2:11, “God does not show favoritism.”  Support the show
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Healing is the Children's Bread: Kicking Over Sacred Cows - Part 2
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! When it comes to understanding why bad things happening to God’s people, we need the Scriptures to discern the root causes. There are so many promises in the Bible that talk about protection and provision, so how is it that the devil at times is allowed to slip through and slap poverty, sickness and oppression upon us? Another controversial debate in the Church world is in regards to the manner in which God disciplines His children.  1. Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?Pharaoh in the beginning persistently hardened his own heart against God which brought on the retributive “hardening” by God, after much long-suffering. However, when the Bible says Pharaoh hardened his heart, it also says that this happened “just as the Lord had said” in Exodus 8:15. 2. God is a Holy and Righteous JudgeSin left unchecked, like a cancer, would destroy the universe, so God judges sin and keeps it contained. The greatest act of love is for God to condemn and judge sin, otherwise it would destroy us all! When folks fail to repent and force God’s hand to judge them, God in time turns them over to the devil, who is waiting anxiously to have access to them. 3. New Testament ClarificationThe ‘Analogy of Faith’ concerning Bible interpretation teaches us that Scripture interprets Scripture. One cannot come to an interpretation that contradicts explicit Scriptures elsewhere in the Bible, particularly in the NT. In Galatians 2:18-19 it states, “If I rebuild what I destroyed, I prove that I am a lawbreaker.” If God made people sick just so He can heal them; that would make God a lawbreaker. 4. It’s Never God’s FaultLet’s not accuse God of evil; He is not the author of it. As we have been saying all along, He only permits it as a last final act of judgment when folks have exhausted all of God’s appeals and opportunities for repentance. To insinuate that tornadoes, cancer and other calamities are an act of God is to fall right into the hands of the devil's lies. 5. Does God send Desert Experiences to keep us Humble?The way some well-meaning Christians talk, you would think they lived from one desert experience to another. They will refer to the children of Israel in the desert as a pretext to support their beliefs that God in His sovereign plan puts people through dry places in their life to teach and purify them to be dependent on God. 6. Job’s Trial- Why do Bad things happen to Good People?The book of Job has been gravely misunderstood by Christians and has been used as a pretext for God to sovereignly afflict His covenant people for all kinds of mysterious reasons. It’s amazing to me how the devil has perverted that story and how so many people are ignorant of it and confused by it and are convinced that they are just like poor ole Job. 7. The Chastening of the Lord?We'll examine the notion that God hurts and afflicts us for our good, as a form of discipline. This is an important question, so in what manner does God discipline His children? 8. Trials, Tests and TemptationsUltimately every test boils down to a test of obedience- to obey God’s Word or not- it’s a faith test! Do we really believe what we say? The NT makes it clear that trials are spiritual attacks with the express purpose to shipwreck/destroy our faith. A test or trial by nature is an enticement or temptation to turn from God and doubt His Word.  Support the show
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Healing is the Children's Bread: Kicking Over Sacred Cows - Part 3
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread!  We’ll start out by discussing Paul’s thorn in the flesh and what the Bible really says about what Paul’s thorn was. We’ll refute the fatalistic view of having no control over the length and quality of life that we can expect to have on earth as Christians. The promises of God are very clear on the subject of longevity which we’ll explore together. So buckle up your seats for a thought provoking and investigative look as we conclude this segment on kicking over religious cow traditions. 1. Paul’s Thorn in the FleshOne of the most prevalent objections raised today against the ministry of healing is Paul’s “thorn in the flesh.” One traditional idea has led to another. The widespread teaching that God is the Author of disease, and that some of the most devout of His children He has desired to remain sick, and glorify Him by exhibiting fortitude and patience. Scripture interprets scripture, we’ll see how the Bible uses the term of “thorn” elsewhere in the Bible. The expression “thorn in the flesh” is never used in the Bible to mean sickness. 2. Suffering According to the Will of GodA side point I would like to briefly explore with you is a sacred calf concerning misinformed folks who think succumbing to sickness is a means of suffering for Jesus. We need to ask ourselves- “Could we be suffering for the wrong reason?” The Bible clearly states that is a possibility for Christians- 1 Peter 4:19. 3. An Appointed Time to Die?There are people who believe incorrectly concerning when and how they will die. They misquote Hebrews 9:27 and say, “Well you know everyone has their appointed time to die and they have no say so in the matter.” But that is not what this passage of scripture is saying, “Just as man is destined to die once.” The Bible is plainly stating that it is appointed unto mankind to die one time physically- this refutes the philosophy of reincarnation. 4. Keys to Living Long on the EarthPeople in the world are looking for the magic diet and exercise or climate as the secret to long life. Certainly those things are important; we can’t be violating natural laws and expect it not to have an impact on our health. Unfortunately there are those who watch their diet and exercise and still die young, even Christians. Thankfully, there are many specific passages in the Bible that provide us with instructions and principles for entering into God’s provision for long life. 5. Spiritualizing Experiences in LifeBeware of forming spiritual interpretations solely on natural circumstances as a means of understanding the will of God. Since everything in this natural world is subject to change, and is subject to the influence of the devil. Deception can be readily had if we allow our beliefs to be based on what we see, feel and hear rather than on the Word of God. Personal experience by nature is very subjective and open to a wide range of interpretations, bias and cultural conditioning. 6. Beware of the FleeceA huge distinction between Old Covenant believers and New Covenant saints is the way in which we serve, worship and know God. For the Old Covenant believer, God was understood by outward signs and physical symbols. Since they were not born again, their spirit was not alive to God, but was spiritually dead due to sin. This limited God in His dealings with those folks, to the natural or physical realm in order to get their attention. Support the show
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Healing is the Children's Bread: God’s Primary Way to be Healed
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! The first unit was about establishing the will of God concerning healing; obtaining this revelation knowledge is the crucial first step in receiving healing. The second unit addressed all the obstacles and roadblocks to receiving healing, thrown up by the devil and the religious traditions of men. Questions and doubts in folk’s minds must first be dealt with before they can operate in faith and confidence in order to appropriate redemptive healing for themselves and others. Now, we have come to the third unit, in these final three episodes, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of the practical application of God’s Word in order to apply the healing grace of God to our body and soul. 1. Healing DynamicsWe need to realize that there is more than one way for people to receive healing. In other words, a number of methods for receiving healing are recorded in the Word of God. The reason for this is simple, our Heavenly Father just wants us healed and He has provided many avenues by which we may receive our healing.  2. Our Faith plays a RoleThe primary method that has been provided for all of God’s children is by simple faith in God’s Word. When we hear the Word of God ourselves, believe it as truth in our spirit and act on it, we receive. That is what it means to receive healing by faith in God’s Word.  I believe this is God’s highest and best way to receive healing, because we are actively participating in hiding God’s Word down into our hearts. What gets us healed, keeps us healed. 3. Waiting for a Divine InterventionMany Christians who desire healing are waiting for an intervention of divine sovereignty from God to initiate something on their behalf. Of course, God does occasionally move in a sovereign way, but that is not His primary way of healing His children. I’ll show you in the Bible what I mean by the intervention of divine sovereignty, when God initiates healing on His own out of mercy. 4. The Church UnitedJesus planned to carry on His healing ministry during His absence by means of the whole Church, which is His Body, not through an obscure member of that Body. He said in Mark 16 that “These signs will follow THEM”- the Church, not “him” or “her”- the individual. It is not the faith of a lone or solitary evangelist but that of the Spirit-filled Church as a whole which brought healing to all the sick in the streets of Jerusalem. When God has His way, the multitudes will be healed right on the streets today as it was in the book of Acts. 5. Jesus opened not His mouth so we couldJesus came as our substitute, to absorb in Himself the full wrath of God almighty on account of the sins of the whole world.  Jesus had to be silent and not call out for help as the Lamb of God. He was innocent and bore the punishment for our sin- becoming a curse, taking on all of Satan’s death, sickness, poverty, oppression and misery on our behalf. The fact that Jesus could call on twelve legions of angels proves that He was innocent, they had no legal right to take Him- Jesus had done nothing wrong. He was sinless and spotless and could have appealed to the righteous Judge of the universe and would have been delivered, but mankind would have been lost. So Jesus opened not his mouth, did not ask for deliverance for the joy of seeing us saved and ransomed from the clutches of the enemy. So today, let the redeemed of the Lord open up their mouths and speak the Name of Jesus and the Word of God!  Support the show
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Healing is the Children's Bread: Practical Principles for Healing
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! There are Biblical principles to prayer that we’ll discuss in this episode that will really help us to accurately appropriate God’s Healing provision for our lives. Good intentions, presumption and adherence to religious traditions that are not rooted in the Word will not produce results. We can be sloppy as baby Christians, but our Father God expects us to grow and mature and learn how to rightly handle the Word of truth.  1. All Kinds of PrayersThe Bible teaches that there are several kinds of prayer. However, I will not go into detail on all of them in this episode. Right now let’s concentrate on the prayer of faith and authority for healing. During the life and ministry of Jesus, He was living under the Old Covenant. The New Covenant did not go into force until after His resurrection. There are certain kinds of prayers in our prayer tool box that are designed to appropriate our redemptive rights to divine healing. Ephesians 6:18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.  2. Asking vs ClaimingWhen I tell people they don’t have to pray to be healed, they look at me in amazement. Many have failed to receive healing because they have based their faith on religious prayer instead of on God’s Word. They expected prayer to do for them what only God’s Word can do for them. This is where a lot of potential confusion can take place. Sometimes we find ourselves asking for things that we already have in Christ. We should be appropriating our inheritance through faith in God’s Word for things God has already given us through our redemption that Jesus had already obtained for us. 3. Prayer TipsThe Word of God and the spiritual laws within God’s Word define the parameters from which the principles of prayer operate.  No one has access to the Father except through Jesus, so until a person is born again, there is no prayer life until he/she is born again. Once a person receives the new birth, they need to be taught and become acquainted with the Kingdom of God and the spiritual laws that govern it. Support the show
70:30 7/11/21
Healing is the Children's Bread: Different Methods of Healing
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! This will be our last episode for this season that has been dedicated to the subject of divine healing. These last three episodes have been discussing biblical ways to receive healing. There are many different methods listed in the Bible whereby we can receive healing. I encourage you to pull out your Bible and follow along. 1. The Manifestations of the SpiritOne way to receive healing is through the manifestation of one of the gifts of the Spirit. Any of the nine manifestations of the Spirit (1 Corinthians, 12:8-10) may be used for the purpose of healing. Particularly through the power gifts: the working of miracles, the gift of faith, and the gifts of healings. Often times, these “power” gifts will work together. 2. The Healing AnointingThe Anointing and the Power of God is all talking about the same person- the Mighty Holy Spirit. So when we lay hands on folks in faith according to God’s Word, our expectation is that the power of God that rests upon our lives will flow through us into others for their healing, deliverance and blessing. The anointing is also tangible, which means perceptible to the touch. 3. By Revelation KnowledgeThe Bible acts as our spiritual eyes into the unseen realm that is more real than this natural world. Revelation knowledge is spiritual understanding revealed to the human spirit. This spiritual light of God’s revelation knowledge is a key ingredient to our development, growth and spiritual maturity.  4. The Healing Power of GodA good analogy for understanding the anointing or the power of God was made by the late Rev. John G. Lake when he said, “Electricity is God’s Power in the natural realm; Holy Spirit power is God’s power in the spirit realm.”  5. The Switch of FaithIn the natural, when we turn a light switch on, electricity flows right into the lighting fixtures and lights up the room. When we turn the switch off, the lights go out. So in the spiritual realm, the thing that turns on the heavenly power in our lives could well be called the switch of faith! 6. The Laying on of HandsAs Christians, we have the life and nature of God in us. The Holy Spirit dwells in us. It is that power within us that goes out through our hands in the Name of Jesus and heals the sick. The laying on of hands is a fundamental principle of the doctrine of Christ- Hebrews 6:1-2. 7. ImpartationAll throughout the ministry of Jesus, He was regularly laying His hands on people. On one occasion, He released a blessing upon children through the laying on of hands. The Bible reveals that another purpose for which the laying on of hands was used was to equip men and women to serve God. Another use of the laying on of hands in the New Testament was for helping believers receive the Holy Spirit- Acts 8:17. There are more scripture references concerning healing in connection with the laying on of hands than concerning anything else.  Support the show
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Foundations for Christian Living: The Bible is God Speaking to Me
If you who have recently accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, welcome to the family of God! Your church family wants to see you grow and be equipped and empowered to function effectively in God’s Kingdom. You have just embarked on an adventure that will change your life forever! This program will provide you with vital information that will help ensure a successful Christian life in the days ahead! These episodes will introduce some fundamental Bible doctrines and initiate Christian disciplines that will set you on the right path. This class is also designed to help fill in the blanks for established believers by introducing fundamental doctrines to the Christian faith and by exploring a wide range of pertinent Bible topics. 1. The Inspiration of the ScripturesThe foundation of our Christian faith is found only in one book: the Bible. In it we discover who we are, where we came from and where we are going; it explains the “why” of the human condition, and the existence of evil in the world. Through its pages we become acquainted with the God of the universe, the all-powerful, loving, holy, just, Redeemer and Savior. The Word of God speaks to us about a personal relationship with God and with the community of saints, which is the Church. Our attitude toward the Bible will determine our willingness to put into practice its principles. If we consider it to be the Word of God, it will be the measure by which we judge all human thought and systems of truth, whether social, scientific, historical or religious. It will rule our conduct and personal relationships. If we believe that the Bible is the divine Word of God, it will mold our values, attitudes, judgments and actions. 2. The Origin and Canon of the BibleThe English word “Bible” comes from the Greek word biblos, meaning “a book”. The Bible didn’t fall miraculously from heaven; it came to us through a historical process which was guided by the Holy Spirit. Only by the grace of God is it possible for these sacred books to be preserved and copied throughout the centuries. The word “canon” comes from the Greek kanon, meaning “a measuring rod or reed,” and signifies a rule, a standard. Hence, the Canon of the Bible consists of those books considered worthy to be included in the Holy Scriptures. 3. Bible DevotionsDaily Bible reading is essential for spiritual growth and is a prerequisite to becoming a successful disciple of Jesus Christ. The Bible is God speaking to us, so as we read God’s Word, God speaks to us through the Scriptures. Since faith begins where the will of God is known and God’s Word is God’s Will; we discover God’s will for our life through the Bible! 4. The Word of FaithThe works that God requires from us is to mix our faith in God’s Word. So how do we do that? Through a spiritual law referred to in the Bible as the “Word of Faith.” The Word of Faith principle is appropriated by continually speaking God’s Word out of our mouths so we can hear it. At some point in time, that Word will become planted in our spirit. The Word of God conceived in the heart, formed by the tongue, and spoken out of our mouths is creative power. Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both right. We will never rise above our confession of God’s Word.  Support the show
50:19 7/17/21
Foundations for Christian Living: Creation, Fall & God’s Solution
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Foundations for Christian Living! Having laid a foundation of God’s Word, our next episode in this season will provide a reference to our beginning and origin. I believe that one of the greatest of human needs is to possess a sense of purpose and meaning in life. The questions of who am I, why am I here and where am I going will be addressed in this episode according to the Holy Scriptures. As church leaders, we do not presume to have all the answers, rather our job is to point people to The Answer, Jesus Christ. Jesus, being the Word of God has all the answers to life’s questions and pursuits. God’s Word is our final authority for all matters that pertain to life and conduct! I believe that this episode will be a lot of fun as it opens our eyes to some of the mysteries of life. 1. Who Am I?When conception takes place in a mother’s womb, God creates a spirit being, the real person to abide in that little physical body as it is being formed. This spiritual attribute of humanity is what makes us unique to the animal creation! We are created in God’s image and in His likeness. Genesis 1:26- “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.’” The physical body is just a house, shell or a vessel that we inhabit; James 2:26 states, “The body without the spirit is dead.” We are a tri-cotomy, a three part being. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body- 1 Thessalonians 5:23. We are eternal beings and we spend it all depends on what we do with Jesus- accept or reject Him. 2. Why am I Here?Why did God make me in the first place? One thing is for certain you are not some cosmic accident, chance or random event. First of all God wanted to have someone to share his creation with and allow us to know what it is like to live, to exist, to be. He honored us above all creation by making us in His image and in His likeness. God gave us dominion to rule and take care of the earth. To discover all of its mysteries and to replenish it with people, who will grow up to know God and have a relationship with Him- Genesis 1:26-27; Acts 17:24-31. 3. What in the World Happened?Why would God have one tree that could not be eaten from in Genesis 2:16-17? God did not make mankind to be a race of robots. Animals function through instinct that drives them down pre-programmed behavior patterns. However, mankind is unique in that God has given every human being a free will to choose their eternal destiny. To be with God or without Him. The purpose of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was to test man’s allegiance. Was man going to stay true and faithful to the Lord or listen and follow Satan- it was a probationary period. 4. The Promise of a RedeemerHaving sinned, Adam and Eve condemned mankind to an eternal hell along with Satan and his crowd. But not so fast, God in his infinite mercy, made a declaration that a man would be born of a woman who would crush Satan’s dominion over mankind, but in the process Satan would make it painful. Approximately, four thousand years later, God the Son became a man and his name was Jesus. As the divine God/man, Jesus defeated the devil as a man but paid an incredible price in the process through His death, burial and resurrection- Genesis 3:15. 5. Creation not EvolutionThe theory of evolution is just that, a theory, yet many educators act as though it is fact. True science rejects the notion that:  Nothing working on nothing by nothing, through nothing, for nothing, begat everything. Support the show
54:03 7/22/21
Foundations for Christian Living: The Glorious Godhead
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Foundations for Christian Living! God in One expressed in three persons- God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The word Theology means the study of God (theo=God, ology=study). By definition, theology is the study of the works or truths related to God presented in a logical and orderly format. Our goal is to learn more about the person, characteristics and nature of the glorious Godhead. We are also going to examine Satan’s attempt to confuse mankind with false religions and  cults.  1. The Attributes of GodNowhere does the Bible argue for God’s existence, everywhere the Scriptures assume His existence as an accepted fact- Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”. So belief in God is fundamentally an act of faith. However, God reveals Himself through three primary ways: Nature, Conscience and Revelation. 2. God the FatherThe will of God has its origin in God the Father. From Scripture we see that He exerts leadership amongst the Godhead. That does not take away from the significance of God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. For the Trinity is at all times and in all ways in perfect agreement. 3. God the SonNothing has been under such attack by Satan than the deity of Jesus Christ. The incarnation of the Word of God, the Second person of the Godhead is a mystery and miracle beyond description. Before taking on human flesh, Jesus was pre-existent with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit  and His name is the Word of God. 4. God the Holy SpiritWho is the Holy Spirit? The Bible teaches us that He is more than an influence or impersonal power; the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, worthy of our adoration, love and faith. He is not a ‘thing’ or an ‘it’ but just as real and distinct as Jesus. 5. Cults and False ReligionsFrom the beginning of the Church in the book of Acts, Satan has until this day spared no expense to pervert, twist and distort the truth. The enemy wants to rob people of the truth by offering counterfeit religions or raising up cults to keep people from getting saved. 6. Jehovah WitnessesOfficially known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a product of the life work of Charles Taze Russell, born Feb. 16, 1852, near Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania. Although the Watchtower contends that the Scriptures are their final authority, we find them constantly misuse the Scriptures to establish their own peculiar beliefs. 7. MormonismThe Mormons claim they are the restoration of the true church established by Jesus Christ. It is not Protestant or Catholic, but claims, rather, to be the only true church. “If it had not been for Joseph Smith and the restoration, there would be no salvation outside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” 8. IslamIslam is indeed a major part of Middle Eastern culture, but it is much more. The Muslim faith is a major driving force in the lives of many of the nations in the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa. The vast majority of Muslims, are not of the militant variety. 9. Secular HumanismOne of the most organized, most challenging and most clearly non-Christian philosophies today is secular humanism. It is ably represented and defended by a core of prominent scientists and philosophers at the forefront of new scientific and philosophical thought.  Support the show
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Foundations for Christian Living: All Kinds of Prayers
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Foundations for Christian Living! The subject of prayer is so vital to the disciple of Jesus Christ that we have dedicated an entire episode to this area. I would venture to say that for most people, the concept of prayer will be different than the material presented in this episode. With that being said, I would encourage the listeners to have an open mind and pay close attention to the Scriptures that will be covered. The purpose here is broaden our scope concerning the toolbox of prayer; we have the rest of our lives to further discover the wonderful world of prayer. 1. What is Prayer?Through Jesus Christ we can have fellowship, talk and commune with God the Father. In the very beginning when man was created, God would come and fellowship with Adam and Eve. All relationships have a foundation in communication. The God of the universe has honored us with the privilege to have precious conversation and communion with Him. I believe there is a personal and business side to prayer. We just talked about the personal side of communion and fellowship. The business side is working with God to establish His will upon the earth; preparing the way through prayer, empowering believers, and supporting the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 2. Claiming the Precious PromisesThe Bible teaches that all the promises are ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ in Christ Jesus. Many of God’s promises are conditional in that we have to believe God and act in faith. Learning to receive from God is not rocket science, but it does take time to learn how the principles work. Often times, the only limitation is our faith- Mark 9:23, “Everything is possible for him who believes.” 3. Effective PrayerJust as in sports there are different kinds of rules that govern the play of each sport, so it is with the different kinds or forms of prayer in the Bible. Just as chaos would ensue if I tried to play Basketball with Hockey rules or Golf with Football rules, so it is with prayer. For our prayers to be effective we need to follow the principles of God’s Word as it instructs us how to pray in relation to the different ‘kinds’ of prayers. When it comes to prayer we want to avoid the ‘Traditions of Men’ as it pertains to prayer.  I’m not a big fan of doing anything in vain, especially when it comes to prayer. 4. The Prayer ToolboxNow we turn our attention to another side of prayer that addresses getting things done or accomplishing things in this life through the power of prayer. We are going to be looking at nine different ‘Kinds’ of prayers in the Bible. So how effective would a carpenter be if he/she only had one tool in their toolbox? Let’s say that one tool is a hammer; which works great with nails. Unfortunately a hammer is not the right tool for sawing wood. As Christians, approaching prayer by one method or trying to lump all the principles of prayer into one kind of prayer, is also like using the hammer of prayer to address every need in life; as a result our prayer life will be limited and less effective. 5. Final Prayer TipsLet’s wrap this episode by exploring together seven prayer tips or rules that govern the overall operation of prayer for the Christian. Even if we recognize the nine different kinds of prayers as mentioned in our prayer ‘toolbox’, we can’t ignore the wisdom and understanding required in their successful operation. This is where the difference is found between a novice and a journeyman- experience and skill in the trade of prayer.  Support the show
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Foundations for Christian Living: Our Glorious Redemption
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Foundations for Christian Living! I am really excited about this episode; it represents many of the wonderful life transforming realities that we have received through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  1. Spiritual Adoption & InheritanceDuring the earthly ministry of Jesus, His teaching and preaching to the people encompassed the subject of His Kingdom coming into the earth. However, Jesus was ushering in a spiritual kingdom first and then in the future that spiritual kingdom will take on physical form. The Kingdom of God is a revelation of the spiritual realities of God’s eternal realm, spiritual laws and provisions. Jesus Christ is the door into this new life- John 10:9. 2. RedemptionTo ‘Redeem’ something means to buy back, as something that was once originally yours. It speaks of a purchase that God made when He sent His only begotten Son in John 3:16. We were held captive by sin, in slavery to the law of sin and death (Romans 6:19; 8:2), mankind was kidnapped by the devil. The life and blood of Jesus was the ransom price that set us free from Satan’s authority over our lives-1 Timothy 2:5-6; Mark 10:45. 3. The Doctrine of BaptismsIn the book of Hebrews chapter 6 verse 2 there is a reference to the ‘instruction about baptisms’ in the plural. We are going to look briefly into four ‘Baptisms’ according to the Scriptures. The word ‘Baptized’ comes from the Greek word ‘baptizo’; to immerse, submerge; to make overwhelmed.  4. The ChurchA local assembly of believers as well as the redeemed of all the ages who follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The Church began on the day of Pentecost, this word is used 115 times in the New Testament. It is not a man-made institution but is a spiritual assembly of all believers in Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination or religious affiliation. If you are born again by faith in Jesus Christ, you are my brother or sister in Christ, we are part of the same Body and Church of Jesus Christ. 5. Baptized with the Holy SpiritWhen it comes to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Jesus makes it very clear that it was a prerequisite to fulfilling the Great Commission and living a Spirit filled victorious Christian life- Acts 1:4-5, 8. Clearly, speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance according Acts 2:4, is the initial evidence to being baptized with the Holy Spirit. Notice, that speaking in tongues is listed among those signs that follow believing ones in Jesus Christ- Mark 16:15-18. 6. Now Concerning Spiritual GiftsThe Baptism with the Holy Spirit opens the door for a great manifestation of the Holy Spirit to operate through our lives and ministry. The Scriptures have much to say on the subject, so with this limited time we will hit the main points. To be certain God does not want us to be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts- 1 Corinthians 12:1. 7. Once Saved Always Saved?A fundamental principle in Calvinism is called “Unconditional Election.” It states that God not only knew what choice every person would make in his/her life, God had actually decided what choices everyone would make. Therefore God had decided that certain people would live a Christian Life and be saved- supporting the concept of eternal security for the believer, also known as once saved always saved. We’ll also explore two unpardonable sins as explained in the New Testament and how not to be a stumbling block to others.  Support the show
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Foundations for Christian Living: Angels, Satan and Demons
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Foundations for Christian Living! What we don’t know can have an adverse effect upon our lives. Fortunately, the Bible has much to say about the spirit realm and its operation. So now we turn our attention to those spirits that function in this world other than the Holy Spirit. There is no reason for us to be afraid of Satan and his host, since Jesus has already defeated him 2,000 years ago. In order to enforce his defeat in our lives and in those around us we need to learn about the authority God has given to believers. We’ll also talk about God’s elect angels that are His servants in this earth that listen to and obey God’s Word. 1. A Profile on SatanThere was an Arch-Angel at one time named Lucifer- an Arch-Angel is a high ranking angel. Isaiah 14:12-17 (KJV), “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!” He had authority given to him upon this earth, a throne over the nations of that time- Ezekiel 28:15,17. Lucifer was originally created a perfect angelic being, but unfortunately it all went to his head and was lifted up in pride. He led a rebellion that resulted in a catastrophic flood, Genesis 1:2- this occurred before Adam and Eve. 2. The Kingdom of DarknessOur goal out of this episode is for the believer to be made aware of Satan’s nature, schemes and operations so he can’t take advantage of our ignorance of him. Satan prefers anonymity, if he can deceive people into thinking he does not exist, than no one will oppose him, he can operate in this world with impunity. Through the light of God’s Word we are going to expose a number of his dark secrets so we can put him in his place, under our FEET in a place of defeat. 3. Elect AngelsConcerning the role of God’s elect angels during this age of mankind on the earth, according to Scripture their primary function is ministering to us among other things. The Bible from Genesis to Revelation has recorded frequent occurrences of angels operating in the earth, carrying out God’s will. Like us, they live to serve God’s purpose. According to Job 38:4-7, the angels were present when God created the earth, they are created beings like us- Psalms 148:2,5; Colossians 1:16. 4. The Believer’s AuthorityWe know Jesus is the Lord and that He is seated at the right hand of God the Father. But what about us on earth, did Jesus leave us powerless to fend for ourselves, to live in some kind of survival mode until we die or He returns, whichever comes first. Not at all, He did not leave us as orphans, John 14:15-18 states that we have the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead sent to live inside of us! So what is authority you may ask; simply put, it is delegated power! We receive this authority when we are born again, we inherit the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we can use it in the prayer of authority against the enemy. 5. Nephilim Giants in the BibleThere were giants on the earth before the flood of Noah, and also afterward, when fallen angels cohabitated with the daughters of men, and they bore children to them and produced a race of giants. These were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. These ancient heroes or giants became the gods of the heathen neighbors of Israel and Greek mythology. The fact that giants were partly of supernatural origin made it easy for men to regard them as demigods. These guys were twisted, wicked evil tyrants who were huge in stature.  Support the show
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Foundations for Christian Living: End Times
We finish this season with the subject of ‘Eschatology’ which deals with the doctrine of last things. Thankfully this present world system will come to an end. Sin in this world as we know it is a temporary state. Understanding this and how God is going to wrap up this age is vital for the believer. This is the Hope that we have as Christians, finality to this chapter of human history and the misery that has plagued this earth for far too long. For the redeemed we emerge completely victorious while the unbelieving are eternally condemned. How fitting it is for our last episode for this season to cover the Biblical truths that describe the manner in which God brings closure to the fall of Mankind in the Garden of Eden. 1. A Sign of the Times Have you noticed how the world mocks those whom they call ‘Doomsday Prophets’ with signs depicting God’s impending judgment? Well, what the world has subconsciously dreaded will come upon them and in a manner and intensity beyond their wildest dreams. For Christians, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather a matter of ‘when’ the end will come. We don’t know when the Tribulation Period begins. The main prerequisite to Jesus’ return is the preaching of the gospel to the whole world. 2. The Tribulation PeriodIn Mathew Chapter 24, Jesus is asked by His disciples concerning the end of this age. It is important to note that Jesus at that moment of time was living under the Old Testament Period. His description of the end times was in relation to what the Jewish nation was going to experience during the Tribulation Period. 3. The Second AdventIf the importance of a Bible subject can be judged by the frequency of references to it, then the Second Coming of Christ is indeed a subject of primary importance. Christ’s coming is mentioned more than 300 times in the New Testament; that means that it is mentioned on the average of once in every twenty-five verses. We don’t know the day or hour when Jesus will come to rapture His Church from the earth, so it is with the Second Advent- but we must be ready! 4. JudgementsAll people, whether saint or sinner will stand in judgment for a life lived on this earth before God, the big difference between the two judgments is the end results. God’s holiness requires that all sin be punished and every soul be held accountable. The first judgment occurred at the Cross where all the sins of the world were laid upon Jesus who took the wrath of God as our substitute for sin- John 1:29. 5. The Endless AgeWords cannot describe even now how wonderful it will be when the ‘Old Order’ of things pass away, no more crying and no more pain. What has happened during our time will become a distant memory in the eons of time. Interesting that there will be no more oceans or seas. Planet earth becomes the new throne of God, the new heaven if you will, the capital of God’s universe. 6. Seals, Trumpets & BowlsWe will cover the scriptures of the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls of God’s judgment upon this present evil world system that Satan is the god over; along with the purpose for them.  Support the show
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Faith that Moves Mountains: The Power of God’s Word
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Faith that moves mountains! This is the first episode of a new season that specializes on the subject of Bible faith. Through faith God created the universe by His spoken Word and through faith in Jesus Christ we are born again into God’s Kingdom and receive the gift of eternal life. So yes, Bible faith is really important for us to know as God’s children. Because of its vital importance to God’s people, the enemy has attempted to discredit, distort and basically turn people off on this vital subject. God’s Word is the most powerful force in the universe. This truth is serves as the foundation of our faith in God. 1. The Word of His GraceBible Definition of Grace- The power of God at work in us who believe; to do in and for us what we are unable to accomplish ourselves- the power and ability of God! The Grace of God is released in our lives through our faith in God’s Word. The Lord works in our lives by His Grace, but it also requires our cooperation and faith for it to have its way in us. Grace is also God’s provision for us concerning salvation, and all things that pertain to life and godliness. Every need, spirit, soul and body has been so abundantly provided for us by God through the redemptive work of His Grace that was accomplished on our behalf by Jesus Christ. 2. The Truth and the AnointingI have had other believers ask me, “What is the anointing?” For Christians the term implies the supernatural presence of God, manifesting His power and ability, yet some are still confused, “but is the anointing a thing or a person?” We are not talking about “Star Wars” and “using the force,” as some mystical essence or an impersonal cosmic power. The anointing is a person, the precious Holy Spirit. Remember what Jesus said in John 6:63, “The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” The Word of God is anointed by the Holy Spirit, smeared with His presence and full of power. “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” according to Romans 1:16. Support the show
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Faith that Moves Mountains: The Symbols of God’s Word
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Faith that moves mountains! Faith is the key that unlocks God’s power that is stored in His Word. It releases the treasures of God’s wisdom, and ability to move any mountain, meet any need, and defeat any demon. Until faith is introduced, and mixed with the Word of God, it remains dormant. When the believer applies these principles of the law of faith to the Bible, heaven comes to earth! 1. The Sword of the SpiritOur primary spiritual offensive weapon is the Word of God. It is the key to winning successfully. Our objective is to get the Word of God in our heart, and out of our mouth. Waving the Bible in the air is not wielding the sword of our spirit. Only when we speak that Word out of our mouth in faith, does it become the ultimate weapon in the universe. 2. God’s Word is a FireFire in the Bible is referred to as an act of judgment and purification. Just think of it, as the Word of God is being spoken, the fire of God consumes the enemies of God, and purges our life. 3. God’s Word is like a HammerWhen it comes to cracking some hard nuts, God’s Word is more than able to do the job. 4. The Water of God’s WordThe key to sanctification is God’s Word. Water is a type of the Word, because it purifies, refreshes, and sustains life.  5. The Rod of God’s WordGod uses His Word to correct His children, not trials, tests, and temptations. Some people have the notion that God, and the devil work together to perfect the believer through crisis and tragedy. Good God, bad devil! Simple theology, but if we get them confused, we will find ourselves in a heap of trouble. 6. God’s Word is MedicineI believe that doctors, hospitals, and medicine are a tremendous help to suffering humanity. I believe in these natural means to receive help for my physical body, but I trust in God most of all. Thank God for His healing Word, it is medicine to all our flesh! 7. God’s Word is Incorruptible SeedJust as the potential for life is within a natural seed, so the Word of God is waiting to germinate, and produce life in the heart of the believer.  8. The Bread of LifeAs natural food is to our body, so the Word of God is to our spirit. A minister once said, “People wonder why they don’t have any faith to receive from God. They feed their body three hot meals a day, but their spirit one cold snack a week.” God’s Word is our primary source of spiritual nourishment. The Word of God is our bread of life. 9. God’s Word is Spiritual LightJust as natural light reveals this natural world, so the Word of God reveals the Kingdom of God to us. We can walk with God and not stumble around in ignorance. The measure of God’s Word that we are walking in and living in from day to day, is the measure of spiritual light we are currently walking in. 10. A Spiritual MirrorThis true image of who we are in Christ Jesus can only be seen through the eyes of God’s Word. This is the way God sees us and reveals our true standing and position before Him through Jesus. 11. A Solid Rock on which to StandAll decisions and behavior are based on some kind of belief system. Unless our cornerstone is Jesus, life will be off base. God’s Word is our final authority for all matters that pertain to life and conduct. The Bible is the rock on which we build our lives.  Support the show
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Faith that Moves Mountains: The Power of the Tongue
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Faith that moves mountains! In John 6:63, Jesus said, “The words I have spoken unto you are spirit and they are life.” God’s Word that is conceived in your heart, then formed by the tongue, and spoken out of your own mouth, becomes a spiritual force releasing the ability of God within you. When God’s creative Word is spoken from your heart in faith- all things are possible to those who believe!  1. Created in the Image of GodMan is a spirit being, created in the image of God. This principle is absolutely essential to understanding faith, and its biblical operations in our lives. God made mankind in His class, not that we are God, but we are His offspring as stated in Acts17:28. Since faith operates out of the heart of God’s people, our introduction to faith begins here, understanding the human spirit. 2. Created as a 3-Part BeingPeople was created a tri-cotomy just as the glorious Godhead is referred to as the Divine Trinity. We are not just a physical body, just as the Godhead is not the Father God alone. I am a spirit, I have a soul, and I live in a body. The Godhead is comprised of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The three parts to our identity is Spirit, Soul & Body. It is essential for us to grasp this reality in order to understand how faith works. 3. It Matters what we SayThose that say they can, and those that say they can’t are both right. Words are the most powerful thing in the universe. The words we speak will either put us over or hold us in bondage. Unfortunately, when it comes to prayer, many of us pray the problem instead of the answer. We bind God’s hands from working on our behalf because of our unbelief. Praying and speaking the problem only makes it bigger, and releases the devil to enforce it more in our lives. We need to train ourselves to agree with, and only speak God’s Word out of our mouths. 4. What Words do for usThey locate us spiritually, set the landmarks of our life and the words we speak will affect our spirit. So many Christians have never dared to confess who they are in Christ. Since we have been talking about the awesome affect words have, why not start finding Scriptures that reveals what Christ has provided for us, and start speaking it in first person. 5. Me and My Big MouthBeware of Talking Too Much- Learning the Value of Silence: I don’t mean to be vulgar but have you ever met someone with diarrhea of the mouth. They are always talking about something or someone. The tongue has the potential to be a destructive or life giving force. Just based on the law of averages, a person who talks a lot has a greater chance of putting their foot in their mouth than someone who uses words with restraint- “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak” James 1:19. 6. Sanctify our MouthsYou may be wondering, what does all this have to do with faith? The principles of faith are wrapped up in the use of words; particularly speaking in line with God’s Word. We must sanctify our mouth to speak only the truth otherwise we are just fooling ourselves if we think that we will be successful in operating in faith. Either we talk like a Christian or we talk like the world. We can’t expect to be walking in faith if we are still talking junk all the time. I’m not just talking about eliminating profanity from our vocabulary, but speaking doubt, unbelief, defeat and failure is just as toxic if not more damaging than curse words. Support the show
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Faith that Moves Mountains: The Creative Force of the Tongue
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Faith that moves mountains! We see in Scripture an amazing pattern with God that is repeated many times. It appears that God does not do anything without saying it first. His creative all powerful words framed this present universe; established natural and spiritual laws and boundaries. Since humanity was created in God’s image, we speak words as well.  As children of God our goal is to learn to speak after what our Heavenly Father has already said- that is a simple definition of Biblical confession- speaking the Word of God, Heb. 3:1.  1. Spiritual LawsJust as there are natural laws that govern the course, and operation of the natural world, there are spiritual laws that govern the course, and operation of the spiritual world. The spiritual world has always been in existence, because God is a spirit being, and always pre-existed. The spirit realm is more real than the natural realm. The more we meditate on, and learn to operate in the spiritual world of God’s Kingdom, the more real those laws will become to us. 2. Words – A Creative ForceGod’s Word that is conceived in our heart, then formed by the tongue, and spoken out of our own mouth, becomes a spiritual force releasing the ability of God within us. The spoken Word of God is creative power. The kingdom of God responds to faith filled words. God never did anything that He didn’t say first. He said it, then He did it. The power to do it was in the spoken Word. One translation of the Bible (concordant literal NT) puts Luke 1:37 this way, “It will not be impossible with God to fulfill his every declaration.” 3. Not Made out of what was VisibleWords are unseen to the five senses but they are real. We cannot see electricity, but it has power to bless or destroy. We cannot see atoms but they are the building blocks of the universe. As human beings we get so hung up on seeing it first before we believe it. But there are a lot of things we cannot see, but we see the affect they have on us, and the world we live in. Heb. 11:3, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” 4. The Law of GenesisThe law of Genesis was established by God as a fixed law from the very beginning of creation. This law operates in the spiritual realm as well as the natural. The law of Genesis is this, “Everything produces after its own kind, and the seed is in itself.” It works this way all the time; it’s an absolute law. If we take vegetables for example, the seed to produce more vegetables is found in the vegetable itself. In the act of creation, God made the vegetable first with seed in it in order to perpetuate it from then on. Therefore the age old question of , “which came first, the chicken or the egg” is already answered by the Bible- the chicken, carrot, flower, tree, animal, fish, and the man came first. Within God’s creation was the seed to re-produce itself from then on, and forever. 5. The Dynamic KernelsI would like to share an incredible illustration that I found from “Believe It Or Not” by Ripley. It will illustrate the law of increase for us. This principle has been so powerful for humanity when we worked it in the natural, just imagine how powerful it is going to be for us when we use the Word of God as our incorruptible seed. The harvest will just blow us away. Instead of just reaping wheat and cotton, we will start reaping new births, healings, prosperity, peace and love!  Support the show
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Faith that Moves Mountains: The Law of Faith
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Faith that moves mountains! This episode will bring forth revelation from God’s Word that will equip us with the keys of the kingdom. These keys of faith will unlock God’s possibilities in any impossible situation. Here are just a few objectives: a)     Layout the essential Biblical background and principles concerning Faith.b)    Build excitement in God’s possibilities for His children to enter into their Promise Land!c)     Point out areas of excess, pitfalls and misnomers that have lead Christians into ditches. Romans 3:27 (KJV) “Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No: but by the law of faith.” 1. What if FaithFaith Is:  Sure, Substance, Assurance, Confirmation, Title Deed, Certainty, Proof of Things, Conviction of their Reality, Perceiving as Real Fact. Faith in its very core is an action. This word is basically used in every book of the New Testament. For our purposes, in this episode we will be studying this particular use of the word; the Biblical operation of the law of faith. The simple implementation of the spiritual laws, and principles of faith. 2. Faith is the SubstanceFaith as a “Substance” does not make sense to a lot of people. When most Christians here the word “faith,” they are only thinking of the one side of faith- the noun usage, “the Faith.” In other words, they are thinking of, “the tenants of the faith” represented in a creed- a belief system in statement form. However, the flip side of understanding faith is through Scripture as spiritual laws. I am talking about a faith in God that manifests the Kingdom of God on the earth, something that is real and tangible. 3. Faith is the EvidenceNow the word, “Evidence” is a legal term that denotes words like, “Proof or Title-Deed.” Faith is not some practice that weird religious nuts exercise. Some ridiculous notions of presumption and supposition. This, “Faith Business” as some ridicule, is really “God’s business of doing things.” It is very real from a spiritual standpoint. The word assurance (KJV) or proof (NIV) in Acts 17:31 is the same Greek word as faith. 4. Three Kinds of FaithNatural Human Faith: Everyone has natural human faith, saint or sinner alike. It is simply believing with the five physical senses. What we feel, taste, touch, smell and hear. Bible Believing Faith: not everyone can operate in the spiritual side of faith according to 1 Thessalonians 3:2. The unsaved are not born again, they do not have the Word of God in their heart. They have no legal standing to claim the promises of God without coming to Jesus first. Bible faith works out of the heart of the believer who has been born again. Special Faith: Special faith is a temporary deposit of faith from God in our heart. Usually it is given in conjunction with the working of miracles. Special faith is a manifestation of the Spirit of God in a particular instance. This deposit of faith is beyond our capacity to believe.  Support the show
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Faith that Moves Mountains: The Word of Faith
Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Faith that moves mountains! Before we begin examining the principles of “The Word of Faith” in light of the Bible, let’s clarify a few things right now. “The Word of Faith” message is not some charismatic fad that is here today and gone tomorrow, nor is it a label for a Christian denomination or representative of some religious group. These Biblical principles were first mentioned in the Bible by Moses in Deuteronomy 30:11-14. 1. Faith vs WorksWe will explore the differences between the law of works under the Old Covenant, and the law of faith under the New Covenant. The purpose of the law was to reveal humanity’s inability to save themselves, but many have used the law to fabricate a law of religious works in order to save themselves, instead of relying on God’s grace. The good news of the Gospel is that reconciliation back to the Father God, is received through faith in Jesus Christ alone- Acts 4:12. 2. Two Word of Faith PrinciplesThe spiritual law of “The Word of Faith” has two primary principles that govern its operation. The first one is the, “Word in your Mouth” and the second is the, “Word in your Heart.” The message of the “Word of Faith” is very simple. Simply, put God’s Word in your mouth until it gets into your heart. In time, faith will produces the substance of the promise in your life- the things hoped for. 3. Write and Wrong ThinkingHave you ever asked yourself, “Why do I think this way concerning this area in my life?” It is probably because you heard it from someone else at some point in time. In most cases, the environment around us has influenced us with experiences that have affected our thinking. In other cases the Lord revealed things to you by His Spirit- 1 Corinthians 2:10-13. 4. Mental AssentThis subject alone has confused and defeated many Christians throughout the ages concerning the Biblical operation of faith. Mental assent has been called the, “devil’s counterfeit” to true Bible believing faith. A simple definition of faith is: To act on what we believe. The purpose of this particular study is to differentiate between acting out of head knowledge or heart faith. Mental assent can be simply defined as pre-mature faith in the form of head knowledge, accented by doubts in the mind. Contrast that with Bible faith of the heart that is fully persuaded- Romans 4:21. 5. Believing with your HeartWhat does heart faith produce within a person? Bible believing faith operating within the heart of a believer, produces a sense of being fully persuaded, having reliance, assurance and confidence in what God says in His Word; regardless of what the five senses, and reasoning faculties may say about it. This is not some phony acting or pretense made out of emotion, and superficial sensationalism. This is not arrogance, conceit or presumption, but a supernatural grace that is released through faith to make us victorious in life for His glory! Support the show
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