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The first-ever basketball podcast that doesn't really analyze basketball (at least on the court at all). The boys that bring the NBA's best tunnel looks to your Instagram feed via @LeagueFits each day are talking basketball fashion, Southern California shenanigans and much, much more.


LeagueFits Caption Cemetery
Big boy numbers with Joe Williams and Ian Pierno today! Joe is back in his LeagueFits bag but maybe fumbling the bag with his captions? The bottom line, let the fit do the talking. Ps. Tim Duncan stepping Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
28:53 12/07/2022
Bad Fits and the Fortnite Draft Suit
Inner-web talk with Joe Williams and LeagueFits Extraordinaire Ian Pierno. Just remember bad fits…will follow you forever. Can you be purchased? How many IG followers does Markelle Fultz have?  Ps. Shoutout to Kevin Knox Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
31:27 12/02/2022
The LeagueFits Uncle is BACK
Extraordinaire Ian Pierno and Joe Williams are not with the turkey hate. Should we have Joe’s brother on the pod? Nick Young is back on Twitter and it’s fabulous. The most famous LeagueFits moment ever is….shoutout Raf Simons. Ps. Dudes really out here lying about their height Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
28:31 11/30/2022
Jalen Dub Williams
Understanding the third-person vibes of “Dub” and finding the motivation to get dressed up for class. The Gucci Draft Day Suit and overall Draft etiquette. Playing for the NBA Fashion capital and shopping with SGA.  Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
35:30 11/23/2022
Keeping it 100
A cool, calm, and collected Joe Williams welcomes us to #113. Ian declares that the Oklahoma City Thunder are the best dressed team in the NBA. SGA is a LeagueFits staple whether you like it or not. Are we seeing engagement fatigue? Kelly Oubre Jr. be stepping and Charlotte finally returned to LeagueFits eligible.  Ps. Thanasis for Prime Minster  Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
20:11 11/18/2022
LeagueFits meets InkedNBA - The Tattoo Roundtable with Founder and Ink aficionado Matt Mangano
Join Ian Pierno and the Him Reaper as they bend the ear of the curator of ink, Matt Mangano. Listen and learn how Matt combined his passion for basketball with his love for tattoos. Highlighting the meaning behind the needle, InkedNBA has now became the platform for hoopers to showcase their canvas, for better or for worse. Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
37:11 11/16/2022
Olivier Rogers You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Dress Well
From his earliest memories of watching his mom get ready for work and dressing for church, Olivier was drawn to style. Why do NBA players love the brand and finding his brand on GRAILED. Plus, putting on for Sint Maarten. Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
58:39 11/11/2022
Kurt Benson the average LeagueFits comments section guy
4K Joe (not) and Mr. Pierno welcome the Tidal League forefather Kurt Benson. The beginnings of Survival of the Fitted and below-average LeagueFits takes from Kurt. Are the Atlanta Hawks the worst-dressed team? Ps. Bol Bol for All-LeagueFits Team! Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
29:08 11/09/2022
Zion Williamson is a LeagueFits Regular
Let’s talk about LeagueFits! Zion Williamson is wearing a bunch of different outfits in the tunnel. Good or bad? Hear us breakdown what he has been wearing so far. Also, let’s get Devin Booker and Ja Morant some signature sneakers. Finally, hear our frontrunner for LeagueFits MVP! Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
24:54 11/04/2022
Spooky Season
No nickname Joe and Mr. Pierno are bringing the Halloween vibes today after a scary weekend. Grant Williams just became a fan favorite! Jordan Clarkson and Collin Sexton held it down with the Halloween fits. Overall the rest of the NBA let us down. Shoutout to Brandon Jennings! Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
20:03 11/02/2022
Browne Andrews - The Best-Dressed Clients
Today we’re bringing you the stylist of some of the hottest players on LeagueFits, Browne Andrews. He’s all about relationships today, and that’s why he’s working with Devin Booker and D’Angelo Russell. They aren’t looking to go for a “moment” but standing the test of time. Dress like you no matter what you’re rocking. Does the environment play a part in the outfit / colour palette? Does a stylist need a stylist? Ps. Shoutout to Ian Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
31:54 10/28/2022
Give Me Function
Terry Rozier pulled up mid-press conference with a balaclava, is this how NBA players are now hiding from the media? Or is it the Great escape? The Charlotte Hornets need their segment every week and we are here for it. Would you pick a boogie for your brother? Shoutout to Russell Westbrook for rocking Honor The Gift every game. Stop the slander this is a pro-Russ pod. Joe ain’t with non-weather-appropriate dressing.… If It's Hot I’m stepping if it’s cold I’m still stepping. PS Who enjoys watching basketball just for the love of the game anymore? Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
27:58 10/26/2022
Joe’s Long Lost Family Emerges
Joe is retracting his spicy take that Trae wore it better. The Utah Jazz is stacked, Frank Jackson we will follow you! Also, shipping to Romania isn’t economical. Is Grailed the new LinkedIn and Raya? If your dinner is comped in the Bay Area you’re stamped, aka Swaggy P. Ps. Does Joe look like KAT?
26:53 10/21/2022
Da Drought Iz Over: League Fits After Dark
Ian is gambling now but it's okay, he doesn't have a problem. It's The first day of the season and the piping hot takes are flowing like lava. Joe says something so shocking that we can't even mention it in the description. Who won day 1? Tap in to find out!   Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -
27:49 10/19/2022
The Top 3 Dressed Teams
Joe's got a new hairstyle, and we've got some gimmicky pre-season content. We're giving your our top 3 best dressed teams in the league. Who gets the honor? Who gets snubbed? Also we weigh in on Blink 182 getting back together and how pop punk is still alive.
26:06 10/14/2022
The Goldfish
Farmer Joe and Goldfish Ian are bringing in beautiful vibes for episode 102! Joe got the PS5 and has the Midas touch and did Ian kill a Goldfish?
20:24 10/12/2022
Deyscha Smith aka Sway
Joey 101 and Ian Pierno are welcoming Sway to the pod! Shoutout SLAM Fam. Also, she puts the “lit” in “literature”. The Knicks are gonna do really well, is that maybe because Sway did a piece on Jalen Brunson? Men wearing skirts is semi-normalized, maybe a trend. Also, could you divorce Tom Brady? Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
52:28 10/07/2022
100! Triple-digit flow, we really out here! Be Real fam, stop with the 9-hour late ishh. Shoutout to Hong, 36 hours and counting! The early days in LA where Ian used media passes for food to what being rich is. Plus, Kelly Oubre is ready… Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
36:56 10/05/2022
Movie Star Ian
I got 99 problems but Survival of the Fitted ain’t one! Movie Star Ian is on HBO and the boy is hype, we learn about life on set and what to expect from Ian’s debut. We got our first fit pic of the season with Kyle Kuzma in Japan. Plus flights to fashion week with JC and the pretty boys. Also, keep a look out for hair dye Joe. Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
22:13 09/30/2022
The Drought…
Back and bigger than ever with your favorite cohost in the history of podcasts and virtual Ian in the cut. Ever been on a terrible date…nah we thriving. The pre-season equates to LeagueFits Witching Hour. Redeem team documentary coming soon, does greatness make you borderline sociopathic? Ps. Ian reads books Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
26:21 09/28/2022
Faithful Men
Bringing the energy this morning with Faithful Joe and Mr. Pierno after the toxic relationships with our immune system. Joe really messing with the hats of late. The scare of flirting through text and suggested etiquette. Is Joe really heartless? Also, congrats to the Las Vegas Aces on their WNBA Championship! Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
28:21 09/23/2022
New York Fashion Week Recap
Joe and Ian are back together on the pod! Dennis Rodman was a big discussion point this week and we talk about the progression of Nick Young’s boxing career! Also, the WNBA all LeagueFits first team is discussed in-depth. Is Sue Bird among the league’s best dressed? Tune in to hear what happened at New York fashion week! Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
20:47 09/21/2022
LeagueFits does New York Fashion Week
It’s like Christmas, we are both heading to NYC for Fashion Week. Packing the bags and putting together the outfits for the coming days, aka style anxiety. Fashion boy bankruptcy, not stepping out in designer. Lewis Hamilton, the best-dressed athlete or human? Dressing in the heat, do you dress for the weather? Has Kanye pulled the safety off…how does one follow his IG? 2022 Joe for President….. Ian Pierno -   Joe Williams -  
17:03 09/09/2022
Wedding Etiquette 
Have you ever been to a wedding? This starts the discussion around wedding etiquette, themes, and dress code. Calling in a friend with Producer Kurt to fill in the gaps and educate what are the dos and don'ts when attending a wedding. We wrap with the greatest NBA boxing matchups, hence the Nick Young and DLo beef. Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
36:20 09/07/2022
Ick List Episode
ASMR Joe and Ian Pierno are going to New York Fashion Week. Manifesting it from the jump it’s finally going down. Planning out our fits for the week. We are also working on the WNBA All-WNBA Teams in collaboration with WSLAM, shoutout to Camille Buxeda, Chloe Jackson, and Ty Young. NBA 2K 23 with J Cole is hard! Do you have an Ick list…LOL Ps. I can't date you if you follow LeagueFits Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
26:41 09/02/2022
Art Vs The Artist
Say it ain’t so Joe and Insomnia Pierno are alive! Does Joe have a ghostwriter aka Google? We also went to USC and wondered, were we the coolest or lamest peeps on campus. Devin Booker, Kyle Kuzma, and OBJ with a cool IG pic. Chain pizza hasn’t aged well, keep it mom and pop. Plus the evolution of artists compared to the artists who don’t evolve and develop. Drake needs a celeb date on the red carpet. Ps. Replay value  Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
34:37 08/31/2022
Malik Monk A True Friend Of The Pod
Joe Blazey in the flesh with Ian Pierno! We are joined by a special guest, Malik Monk. Charlotte had the tunnel on lock from Kemba to Terry. The progression of fashion from Arkansas to LA. The Purple and Gold carries weight. First shopping trip in LA with Kendrick Nunn spending bands on bands. Milk-white Supreme dudes from New York City are REAL. Starting 5 brands and Ian going straight A cappella. Plus 2022/2023 LeagueFits starting-5! Ps. Lets turn up the Purple Reign Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
40:08 08/26/2022
New York City or Los Angeles
Not only the greatest co-host of all co-hosts, but cough-drop Joe is undefeated with the intros! Happy Birthday Joe and Kobe. Ian just spent the weekend in NYC, which starts the discussion on the differences between LA and NYC. The SLAM Summer Classic was incredible and summer hoop is just special, rolling through the city in buses and shutting down the city was lit, SLAM really held it down. Are the guys missing basketball…we ready for the season. This has been the off-season of the beard, shoutout to BI for the caveman vibes. Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
32:21 08/24/2022
Cozy Joe and Mr. Pierno have a special guest on the pod! Queue the drumroll for Sydney Bordonaro, the WNBA STYLIST right now! From Kelsey Plum to DiDi Richards she’s killing the game right now. From her hooping days at Pepperdine she initially wanted to be an agent but always had a love for styling and fashion. From delivering weed to getting the nod from Jewell Loyd we learn about her start in the styling game.  Ps. Mom, when I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it. Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
35:22 08/19/2022
Jerami Grant will…
People who make lots of money do nothing! Drum roll please…Jerami Grant is going to win LeagueFits Most Improved 2022/2023! From Paris Fashion Week, Jerami Grant is just tearing it up. Fun fact, Skip Bayless has a brother named Rick who’s a Michelin Star Chef. Who are the 1% who can pull off wearing a jersey? Shoutout to the WNBA for making basketball jerseys fashionable. Special guest alert Friday, peace and love! Ps. Shoutout producer Hong Ian Pierno - Joe Williams -  
18:21 08/17/2022