Show cover of Don't Tell Me The Score: Life lessons from sport and beyond

Don't Tell Me The Score: Life lessons from sport and beyond

Don't Tell Me The Score is the podcast that uses sport to explore life's bigger questions. Each week Simon Mundie sits down with an expert, from the biggest sporting names in the world to former Buddhist monks, neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers. They discuss a theme that tells us something insightful about life and how best to live it, from the importance of self-acceptance, to facing addiction and developing resilience - right through to getting your circadian rhythms in sync and how to sleep better. Sport is a metaphor for life, and this podcast aims to prove that right.


Remaining grounded: Laura Massaro 74:24 07/31/2021
Fun and Games: Helen Glover 47:26 07/25/2021
The danger of complacency: Colin Jackson 46:30 07/18/2021
The art of breathing correctly: James Nestor 82:56 07/11/2021
Embracing patience: Matt Little - Sir Andy Murray's coach 73:16 07/04/2021
Redefining success: Tim Henman 51:49 06/27/2021
Identity: Siobhan-Marie O'Connor 62:44 06/20/2021
Selflessness: Lewis Moody 89:32 06/13/2021
Managing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings: Dr Russ Harris 61:54 06/06/2021
Avoiding emotions: Clarke Carlisle 76:05 05/30/2021
Flow: Goldie Sayers 62:57 05/24/2021
The battle with your self: Tony Bellew 60:29 05/16/2021
Living your vision: Helen Richardson-Walsh 65:01 05/10/2021
A philosophy of sport and reality: Rupert Spira 122:44 05/10/2021
Self-awareness: Danny Kerry 67:13 05/03/2021
Obsession: Jonny Wilkinson 51:39 05/03/2021
Mental health: Sir John Kirwan 59:12 05/03/2021
Addiction: Tony Adams 54:06 05/03/2021
Managing your mind: Dr Steve Peters 51:14 05/03/2021
Beliefs: Helen Davis 63:18 05/03/2021
Moderation: Ronnie O'Sullivan 50:58 05/03/2021
Culture: Sir Clive Woodward 56:15 05/03/2021
Pressure: Dave Alred 74:27 05/03/2021
Stoicism: Ryan Holiday 65:53 05/03/2021
Character: Bill Beswick 43:45 05/03/2021
How our environment shapes us: John McAvoy 96:47 05/03/2021
No regrets: Alex Danson 60:48 05/03/2021
Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman 38:10 05/03/2021
Knowing yourself: Damon Hill 70:44 05/03/2021
Mindfulness: Andy Puddicombe 61:53 05/03/2021