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a conversational podcast about life, death, science, religion, music, politics, technology and the paranormal. by jess and adam. Support this podcast:


Who We Are Instead: Anonymity and privacy in the digital age 55:24 09/05/2021
Fahrenheit: Positivity on the Internet and Other Topics of Interest 51:20 08/20/2021
Divide and Conquer: A Liminal Theme 78:30 06/28/2021
Halls of Loneliness: Bo Burnham, Luigiā€™s Mansion, E3, Social Media, COVID, Relient K, Travis Barker and more. 86:57 06/13/2021
Season Three: The return of in.pencil, Tom DeLonge, UAPs, E3, and a bit more 59:17 06/06/2021
Consequence Culture: Eminem, Dr. Seuss, Disney and Canceling Cancel Culture 63:34 03/07/2021
Hiatus: What We Call Being Busy Is Actually Just Laziness 49:20 03/07/2021
Happy Birthday to Us: An Examination of the State of Things 62:44 02/06/2021
This One's for Donny 71:58 01/04/2021
2020 Awards: The Best of the Worst Year Ever (...So Far) 74:43 12/23/2020
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Mental Health 53:39 12/07/2020
Season 2 Discussion Preseason Kickoff Conversation Topic Podcast Episode Version 1.0 34:37 11/22/2020
A Cryptid Conversation: Jersey Devil, Moth Man, Bigfoot, and Jonah and the Whale 50:52 10/18/2020
The Illusion of Free Will: A Discussion on Determinism, Metaphysical Libertarianism, and Futilism 75:29 09/14/2020
Mario 35: A Celebratory Retrospective 66:37 09/07/2020
Music 115:01 08/23/2020
Video Games as Escapism: The Good, The Bad, and the WTF. 89:01 07/24/2020
Sports: Nationalism, Religion, and Why It Doesn't Matter 52:33 07/11/2020
Fade to Grey: An Appreciation of Jars of Clay 59:35 06/22/2020
Welcome to the in.pencil podcast 00:26 06/19/2020
We Need To Talk About This 50:59 06/13/2020
Aliens Exist ... Or Do They? 68:27 05/26/2020
Paranormal Part 2: Why You Should / Should Not Believe 57:18 05/08/2020
Death Is Real 58:49 04/16/2020
I Believe: Our Introduction to the Paranormal 53:32 04/02/2020
A Covert COVID Conversation 50:42 03/22/2020
Finland Doesn't Exist and You Can't Convince Me Otherwise 81:11 03/17/2020
Chapstick, Chapped Lips & Things Like Chemistry: A Relient K Retrospective 105:23 03/08/2020
How to Invent a Religion Without Trying Too Hard 40:31 02/26/2020
Judging Religion: Is It Good or Bad? 48:31 02/26/2020