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10,000 (Ten Thousand) Heroes

At 10,000 Heroes (10kH), our mission is to inspire you to explore your own definition of a “hero”, and then live it. We harvest wisdom from our guests and we plant seeds of transformation in the hearts of our listeners. 10kH is hosted by Ankur Shah Delight and Nathan Ramos. Write to us on twitter at @10khshow Or send an email to info@10khshow


#00031 A life of passion, love, and rhythm with Zorina Wolf (and the spirit of Baba Olatungi) 75:48 06/25/2022
Leigh Brasington debrief w/ Ankur and Nate 18:33 06/22/2022
#00030 What does Putin know about Reality? with Meditation teacher Leigh Brasington 64:01 06/11/2022
Richard Mandelbaum Debrief w/ Ankur and Nate 17:16 05/28/2022
#00029 Herbalist Richard Mandelbaum on the nuances of a holistic mindset and the power of near-death experiences. 57:31 05/28/2022
Special Announcement: What 10,00 Heroes is all about and your chance to win an astounding watercolor postcard prize 02:29 05/21/2022
Nate and Ankur unpack Evan’s self-therapy journey to Tik-Tok influencer 12:37 05/14/2022
#00028 How a Squirrel went famous on tik-tok, self-therapy and god in a bottle (Ketamine) with Evan Wagoner-Lynch 40:58 05/14/2022
Ankur receives the last episode (with Haleh Liza) as a love letter 12:21 04/30/2022
#00027 Haleh Liza Gafori on Deep Listening and Our Love Affair with Life 55:47 04/30/2022
Harrison Gardner Debrief! with Ankur and Nate 19:32 04/16/2022
#00026 Why building is a primal skill (and how the sausage is made) with Harrison Gardner 58:52 04/16/2022
Special! Season 3 Preview 03:21 04/12/2022
#00025 Anarchism, Retail Clothing, and Effective Altruism with Charlie Bresler 67:44 04/02/2022
#00024 A Journey of Dialogue, Discord, and Difficult Conversations with Kern Beare 62:46 03/19/2022
#00023 Manchan Magan on the magic and poetry of language (especially Irish) 82:43 03/05/2022
#00022 Robert MacNaughton and the Integral Perspective 103:41 02/19/2022
#00021 Salish Sea Storyteller Fighting Woman 106:14 02/05/2022
Season 2 Preview 06:05 01/31/2022
#00020 Forays into Fundamentalism and Knowing When To Ask For Help, with John Blacksmith 83:02 01/22/2022
#00019 Mario Mercado on pursuing big goals in the face of uncertainty. 60:07 01/08/2022
#00018 Ava Roy on How Art Helps Us Become Better People (and how a salmon spends its last breaths...) 74:47 12/25/2021
#00017 Abby Falik on Vision for the Youth 48:14 12/11/2021
#00016 Laura Chavez Silverman on barter, belonging, and blindness in Nature 55:46 11/27/2021
#00015 Lucas Geiger on the unharnessed potential of blockchain systems 50:20 11/13/2021
#00014 Jason Bourne on why we find him to be Heroic 61:38 10/30/2021
#00013 How (and why) to be present for grief, with Lesleigh J. Tolin 65:45 10/16/2021
#00012 Why do we have to learn happiness? Fear, judgement, and the wilderness with Pete Maynard 62:12 10/02/2021
#00011 How to be a rainmaker: the premature ghost of sales expert Jeffrey Fox 55:56 09/18/2021
#00010 Agriculture as a vehicle of spiritual development with Kory Goldberg and Michelle Decary 66:22 09/04/2021