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Welcome to My Favourite Monster, a podcast where two professional house sitters, ttrpg fans and comedy fantasy fiction authors, George Penney & Tony Johnson consider every monster in the universe for their pet potential, one by one. Be it xenomorphs, Trogdor, Jaws or a mind flayer we will consider them all!


EP 47 A Room With A Moose - Heaven or Hell?
It's a room with a Moooooose! (from Invader Zim)What do you need to know to survive/enjoy/prosper from this MOOSEY FATE?What is gravitational whale astronomy?Is the borg just space-box?Is an infinite moose a wave or a particle?(we forget entirely to talk about possible world's theory)As a wise one once said: "Data-fish teaches you".
31:30 5/25/24
EP 46(Special!) Anne Boleyn - The Vengeful Queen
Special OverLondon takeover! As the 19th of May is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn rather unfairly getting the chop, we figured it was high time we honored both her and our OverLondon universe equivalent The Vengeful Queen! (may she rest in vengeance)Can one fire an arrow box from a bow?Ships that fall over when they fire!!Is dressing as a giant bee in an English court advisable?What is the mouthfeel of roast chaise lounge?No history was harmed in the making of this podcast.
49:17 5/19/24
(Season 3 return!) EP 45 Powdered Toast Man - Nanotech Buttocks
Ahahaha, we're doing this again!!! In this episode we delve into the depths of our shared history, to that which grew ridges on our smooth child-brains (for better or worse): Powdered Toast Maaaaaan (from the absurd and disturbing "Ren and Stimpy").If you have no idea what that is, then you're in for a treat (but it's not my fault if it tastes like sawdust). We look at the standard questions:Is PTM a grey-goo nanotech disaster just waiting to happen in your breakfast chunks?Buttock or Buttocks, good sir?Can we offend the French(aristocrats) in time for Eurovision?Is the shampoo conspiracy affecting us all?And other questions you never knew were actually questions, till you questioned the questions.
49:17 5/11/24
EP 44 The Meg - Shark Pigging
We investigate how a combined Meg-Jason Statham fusion would work as a pet and almost manage to make a coherent episode:Can you milk a cow shark?How exactly, do you grind cheese?Can you use Jason Stratham as a grinder?And yes, we pronounce Jason Statham's name with an R because I once heard someone say it like that on the radio once and it got glued in my brain. It's science. Statham science. Also - OverLondon our comic-fantasy-whodunnit is available at our website,!
36:33 8/26/23
EP 43 The VelociPastor - Low expectations exceeded!
We delve into the awful cult movie The VelociPastor and answer all of the questions:What use is a were-dinosaur at a children's party?How cheap was the crappy dinosaur costume?Is China in Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh?What does a montage taste like?
32:16 8/20/23
EP 42 Oscar the Grouch - nuclear powered pachyderm polyamory
We're back! Season 2 baybee!We kick off with the highly contested, Oscar the Grouch... yes, we'll do a proper monster next time I promise.Anyway - we ask the real questions:Is his can nuclear powered?Is he a rent-controlled defense against gentrification?Is his girlfriend comfortable with his pachyderm polyamory?Can we evict him and clean up the Pacific Ocean?Do puppets breathe, or only when you're not watching?Would you buy animal-people-leather??And remember: What happens in the can, stays in the can.
37:02 7/12/23
EP 41 Naughty Editors - psychic damage and you
As we are just finishing off the edit on a book, we thought we'd have a (hopefully informative) rant about editors and the editorial process. Because gnarr.Signs your editor may stink and how to find a shiny unicorn.What are the breeds of editor?How much do they cost?Various stories from the trenches...Also on another note... we gonna be traveling and kicking off some house sitting again in SE asia (looking after some real monsters), so till we get back in the swing we may be a little intermittent :D
54:51 8/28/22
EP 40 The Secret Purpose of the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe
So I had a think about it, and it turns out the Crystal Gem species is rather overpowered. Like... Immortal xenomorph meets nano-tech hegemonic-swarm combined with planet sculpting and  a side salad of resurrection plus faster than light travel. So I might have gotten a tiny bit ambitious with this episode...I work out what the true purpose of the Gem civilization is!We decide the mecha-diamond needs a crown and underpants (George gets to be those)Non-binary post scarcity utopia for everyone!Grey Goo got nothing on The Pinkness.Also... Peridot best gem.
44:11 8/13/22
EP 39 The Affront - British Tentacle Awfulness
We investigate "The Affront", one of the most charismatic and truly awful alien species to ever exist. A tentacled gas-sac parody of British aristocracy from the book Excession by Iain M Banks, one of the greatest science fiction writers that ever lived.I wax poetic about the post scarcity society known as "The Culture"Overlords... Blaaargh!George riffs on Legend of the Overfiend because she can get away with it.Apparently, I am the Affront. But not for the reason you think.Aristocracy's toilet habitsAnd remember, Don't F$% with the Culture.Also: The Affronter art picture we foundIain M Banks official web pageExcession
41:41 8/6/22
EP 38 Jashin-chan Doroppukikku - Anime episode wai
In this episode we ramble about our current favorite anime... Jashin-chan Doroppukikku (Dropkick on my Devil) as well as think about pork cutlets and reminisce about eating roast duck ramen in Tokyo.Anyway who doesn't love a regenerating topless Lamia maid who is constantly trying to kill you (mostly via snakey dropkick)?Why are there not enough slice of life parody anime out there??Why IS pork cutlet and croquettes so amazing?Why is podcast?Oh and here are some links to some of the the oddball anime we mentioned:Dropkick On My DevilExcel SagaKono HealerGreat Director Nabeshin (Shinichi Watanabe)
35:20 7/29/22
EP 37 Predator - Spiderflaps vs mud
George made me watch the original Predator and we consider it as a pet. For example:Does it keep walking into stuff at ambient temperature?Where to I get magic invisi-mud?We probe the dark truth as to where glowsticks REALLY come from...And realize predators are really landing in orbital drop toilets
51:42 7/23/22
EP 36 Alien Covenant Android rant - why is android stubble?
We rant and rave about the androids and magical black goo in Alien Covenant (and Prometheus).Quite a bit, actually...Neutrino shockwave? just no.Join the egg sniffers guild today, we have cookies!Why android hair???volcanic glass >> magic faux genetic god alienChekhov's gun misfires againAnd more!
51:09 7/16/22
EP 35: Gaspode the Wonder Dog - from Terry Pratchett's Discworld
We dive into the Discworld and consider Gaspode, the cynical ball of stench and disease or as he would put it "Mans best friend, et cetera, et cetera. Give the little doggie a biscuit. Homo-Sapiens! You can keep 'em."We talk about Greyfriars Bobby, the inspiration behind Gaspode.We remember the good/bad old days of London, that Pratchett parodies with Ankh Morpork, where indoor toilets were mistrusted and putting your cape down on the sidewalk for a lady meant you'd need to burn it afterwards.George digs into London's "great stink" of the 1850's - where so many corpses were piled up, the smell literally killed people.Would Gaspode make the idea literary agent?
40:10 7/8/22
EP 34: Hallucigenia - The wierdest creature that ever lived
In this episode we travel back 500 million years to look at the pure and unadulterated nightmare fuel of the Cambrian explosion. In particular the weirdest creature named after a literal hallucination: Hallucigenia.* How many pikachu's can you impale on it's back spines?* Which end is the front?* Why don't more tentacles have teeth?* Why is the D&D version 25ft long and backwards?Show notes! Hallucigenia walking (Cambridge university)Green HallucigeniaOpabiniaAnomalocarisWiwaxia (and do image searches for the above on google)Dragon magazine #204, TSR, Creatures that Time ForgotTree of life: 
37:45 7/1/22
EP 33: Mimics - Chewing gum on the foot of a tarrasque
We delve into the potential of the beloved Mimics:Are tofu halflings an ethical food option?How do they fare against clothing, fall and chainmail blankets?Do mimics have pollen allergies?What is the saddest thing you can stick to a mimic?Are they really the most useful accessory?
44:13 6/24/22
EP 32 Chimera - A lawnmower that tastes like chicken
This is one of those episodes where Tony gets fascinated by the cthonic things that kicked around before Greek myth and George works out which goat head isn't plotting against you.Does your pet Chimera need house-training three times?Does the lion head end up bald on one side and charred on the other?What do Echindna's have to do with this?Learn how to save money on pet food by taking it to the dog park!Bonus show notes: We checked and Pathfinder couldn't work out how to draw it either but there is sexy 80's airbrushing. However, the lion head looks like it needs a chiropractor...
48:14 6/17/22
Recheduled to Friday mornings, next episdode Friday 17th June
See you then!!
00:15 6/14/22
EP 31 Genius Sharks from Deep Blue Sea - Crank That Dump Stat
For George's birthday shark-o-rama we evaluate the genetically modified hyper-intelligent sharks from Deep Blue Sea. It's one of **those** episodes:Where do I buy fluffy leopard print chainmail?Are sharks anti-capitalistic or merely democratic-anarchists?Where does a dump stat rank against legs on Maslow's hierarchy of sharky danger?Should we feed all the attractive people to sharks immediately?
42:30 6/8/22
EP 30: Tarrasque - the Apocalypse Engine
This episode we evaluate the absurdly overpowered Tarrasque as a pet:Which out of D&D and Pathfinder has the sexiest Tarrasque?How did it evolve from fish-pig... to cat-tortoise... to walking apocalypse?Is Godzilla gonna sue?Why does his theme song make no sense?And how exactly do you manage something that is literally "unkillable"?
47:22 6/1/22
EP 29: Tabaxi, catwoman and catgirls - Nyan Nyan Nyan
So we thought we would rate as a pet three concurrent cat-like things, nyan. All three of these would do just fine at either a catgirl, cosplay or furry convention. Which is what a human in DnD typically feels they have joined whenever they walk into a tavern. Futhermore, nyan.Which cat is best cat? (trick question... all cats are best cat)Do cat-girls have ovipositors?!?What did Tabaxi ever to to 3e and 4e to make them so mad?Which of these three makes the best flat-mate?Why does George hate Cats the musical so much?Nyan?Shownotes and stuff mentioned:Kenji Miyazawa's 1924 work, Suisenzuki no YokkaEdo cat art: Utagawa Kuniyoshi. During this period in Japanese history, it became illgal to depict courtesans or actors.  So artists got around that by presenting them as cat versions of real people! 
36:26 5/25/22
EP 28 Graboids - Lovechild of a Bulette and a Dirt-Chicken
In this episode we evaluate the subterranean tentacle-worms, Graboids, from the iconic horror-comedy Tremors as a potential pet.Save on water with a dirt-moat for your evil lair?Is this really just a dirt-chicken?Need a rain of florescent orange entrails?Can those tentacles operate muppets?Tony has a few rants... because bad physics! Geology!! Gaaah.
30:35 5/18/22
EP 27: Spelljammer's Giant Space Hamsters - Go for the eyes Boo!
So... Spelljammer is back! And with Boo’s Astral Menagerie it's high time we took at look at Boo's kin, the Giant Space Hamsters!Wait... the giant intergalactic hamster-wheel goes how fast?!?What sub-species is right for you? Is cheek pouch bathing hygienic?Tyrannohamstersaurus rex... The Hamster of Ill Omen... how many Tarrasques can it fit in it's cheek pouches?
29:55 5/11/22
EP 26: Audrey II, the Carnivorous Plant from Little Shop of Horrors - The ethics of the dungeon crawl!
In this episode we discover that dentists make good fertilizer, as we explore the pet potential of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors... We even sing a little bit:Is looting a dungeon just salvage without a pirate hat?Why don't plant's have poop holes?Can you really be fired for feeding your boss to your potted plant?"Suddenly Seymour is standing beside me..." --> sneak attack!Who needs CGI when you have animatronic lips baby!
37:13 5/4/22
EP 25: Aboleths - Free mucus for everybody!
In this episode Tony tries to get the tin foil hat off George so he can convince her how wonderful their new Aboleth "pet" is. Honest, it's the pet, not us. We wouldn't lie to you, fellow human.Who needs rolled up newspapers when you have continent sized meteors and planetary self destruct buttons?Is Aboleth slime the biggest thing to hit the beauty industry since collagen?You really should take off that tin foil hat and move to a seaside community...What does the song "Underwater Love" by Smoke City have to do with this?What is a Veiled Master and why should we elect them immediately?
46:52 4/26/22
EP 24: Tribble Trouble - The Furriest Amoeba
In an episode that rivals the Slaad one for pure chaos, we barely evaluate Star Trek's beloved intergalactic parasite, the Tribble as a pet:What noise does one make when it's bounced off Capn Kirk's head?Why does Kirk have a better makeup budget than the Klingons?Are Tribbles the answer for saving endangered marsupials?How do I get to be part of the next Tribble crafting session ? Honestly, sign me up.
36:03 4/20/22
EP 23: Flumph - What happens in the flumph room, stays in the flumph room
In this episode we chill out with our sentient mood lighting and wonder at what is simultaneously the most inoffensive and potentially most destructive monster in D&D. A creature that was once an April fools day joke: the Flumph. We ask:How do I monetize my flumph on youtube and twitch?Do i need a furry wall in my flumph-room(tm)?How much "seeding" time-off does my flumph need to "share genetic material" (eww)?How do you lose your tentacle license?Does a buff flumph have swol tentacles and fully thiq pancake-head?What major global religion is secretly based on flumph worship?Why is a single flumph actually more dangerous than a village of mindflayers?
36:39 4/13/22
EP 22: Anaconda - Not snek is NOT snek
In this episode we evaluate the Anaconda(s) from the movie Anaconda. Well, to be honest mostly Tony rants at one of the worst snake movies of all time.How do I escape from a bad snake movie?Why does it FLY?Is a candy/rubber snake covered in a condom a realistic pet?Exactly how much plot armor does J.Lo and Ice Cube have?No. Not snek! Bad producer! You get the newspaper!
35:46 4/6/22
EP 21: Gelatinous Cubes - The Dungeon Roomba
In this episode we debate pet merits of the iconic Gelatinous Cube.Can you push one through a ramen strainer?What happens if they get out into the open steppe?What's with D&D's weird approach to electricity?Is it bouncy or not?Is it a glorified bumper car, or just a dungeon roomba?Is it a delicacy when cooked? What happens if you feed one jelly(jello) crystals, toilet candies or pine scented floor cleaner?
45:46 3/30/22
EP 20: Velociraptors - Naked Chickens with Hands?
In this episode we rate Velociraptors (from Jurassic Park) for their pet potential. We ask all the pertinent questions:Can I have a slow-i-raptor?What happens if mine isn't a clever girl?Should I ensure my friends have a character arc?How do they fare in a fight with Australian wildlife?Can I pit-roast my pet?Do they understand American football?Do they make good companions for Rangers?
48:57 3/23/22
EP 19: The WORST Godzilla - 98 was a bad vintage for zilla
In this episode we rant and rave about the worst adaption of Godzilla ever to crawl out of a Hollywood management boardroom (The 1998 adaption of Godzilla featuring Matthew Broderick and half the cast of The Simpsons) and we eventually rate it's many pet qualities. We ask the key questions:Is it ok to take the God out of Godzilla?Exactly how does a giant lizard sneak up on things?What do you do if you keep losing your city destroying monster?He's pregnant from birth...? That's quite advanced thinking for 98!And... should we be testing more natural disasters for pregnancy?What does a "404 Godzilla not found error" mean and how do you avoid it?
49:08 3/16/22