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We're just three blokes talking about the amazing Australian animation Bluey. Wackadoo!


Time Machines (Surprise!)
To everyones great surprise, we haven't gone away! Just life got in the way! So lets use our time machines and pretend like we never left. There's talk about school introductions, Chattermax instructions while Marty needs his MT time and Brendan self-referencing The Sign. Too much chat about the design of the gun while the world wants to know, Frank, just what YOU done? Learn about the origins of this for real life as Marty uses maths to cause Brendan strife. As we look to the future and THAT mystery dog, may we all remember this show is from God. 
62:26 6/3/24
K9 News: We'll See... JOE AGAIN!
Well if you thought we had too much fun in Sydney, wait till you hear the giggles in our voice when we chat to the man himself JOE BRUMM! We deep dive into all things "The Sign". Does the longer format help or hinder? How often did Joe move house? (No we don't have his address) We learn the origin of how Joe came to be an animator along with extended B-plots from the already extended episode. There's even discussion Queensland road rules, knife twisting and probably the best damn "Not a Dad" ding in history. Much like "The Sign", this ep has it all! 
66:36 4/26/24
K9 News: The Sign World Premier!
Let us tell you about our weekend. It's no big deal really. We were just among the first people in the WORLD to see the latest Bluey episode THE SIGN. And we three 'Barners travelled interstate to do so. So yeah, nothing major to report.... OH MY GAWDFASGDAJ OSPADG NSWADG NKNF. @LB !!!!!1!!1!!!
12:19 4/20/24
You're Our Hero, Bingo (Curry Quest)
What defines a hero? Is it historical? Are they from Lord of the Rings? Is it Dog Tropes? Is it quirks of the English language? And Magpies - are they friend, or foe? We invent a new wedding idea that might just take off. Are scarfs common place in Brisbane? Every good episode deserves a montage (MONTAGE!) There's some awkward editing taking place as for real life interrupts our recording in real time - what will do? Be sure to check out Brendan's sibilings adventures in these shameless plugs: daisychainfacepainting @ InstaArcade Dad Podcast
50:44 4/3/24
K9 NEWS: Hardware Deals and Big Revals
Look, the term "exciting episode" gets thrown around a lot. But this legitimately is one for the ages. There is an actual HAMMERBARN - for real life - and we were there. Incredibly, that's not even the biggest news of this ep! It's so big, Brendan forgets how to speak - which is ironic considering the tale he tells about an amazing, truely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The rest, is Bluey history. 
30:26 3/3/24
Tails Never Fails (Cubby)
This episode builds, and builds and.... wait what was I saying again? Just follow the instructions Frank! How many rooms is too many rooms? Just ask KimJim. There's a Community reference, poorly done sponsorship drop (not an actual sponsor), more Cricket chat because we can, ruined water cool talk and some not too shabby harmonies in there as well. 
50:17 2/8/24
Ruff Sketches (Escape)
Ok - we get it. And don't worry, it's addressed right at the top. Welcome to our nightmare! A place where Marty keeps speaking, Brendan keeps tenuous-ing and Frank gets called out by Ludo staff. But there's also plenty of Tolkein plot-holes, Warner Bros parallels, Coconut drinks and cross sections to be had. So hold your breath and enjoy another glorious Australia-specific puppeteering shoutout, all the way from the moon. 
49:46 1/17/24
Behind the Bowlers Arm (Cricket)
This episode is a tribute to the greatest game - nay religion - of them all. With a runtime nearly as long as a Test Match, the boys delve into Australia’s national pastime and ask the impossible: How did Ludo sum up a global sport, in under 7mins? You better believe there is recounting of past sporting-glories and failures, shout outs to the greats, accusations of ball-tampering and all manner of good-natured sledging. Our apologies to the non-cricket playing listeners as we go hard on the references that are simply a part of how we speak. Plus maybe a few tweaks to our regular editing process to help set the mood (Blame Frank). Because on Boxing Day, you'll know where to find us at the MCG...
91:52 11/29/23
Barkimedes’ Principle (Seesaw)
In an episode with literal ups and downs, we feature tonally different vibes, geo-politics and some classic kids books. Was it all part of Bandits master plan - or did he “Just do up his shoe”? How does Stranger Things fit into this and how can Brendan tenuously link it to Indiana Jones? Check out our socials for some amazing AI generated art that is very For Real Life!
50:50 11/8/23
Shake It Unlike A Polaroid Picture (Bob Bilby)
Is Marty a Robot? Is Bob Bilby real? Is Brendan a Thief? Is Outkast's song a certified banger? Who wants some Woofles? Is this the best *adult* joke in the whole series? What colour tape is best? Does the garage exist outside of time and space? All this and more, after a word from our sponsor: The Muppets! 
54:05 10/27/23
Let it Go, Babe (Stickbird)
We’re back! And it’s about time for a musical intro – but you might be surprised at who the performer is... Lots of rolled up newspaper in this one as we explore the themes and lessons aimed at both kid and adult. Simpsons references are followed by the creation of the Brenny Decimal System. Both are wildly inefficient, yet entertaining. There’s some Magic in the air – but is that a good thing? I tell ya what’s not good : Brendan's worst pun to date. DO NOT CLAP IT!  
52:02 10/10/23
Unprepared (Onesies)
*Deep Inhale* Ok - lets do this. 
56:32 9/5/23
She Told You She Would (Driving)
There’s an aggressive Columbian Drug lord – and her name is Agatha. She is feared throughout the land for her curtain destroying powers. But it’s not as destroyed as Frank’s back lawn. Has Brendan given up? Did we witness a sneaky cameo of Wintons Mum? There are 5 minute timers, sunroof mishaps and 2000 brown M&Ms. Even an email that might just be the perfect piece of international correspondence. First you get the car, then you get the milk, then – you get the curtains.
45:33 8/22/23
Higher, Softer, Warmer
Golly Gosh – these intros are somehow getting worse. But there’s always Pasito and an ultra-consistent Marty. Local sponsorship in the wings? Lots Dad-bod jokes to be made here. Why is Brenny’s dad bald – listen to find out. Frank gets frustrated at a reoccurring joke… Some interesting camera techniques and tricks in this episode – suspend that disbelief people! Which kind of sibling are you? The stick in the mud or the care-free type? Find out Naomi’s new nick-name and more in this tangent-filled episode.   Check out the ultimate Hooray Super-Cut and some equally wonderful artwork too. 
48:54 7/31/23
WE CANOOOE! (Grandad)
Just when you thought we'd run out of Arnie movies, Marty hunts the big game. It's a fast paced episode so Frank gets right to it: Who the Real Star of the show is. There's stories of our own grandads, Hobbit references, the awkward passage of time and even some mis-use of the ding. Inbarks and Blue Credits of course but what bush-bashing adventure would be complete without the ultimate camping watersport: Can-Noooooe! 
44:39 7/10/23
Asimov's Dog (Daddy Robot)
A tale as old as time - when the machines rise up against us. But before that, hear how another type of machine interrupted Frank and Marty's holiday... With sci-fi references galore (and yes, Arnie) this ep will have you reaching for the history books and films you should have long ago consumed. Till all are one! (Totally not written by ChatGPT)
45:42 6/27/23
Too Good (Bedroom)
For everyone that’s ever moved house - this one is for you! In our disorganised episode ever we ask the hard questions: Can siblings really share THIS well? Is Bandit the comeback king? Which box has all our stuff in it?!?? 
39:49 6/12/23
BONJOUR (Pavlova)
Ceci est la description de l'épisode. It's another international episode where Bandit absolutely steals the show. There's some amazing suss looks, quips and a well-worn phrase book. Frank describes a For Real Life for the ages - it's all a big game of Risk. And Beans. Discothèque. 
44:10 5/30/23
Bark Side of the Moon (Bin Night)
Look to da Luna! Today we bury the lead – but not before Frank jumps the gun yet again. Marty blows us away with a stunning Bare Bones that has to be heard to be believed. It’s the debut of the mighty Aussie (British?) wheelie bin and of our good friend Doreen! There’s some great band names in here too – just like this guy Banjo! Frank’s toy collection gets a bump before a world first: Jack’s Picks! Then it’s time to answer some more of you wonderful emails – and yes, the Christmas Carol debate continues! Oh and some terrible segue's – Brendan’s finest work. 
49:15 5/16/23
Your Loss, Bosco (Double Babysitter)
It’s double the fun, double the romance and doubly silly. Because, it’s us! The Hammerbarn Project Presents: A tale as old as time - Fisky and the Dragon. But is he as stinky as he pretends? *Shrug* Probably. We follow up on the Jared Connection Theory and learn that kids really do say the darndest things. Much like Frisky, we venture outside our comfort zone to find Sand Worms, Fact Checking and The Dead Eyes Open. Quick fan poll: Of the three of us, who are the baby sitters for Brendan? 
44:09 5/1/23
K9 NEWS: More Joff! (Pt2)
We're back! He's back! It's back-2-back episodes! The delightful Joff Bush continues to put up with our questions, Brendans over-abundant exuberance and the dreaded egg timer. There's tales from the studio, Joff actually plays some instruments for us (!!!), more Cat-Squad and the worlds most drawn out Lightning round. 
40:41 4/19/23
K9 News: Joff Bush! (Pt1)
Look, the man needs no introduction, but you can bet that Brendan gets a little over excited and does it anyway. The supremely talented Joff Bush stops by Hammerbarn and chats to us about all things Music, Bluey, DanceMode and Hampster Dance. He's been given the green light to be as nerdy as possible while we have to give Brendan an egg-timer to reign him in. This was so much fun, we had to split it into two parts. Huge thanks to Joff, Ludo and all the people in this great big Bluey-themed network who generously give up their time to talk to littl' old us. Prepare for the DanceMode Album to drop everywhere you get your tunes on April 21st! 
50:22 4/18/23
#55: Acting Shellfishly (Tickle Crabs)
Warning: This episode may trigger severe bouts of Parents PTSD. Enter bravely ye of little tickle experience – for the crabs of the ancestors are upon us! Along our treacherous journey ye may encounter such perils as strange Hide-and-seek practices, a father who is never at work and those Juicy (silky?) ribs. All this, inbarks that require checking, Credit-Where-Credits-Blue and possibly the strangest set of Naomi’s picks we’ve ever had. Seeyabye!  As the Muppets Christmas Carole saga rolls on, read yonder clickable site of webs to better understand what Brother Brendan refers too:
37:01 4/3/23
K9 NEWS: Season 3.7115 coming soon!
Brendan is excited. We’re all excited. You SHOULD be excited. Season ~3.7115 (yes, that’s mathematically correct) is coming and there is MUCH to discuss. And to listen too! New songs to listen too! And in typical chaotic fashion, we recorded this 24hrs before the amazing Rain track dropped! What an April it will be! Back to you in the studio. 
08:01 3/26/23
The ConnectorPen CorrectorMen (Rug Island)
Sorry for the delay folks – but to make it up to you, we bring you an extended episode of one of the most magical Bluey eps ever. Rug Island – it’s a magical place. Time has no meaning, Pens are the tools of the gods and some very Adelaide-specific references fly overhead. In the wafting breeze you can hear such faint murmurings as Donkey Kong, the merits of licking sporting equipment, Action Scenes and Fat Red Faces. Marty aches at the false constructs of society, Brendan throws Frank under the bus, but Frank doesn’t care because this episode is just, Everything. And to our amazing listeners – old and new – who continue to write in : Congratulations, you are now not a grown up. 
60:53 3/21/23
Again! (The Show)
Roll up! Roll up! Wag those tails and get your opera glasses ready, its time for The Show! First the flying Airbenders performing a obscure niche reference act. Next, Brendan the Sensitive Guy feels emotions and invests deeply in other peoples relationships. The fantastic Rainbow Baby gives insights into parenting and the mysterious olden days couple unpacks lore of mickey mouse pants (or was it shoes?). And of course audience participation. Again!
37:10 3/1/23
Barkwards (Chickenrat)
When is the beginning the end? When it's a Chickenrat of course! This episode is all back-to-front and is punctuated by some truely magical moments. Bingo can't math, Bandit's delaying tactics are second to none and the makeup of a Chickenrat is brought into disrepute. And Billy Joel. It really is a great episode of the Stuff Brendan Has Podcast. This episode also sees the debut of Bwendan, a real estate mogul penguin.
37:56 2/13/23
How Good is the Everything (Space)
After our massive milestone there was only one way to celebrate - by finally relenting to the black-hole-level pressure applied by Marty. Yes folks, we're going to Space. In what might be the most emotionally nuanced and longest episode we've ever done, Marty makes multiple multi-layered sci-fi references that leave us, a little dizzy. The man in the white coat has some weird wings. And Doota-tron is here too. Oh and Sound FX. Yes. 
62:16 1/31/23
50th Episodes Are Just The Beginning! (BBQ)
Aaaaand yes! With a quick upload they've done it - a well made 50 on debut. Though there were some question marks heading into this innings, Hammerbarn shall not be denied! In celebration of the milestone, the lads go to where it all began - that's right, we record ON LOCATION at our local Hammerbarn. What better place to look for all the Bluey references with some wonderful for-real-life items. And as any Aussie will tell you, every good trip to Hammerbarn ALWAYS ends with a snag in bread. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for all the pics of our epic day out! 
53:44 1/16/23
Happy New Near! (Whale Watching)
Merry Merry NuNear listeners! It’s a new year and you’re STILL listening to us? What a cause for celebration – but not TOO much celebration. Cause thar be whale watching in the morning to do! To ring in the new year we re-open our InBarks to respond to you lovely people who took the time. In our nautical journey, we make a few discoveries: Greg is a ratbag, Natalie Portman is one Brenny’s speed dial, and Pirates are somehow related to David Attenborough.  Is this the roughest we’ve ever seen Bandit and Chilli? Parent guilt is a real thing! Naomi’s picks is back and we close it all out with a memorable outro – best one of 2023 so far! 
41:29 1/1/23

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