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We're just three blokes talking about the amazing Australian animation Bluey. Wackadoo!


You Didn’t See Anything (Tina)
The Chaos is everywhere – and you’ll never see it coming! Is this acceptable or not? What does Tina actually look like? Can you split Bandit and Chilli for Physical Comedy MVP? Toobs or Cheezels? Is Brendan really cooler than his older brother; or does the paper bag win out? What in the world is The Rock and doing in this episode? Does Marty spoil two really old movies? HA *door kick* Thankyou to all our imaginary listeners!
38:42 09/26/2022
Lions and Tigers and Bears PA-DOING! (Typewriter)
It’s one of those reference filled episode – both for Bluey and us! Singing intros are back so you know it’s gonna be one hell of an adventure. There’s self-actualization, treasure chests, bridge trolls and so much more. Along the road we meet another of Brendan’s knowledgeable nibblings who goes into a LOT of detail, but the payoff is incredible. There’s some real nerd talk to be found as we investigate the history of Qwerty, pedagogy and the far side of Marty’s brain… Plus Terriers. FOR SCOTLAND!
31:30 09/13/2022
There's Someone I'd Like You to Meet... (Calypso)
Invading or Protecting? That's the real question here. There's also questions around our ability to recall how we run our own show, combined with a mixture of Megan’s, yet more gushing about Rusty and just one more Jim Henson reference (I can’t guarantee it will be the last!). But before all that, let’s get zen with the master Cat-herder who teaches us more than we can possibly know. Is Frank a terrible landlord? Oh and we pick on Marty a fair bit. For Scotland!
29:26 08/29/2022
'Allo Bluey
It’s another of those (many) Bluey episodes with an emotional punch that regularly floors you (and us). Along the way, we discuss language barriers, long lost loves, international dubs, time scales, Japanese Garden theory, sleepy pee-faces, game-show music and oh yeah – Camping. Did we invent an anti-dote to the Rolled Up Newspaper? Is this the best flash-forward in Bluey? Who’s cutting onions?
33:41 08/15/2022
CrossBreed #2 (Pt2): It's Gotta Be Done, Again!
We’re back – they’re back – Everyone’s back! Your two fave Bluey podcasts and podcasters are still talking so we hope you’re still listening! There’s a bevy of topics from Mary and Kates origins story, do we remember parenting life pre-Bluey, for-real-life quotes used in real-life and maybe even a possible show rename for the Ladies? And what about the early names of our show? And the big one: who is our favourite character?? Hooray for crossovers! Our sincere thanks to Mary and Kate for this amazingly good time! Find the ladies on all the socials @blueypodast (Twitter) @blueypod (Insta/FB)
40:56 08/04/2022
CrossBreed #2 (Pt1): The Bluey Album with Gotta Be Done!
Yes folks - it finally happened. We are blessed with the opportunity to talk to the original, legendary Bluey podcasters Mary and Kate from the Gotta Be Done show! And what better topic to talk about than the award winning Bluey Album! Prepare yourself for more voices than normal, Peter Combe references, Cool Uncles, Show Origins, favourite tracks (if that's even possible!) AND a live guitar performance by Brendan! Not enough for you - well you're in luck, cause this is only HALF our amazing chat - Part 2 coming soon! If you haven't already, find the girls on all the socials @blueypodast (Twitter) @blueypod (Insta/FB)
37:42 07/28/2022
BIRDIE KITE! (Pass the Parcel)
Today we join our good friend Pat and reminisce of a simpler time, when squids were squids, the air guitar was king, and the rules were the rules. There's kids birthday montages, mysterious middle names, some cool presents and a pretty big flag as to why Brendan isn't married! In amongst it all, is a dual lesson of learning how to lose, and learning to change with the times. Wait for it...
31:35 07/25/2022
Mrs Heeler, I Dunno About This! (Asparagus)
Ali is back! Marty is here! It’s all happening! And in yet another musical intro, Brendan reveals yet another family connection. Do kids really love being eaten by animals? CAN kids learn manners? Can we name all the animals in this ep AND which is your favourite? Can you sing games? And not to Mans-Best-Friends-Plain it, but Frank has a new toy and the jury is split on how good it is… All in all – it’s a good time.
35:26 07/11/2022
Hold on to your Strawberries (Explorers)
Hooray for special guests – it’s Ali! But no, not the other Ali we know, this is Frank’s Ali – yes there are two of them! We dive into Season 3 featuring Ali’s personal favourite character – and it’s probably not who you expect. Joining us on this all-wheel-drive journey are Frank’s terrible sense of direction, weird road names, that old-timey-radio voice, Never Eat Soggy Weetbix and questions about LAN parties. Brenny also attempts to predicts peoples favourite moments with, varied results.
33:35 06/26/2022
The Weighting Game (Featherwand)
This episode is heavy man – no no, not like THAT – I mean Bingo literally makes things heavy! But in order to hear us talk about it, you may need to skip forward 10 seconds. Or more. Probably more. This ep has it all from hard magic systems with consistent physics, floor cereals with unliftable spoons, the most Queensland-of-Queensland street names to ever appear in Queensland and yes, a reference to our (and by ours I mean Brendan’s) favourite movie franchise. We hope our singular listener enjoys!
25:04 06/13/2022
Aaaand why should I care? (Unicorse)
I’m sorry listeners – we try hard on this show to not just be a repeating sound box that retells the same jokes as the show but come ON – it’s the most quotably chaotic high energy episode of Season 3! Full of 90s catchphrases, Jim Henson tributes and some serious Agros Cartoon Connection vibes, this episode is almost as off the rails as we are. We learn about kid negotiation tactics, Brenny Putdowns and when it’s time to bring the lawyers in…
33:01 05/22/2022
K9 NEWS: Season 3.5 coming soon!
BREAKING NEWS! You've seen it on all the socials, now let us talk about the hot news about new Season 3 episodes arriving soon!
05:20 05/21/2022
You're Doing Great (Baby Race)
Let's just get the crying out of the way right now. You know you did it, we did it and we’ll all no doubt do it again. To celebrate this torrent of tears, serial-crier Erin is back for another episode! And WHAT an episode – arguably THE Bluey episode. In our case, we manage to add in Parental Pressure, a Space Race, Invisible Bingo, Baby Wipes, speed differentials and even the classic Aussie cult-movie The Dish! What more could you ask for! How about Erin’s favourite character? Picking only ONE What Whizalted Willy’s Whimper moment? Can it be done? Will there be tears?
36:53 05/09/2022
Little Diggers (Army)
“At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.” Today, on this most sacred of Australian days, what better way to pay tribute to our serving and fallen ANZACs than by looking at: Army! To help us we have two amazing guests: another of the Williams clan in Brendan’s sister Erin but also her extremely qualified friend Jessie. And Jessie’s speciality: Australian History. And if you think you have some deep dive theories on the Heeler family, prepare ye: you ain’t seen nothing yet. On this mission we also reference sibling power struggles, Arnie (you knew it was gonna happen), The Simpsons and draw in another of the Williams clan to some controversial casting. Oh and Marty pretending to Brendan, might just make you cry – with laughter.
40:45 04/25/2022
Eggs Marks the Spot (Easter)
Merry Chocolate Day! It's time for a good old fashioned treasure hunt. Keeping with the theme we join Bluey and Bingo on their adventures. Along the way we discover that kids CAN catch a plane, Bluey is better at riddles than you are, Bandit and Chilli AREN'T perfect parents (it's true) and try REALLY hard not to spoil the magic. But how we can we, cause there's just so much of it in this ep! Just don't go into Dads bathroom or Brennys sandpit...
27:01 04/18/2022
Manscaping (STUMPFEST!)
Lads (and ladies) – it is time. By far our most requested episode, the legendary (yell it with me now) STUMPFEST! With such a high energy episode we ponder as to Muffins ability to walk between worlds, just how much day drinking is TOO much and what is possibly cooler than The Beatles? While we may not be the alpha males capable of waving a stump around in victory, this ep is bursting with testosterone – and nail salons and unicorns. Oh, and the Union show up at some point? Is this how adults play? Let’s find out together friends!
26:06 04/04/2022
Book-Book, FLIP! (Burger Shop)
It’s the other Ali! For the second time! Even though she was technically the first Ali! (It makes sense, trust me). Yes to the potential determent of Marty, his gorgeous wife Ali has returned but her husband isn’t the only one in the firing line. Also in the firing line: Bandit and his bath escapades in Burger Shop! Are bathrooms not designed for parents? How magic are magnetic letters? Can you earn your keep please? I need a price check please on a Sonic the Hedgehog cameo? Also - and this is true - our best, outro, EVER. No editing required! 
27:24 03/21/2022
It’s an extra special ep today as we are joined by Ali! Not to be confused with Frank’s Ali, this Ali is married to Marty (they’re different people I swear!) This episode goes all over the shop – much like how the Heeler kids go all around Brisbane! Thankfully Ali the Architect is here to help with all the geographical references, animal callouts, special guest voices and sad tea towels. Frank also finally has someone who matches his cricket knowledge on the show! Brenny tries another dog reference – you be the judge whether it sticks. And Marty, well Marty just tries to lay low as Ali lays down the law – much to the delight of the others. 
34:32 03/06/2022
K9 NEWS: Joe Brumm!
Friends, today we had the supreme honour of chatting with the creator, animator, director, brother and Dad of Bluey – the one and only Joe Brumm! In an extended episode we cover all the questions you want to know and probably even some you never thought to ask. From Joes early drawings, musing on what makes the show work, social responsibility and the nervous first ever screening. But also, Super Cats, GermanDs, octopus and poop jokes. Hear the joy in our voices as we confirm some of our crazy theories, have others refuted and invent a few along the way. Finally, we round out with some not-so-fast lightning round questions where among the many nuggets of gold are Joes new ring tone, Indiana Jones, Tacos and Transformers. (I’m not embellishing here, all those things happen!) Huge thanks to Joe for this amazingly good time! @LudoStudios  @OfficialBlueyTV
68:38 03/01/2022
That's Great, Babe! (The Sleepover)
There’s questions and show downs galore on todays episode – Is Muffin a brat? Stripe is accused of a dog-act. Who’s stayed up all night and err, why? Who has the best lines: Sleep-deprived Muffin or Dad-Date Bingo? Has Chilli set the bar when it comes to Police response times? Should Bandit go into construction with the worlds fastest Chip Shop? Should Brendan stop throwing people under the bus? Commerical TV vs Streaming? (Ok that ones a given…) And in the ultimate tv-darling-showdown, Frank asks a question that should never have been uttered in the first place!  *Cue the Blue Heelers soundtrack!*
23:36 02/21/2022
Bum Worms! (Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound)
If it’s good enough for ABCtv, its good enough for us! Bum Worms for everyone! Speaking of good, Marty is in town again – Hooray! But what’s the one downside of being in the same room? Another cracking episode of Bluey but what is it’s one big flaw? Powerpoints are back folks, but with a twist! In this meta episode, we ask the big questions: Who is the director? Who is the best actor? Who took the final shot? Can Wendy fly a drone? Who is the Muffin in your life? In honor of those purple pants, take a look inside the mad-cat brain of Brendan as he spills on his editing tricks. LongDogs, Bathrobes and a Squeeky Hammer await!
23:34 02/07/2022
The Machine Puprising (The Claw)
7 minutes. 7 minutes is the average length of a Bluey episode – it’s also how long it takes us to actually talk about Bluey. And once again, it’s all the fault of Arnie. Sorry not sorry. But also, sorry. How does Brendan knock on a door? The same way he crosses the road! (Not a joke) It’s a battle of the parents as to who can teach the lesson but also, who can zing harder and faster. From there its all about the textures – of both carpet and bus seats. Naturally. Does this episode contain the two best Chilli lines of all time? Tune in to find out!  
30:34 01/24/2022
Pupside Down (Handstand)
Happy Blue Year! It’s officially 2022 and we have resolutions to break, and Bluey to watch! Come join us for the party to end all parties, complete with complicit ignorance, programmable pies, cartwheels and good old Nanna. There’s even a special guest appearance from Kylie Minogue! (And yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking: a Big Brendan-Tangent (BBT©)) It seems in the new year we’ve been blessed with a new segment: Long-dog spotting! And prepare ye for the cutest and youngest of the Williams Nibblings who can count better than us! Merry Blue Blue! 
27:36 01/04/2022
Proper Gravy (Christmas Swim)
"It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime, of the year!" Is there enough singing on our show? Find out today as we head to the pool for the annual CHRISTMAS SWIM! But much like Bartleby, what tales do we have of bringing new people into our families? And it wouldn’t be an Aussie Xmas without fire restrictions, Classic Catches, bon-bons, the theory of evolution and much much more. Frank is triggered by the adventures of Bartleby but not as triggered as Brendan is by, almost everything else. But it’s all gonna be okay – cause Nanas gonna make the gravy. 
32:30 12/21/2021
Octurne for a Dream (Fruitbat)
Today is one big reference show. Our old faves such as Indiana Jones and Jim Henson are joined by the likes of Back to the Future and even The Dude. It's a wonder we managed to talk about Bluey at all! What is a lot of bats called? A flock? A herd? A flying fist of justice? (How the heck we did not make a Batman joke, I'll never know.) We also acknowledge Pop-Up-Croc, another of Brendans amazingly well-read nibblings (Good knowledge kid!), and the absolute BANGER that Joff Bush composed for this crowd-favourite episode. But it's okay - it's not all a dream. 
29:22 12/14/2021
Twental Floss (Markets)
We can announce, by royal decree, this episode contains a ridiculous intro for a pretty lame milestone. But boy do we lean into it! It’s Market time kids – and there’s so much to see and do!  WATCH as we attempt to dance like Indy’s Mum around the topic of a potentially fictional character. GASP as secrets to a funny joke are revealed (Hint: It’s poop). PUZZLE as Brendan goes in-depth on Dutch food-making techniques! CRY as we attempt to explain Australian plastic money to our international listeners. MARVEL at our highly detailed description of a background character! All this and more, for only 5 bucks – that deserves a song! 
29:08 12/06/2021
Crossbreed #1 : Season 3 spoilers with 2 Bandits!
Today it’s a very special episode: the first in our series of Crossover/Crossbreed shows! And who better to share our love of the Australian show Bluey with than two Americans. Say G’day to Greg and Mike of the 2 Bandits Watching Bluey podcast! But listener beware – we delve into uncharted territory at the Bandits request: We talk about the first episode of Season 3 : Bedroom! While we try to dance around it, there are mild spoilers for this fantastic new episode. We know we know, not all of the world has gotten to see it yet, but we loved teasing the guys about whats in store for them as well as learning a bit about our cultural differences. Warning #2: There is so much banter in this episode, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a show about Bluey. Enjoy this extended special edition episode! 
67:33 11/29/2021
Baking Point (Duck Cake)
Today folks, it’s one of our most requested episodes. Say it with me now fellas: DUCK CAKE! Annoyingly, at the time of recording, we had to do the Zoom thing because The Man said so. But it’s ok – our tails are still wagging! Marty even got to attend a Cake conference – for real life! So that makes him qualified to answer the question: Is it really the hardest of all cakes? And is your kitchen even Australian without the most recognisable of cookbooks? Other questions include: What cakes did WE have as kids? Should humans have tails? How does Money work? And how many different ways can you say the word “Mate!” And remember: “Duck’s Fly Together!”
24:03 11/22/2021
K9 NEWS: Pre-Season 3 HYPE!
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Hammerbarn-ing to remind you all that Season 3 is almost upon us!
02:30 11/20/2021
The Bluey Decimal System (Library)
Today on the show its something we’ve never done before – an Indiana Jones reference! I know right, I didn’t believe it either. What are the chances? And what are the chances of Franks parenting style being called out HARD by Uncle Stripe? Brendan confesses that he is friends with jerks (hey man – I’m sitting right here!) all while attempting to follow the rules of the Library. There’s some debate on the Aussie classic of “Yeah Nah”, another Brendan family member special guest, the Grey Wiggle and even Samurai Pizza Cats. There is NO book that can contain all this awesome. But you should still return it anyway…
29:18 11/08/2021