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A podcast discussing various aspects and episodes of the Civil War. Aspiring to be your dad's favorite show.


Episode 1, Part 3 - A Murderous Fire
Part 3 brings our first episode to a close with the story of Colonel Ireland and the 137th New York fighting to hold their position on Culp's Hill, July 2nd, 1863. We also delve into the July 3rd fighting, the post-Gettysburg career of the regiment and the fates of the various characters we have met.Because I forgot to mention in the intro how to find the battle maps on the website, go to , click on "Episodes" then the link for Episode 1 (it's the only one there right now!) and scroll until you see the Maps link.
60:20 07/06/2021
Episode 1, Part 2 - Shadows In Twilight
In part 1, we met Colonel David Ireland and the men of the 137th New York and followed them through their first months of service. In this episode, we follow them on the long road to Gettysburg and the opening of the battle. 
49:05 05/26/2021
Episode 1, Part 1 - The Right Man in the Right Place
This three part first episode of All Played Out will tell the story of Colonel David Ireland and the 137th New York, climaxing with their defense of Culp's Hill at the battle of Gettysburg on the night of July 2nd, 1863. In Part 1, we meet David, get to know his background and trace the 137th's formation and early war service. This is my very first attempt ever at a podcast of any sort, so the usual caveats apply here. For what it's worth, my wife says my narration gets better after the first 10 or 15 minutes, so stick with me. 
48:05 05/03/2021