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The Hunt Fish Journal is a educational podcast hosted by Greg Barnhart, Dan Stapleton and Jerry Everhart with a passion for promoting archery, hunting and fishing in the great outdoors. Greg Barnhart is a custom wood worker with a great love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Greg started shooting archery around 14 years of age and was fascinated with the flight of the arrow from his youth. Greg started Deer hunting in 1978 in the Wayne National Forest in Southern Ohio. Greg is an avid Bass fisherman who has waded the Stillwater, Mad, Little Miami and the Great Miami rivers as well as the Twin Creek. Fishing the reservoirs, rivers and lakes all over Ohio in his early years kindled a fire for Bass fishing that continues to this day. Dan Stapleton is the owner of Dan's Sport Shop in Camden, Ohio. Dan has over 35 years deer hunting experience, and is a Master Bowyer with over 25 years of experience. Dan has traveled to many destinations and fished for many species of fish. Dan's favorite is Crappie Fishing. Dan's Sport Shop is a full-line archery pro shop with indoor shooting lanes. Jerry Everhart is an accomplished deer and Turkey hunter and a great fisherman. Jerry’s experience in harvesting big bucks has been a passion of his for more than 40 years, taking more big bucks than the average hunter with his proven Scrape Methods during the rut. We hope you find this pod cast insightful and entertaining. Thank you for listening Greg, Dan and Jerry


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