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The Business of Redemption with James and Bersabeh Ray
James Arthur Ray, author of The NY Times bestseller "Harmonic Wealth", and Bersabeh Ray stopped by to discuss their new book, "The Business of Redemption: The Price of Leadership in Both Life and Business".James discusses the emotional journey of his career. Bersabeh discusses her arduous journey of of her native Iran, as well as her challenges in quitting smoking.  Both of their stories inform the basis for the new book.Listeners can receive a free e-copy of Harmonic Wealth by visiting HarmonicWealth Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
51:13 3/25/24
Everything Is On The Table with Anthony Mannara
Adjunct Professor Anthony Mannara returns to discuss many topics, including politics, economics, and the state of society. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
54:53 3/11/24
Interview With Renaissance Man John Golden
Co-host Rich Del Valle and I had the chance to interview John Golden. A man who's worn many hats in his career.  He is responsible for the opening song in the cult-classic movie "The Lost Boys".  He mixed and produced many songs in his Centerfield studio.A die-hard Brooklyn Dodger fan, free-wheeling and inspirational John Golden continues to leave his mark on our culture.Visit the link below to learn more about Crone, an upcoming new documentary that John is involved in.  Crone Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
62:32 3/4/24
Civilized Debating on Ponderly with Amir Shiekh
Today we visited with Ponderly founder Amir Shiekh.  Ponderly is a new start-up app where people can express their views on a wide range of topics in a civilized way.  Ponderly aims to be society's new tool for news and public discussion.Ponderly can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Google play stores.  Try it out! Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
37:46 2/19/24
Scalar Light Healing and Free Energy with Tom Paladino
Tom Paladino is a researcher and humanitarian seeking to make a difference in the world by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health, and by helping enhance their quality of life.Tom began research with Scalar Energy after developing a deep admiration for the father of Scalar Energy research, Nikola Tesla. He was also able to study the work of an inventor, Hieronymus, who continued research on Scalar Energy. Hieronymus’ major contributions included unbinding the RNA/ DNA bonds of microbes plaguing the agricultural industry.The existence of such energy not found within the electromagnetic spectrum fascinated Tom. Inspired by these findings, he pursued a course of study seeking to better understand and subsequently harness Scalar Energy, through the development of an instrument called “Scalar Light” which utilizes free energy from the stars.To learn more about Tom and his work, please visit Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
46:18 2/12/24
NY State of Mind with Joe Del Giudice
Joe Del Giudice, a local Hudson Valley Police Officer, stopped by to share his thoughts on the current state of affairs in New York.As he mulls over the idea of running for political office, he explains the various reasons why he would do so. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
57:47 2/5/24
Haunted Vacations With Sylvia Shults
Prolific ghost story writer Sylvia Shults returns to talk about her new book "Gone On Vacation: Haunted Zoos, Museums & Amusement Parks."This and all of her published works can be found at  Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
54:24 1/22/24
Season Four Opener: Brother From The Exact Same Mother
Starting Season 4 with a conversation with my brother Bob. He talks about his career, being a husband, fatherhood, and dealing with life. Join us to hear and learn from this highly emulatable man. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
55:21 1/15/24
Taking The Red Pill with John Gusty
John Gusty, co-author of the popular hand book "The Red Pill Revolution", stopped by to discuss his take on the current Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.After over 30 years in the entertainment industry working “behind the curtain” for some of music’s biggest names, John turned his attention to health and wellness in an effort to help his wife heal from what was originally diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. He soon realized that the same deceit and profit motive that plagued the entertainment media was even worse inside the Medical Industrial Complex. As a devout agorist and champion of individuality, he now devotes his time to producing content that celebrates the spirit of sovereignty in all aspects of life.For more info on the handbook, visit  Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
67:11 12/11/23
Mallory And Gunner: Infernal with Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan, author of "A Simple Rebellion" and "Genius High", returns with his new upcoming release in the Mallory And Gunner Series, entitle "Infernal".The book release will be available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.For more information, please visit the authors' page at Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
54:51 12/4/23
Filmed On Location with Christina Cominelli
Location Scout Christina Cominelli explains the intricacies finding set locations for the film industry in the New York region.She has worked on films and shows such as "I Know This Much Is True" starring Mark Ruffalo, and "White House Plumbers" starring Woody Harrelson. Both shows aired on HBO. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
46:55 11/13/23
A Klatch On The Bronx with Betty Rosa
Betty Rosa stopped in to chat about growing up with her family and friends during the good old days in The Bronx. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
58:02 10/30/23
All About Mixology with Caitlin Hourican
Bartender Caitlin Hourican dropped in to discuss her experiences in the world of Mixology. She is the chief Mixologist and Bartender at The Millbrook Inn, in Millbrook, NY www.themillbrookinn.comFollow her on Instagram to learn more about her original concoctions at Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
25:17 10/23/23
The Pontificators Ep 3
Barry Kieselstein-Cord, Henry Boehringer, and Phil Kosofsky dropped in for the third installment of The Pontificators.  We discussed foreign and domestic current events.  All three gave their early pick for the upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
57:39 10/16/23
The Reminiscence
Long-time friend Fred Romandetto stopped by to chat.Discussed was his commuting to New York City, and his contemplation of retirement.Also discussed was the blessing of growing up in a special time and place. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
54:49 10/2/23
Cobalt: The Rise And Fall Of The Great Reset
We had Travis Davis in to talk about his new book, "Cobalt: The Rise And Fall Of The Great Reset"Mr. Davis is also the author of "Flames Of Deception", which was released in 2022.For more info on Mr. Davis and the two books, please visit  @authorecke5217  #fiction #author Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
38:37 9/11/23
Another Peek Down The Rabbit Hole
Previous guest Chris stopped by to revisit some of the closure mandates, the possibility of new one's to come.In addition, we talked about the effects of the current economy on his real estate business.For more info, please visit Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
65:17 8/28/23
A Walk Through Pickett's Field
A slight variation from our usual podcast presentation.  Joined by previous podcast guests, George Bauer and Professor Robert Pucci, we visited the Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.Having been there a couple of dozen times, I traditionally walk across the field of Pickett's Charge to end the trip and return to New York.Thank you to Mr. Bauer, Mr. Pucci, and my brother Rich for joining me this year. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
33:04 8/14/23
Loopholes In The Matrix with Brandon Joe Williams
Common Law Lawyer Brandon Joe Williams discusses the legal gray areas of U.S. Law and how to manipulate the language of the law to your benefit.Brandon Joe Williams is a State National of California, author and Common Law lawyer, and founder of The Amnesty Coalition.  Mr. Williams is also the author of "Don't Be a Slave To Your Clients" and "Love Is A Battery", both available on Amazon.comFor more information about Mr. Williams and The Amnesty Coalition, visit Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
72:57 8/7/23
Life as a 911 Operator with Ricardo Martinez
#IAM911Ricardo Martinez, author of the newly-released "Imagine Listening: Your Worst Day Is Our EveryDay".  Mr. Martinez started a movement among 911 operators under the hashtag #IAM911. He has compiled stories from emergency operators from all over the world, and curated them into his new book. This poignant telling describes the stress and anxiety that comes with this profession.To find out more about the book, please visit Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
57:59 7/31/23
The Puppeteers
Felice Manzi stopped by to discuss how he dealt with cancer and the treatment he received in the VA.He also discussed the Jason Chaffetz book "The Puppeteers: The People Who Control The People Who Control America" Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
39:49 7/24/23
A Writer's Journey with Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan, author of the popular Mallory and Gunner series of books, joined us and co-host George Bauer. Mr. Ryan discusses his journey as a teacher, journalist, filmmaker, and podcaster.  Mr. Ryan is also one of the co-author's of Soul Scream Antholozine, a periodical specifically for horror fans and authors.You can learn more about him and his books by visiting his Amazon page. In addition, Mr. Ryan hosts a writers nook podcast, along with Alex Simmons, called Tell The Damn Story, which can be found on YouTube. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
66:54 7/10/23
Business Consulting in the Modern Economy with Michelle Caba
Michelle Caba is the owner and founder of Fama Agency, a business consulting firm in Miami, Florida.She joins us to discuss her transition from an expert financial services professional on Wall Street to a highly successful business consultant.To learn more about Michelle and her firm, and to schedule at strategy call, please visit www.FamaAgency.comAt the time of this recording, Michelle  was about to release her anticipated Free Masterclass to help grow and monetize your business. For more on that class, please visit Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
34:14 7/3/23
Queensborough Rock with Stephen Shaiken
Author Stephen Shaiken stopped by to discuss his new book Queensborough Rock. A novel based in 1971 New York City, the story centers on struggling band manager Jack Bernstein as he navigates his way through his highly competitive field during the heyday of rock-n-roll in the early seventies.We were joined by co-host George Bauer as Mr. Shaiken discussed his inspiration for this highly unique story. Mr. Shaiken is the author of the very popular NJA Club series of novels.You can visit to learn more about all of his novels. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
41:32 6/27/23
Independent Music at JIB Machine Records with John Templeman
Along with co-host George Bauer, today we discussed the challenges and advantages of an independent record label in the internet era with John Templeman, the owner of JIB Machine Records in Cleveland, Ohio.Mr. Templeman describes and ascribes his success to networking with strategic partners, and the base of it all,  his deep love of music.Check out JIB Machine Records for all of the great music artists on their roster. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
63:26 6/19/23
The Art of Bob Dylan
Dr. Jim Curtis, author of "Decoding Dylan: Making Sense of the Songs that Changed Modern Culture" returns to discuss the Bob Dylan of the 21st Century.  Dr. Curtis explores the art and sculpture of this modern culture icon, and his inevitable comparisons to Picasso.Bob Dylan, One Too Many, 2020 Image Copyright Bob Dylan Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
40:55 6/5/23
Two Grumpy Guys
Felice Manzi stopped by in the morning to converse about health, politics, and whatever else was on our minds. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
43:41 5/29/23
Top 10 Movies Of All Time with Professor Robert Pucci
Everything is subjective!  Robert Pucci, retired professor of Media and Communications in the SUNY Schools, dropped by to exchange and examine the Top 10 movies of all time. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
86:47 5/22/23
Travel to Papua New Guinea with Sofie Devens
Sofie Devens stopped by to tell us about her recent trip to Papua New Guinea. Follow along as Sofie deftly describes the long journey from New York, the cultural differences and customs, and her stay in a local tribe's village where her childhood friend is doing missionary work.Travel vicariously through her eyes as she takes us all the way to Oceania and back home again. Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
73:31 5/1/23
Bringing It All Back Home with Dr. Jim Curtis
Joined by co-host George Bauer, Dr. Jim Curtis stopped by to discuss his book "Decoding Dylan: Making Sense Of The Songs That Changed Modern Culture".Dr. Curtis makes a refreshingly cerebral analysis of Dylan's songs and their effect on society, as well as the influence Dylan has had on popular music from the early sixties to this day.Along with his other book, "Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music and Society, 1954-1984",  Dr. Curtis skillfully describes the unbroken chain of popular music from the days of Bing Crosby to the more modern artists like Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.You can find both books mentioned here at Check our other links:TwitterRumbleInstagramYouTube
57:26 4/24/23