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The Purposeful Wealth Podcast

Do you want to live a fulfilled and purposeful life? In this podcast, Jonathan introduces his principles for living a fulfilled and purposeful life, as well as sharing the key financial and wealth planning strategies you need to focus on to achieve this.


The Slow Process of Building and Spending Wealth 07:22 07/14/2022
No Pain No Gain 05:43 07/06/2022
What you need to know before selling your dental practice - Christie & Co 19:48 07/02/2022
Time in the market vs. timing the market 05:20 06/17/2022
Top Tips for an unsettling time 05:19 06/15/2022
Are you saving enough for retirement? 06:05 05/11/2022
Ten important points to remember when considering digital assets and blockchain technology 10:34 05/10/2022
Introduction to Purposeful Wealth 04:52 05/09/2022
Investing in an uncertain world 05:07 03/01/2022
Gifting to Children 06:34 12/15/2021
Will Inflation Hurt Equity Returns 04:07 12/08/2021
The Obstacles When Investing 10:43 12/01/2021
Which Country Will Outperform? 04:02 11/24/2021
Key Questions For The Long Term Investor 08:24 11/17/2021
´╗┐Keeping Your Swimmers On 06:51 11/10/2021
How Good Outcomes Are Usually The Result Of A Sensible Process 06:26 10/20/2021
2021 Accredited Financial Planning Firm of the Year 04:24 10/13/2021
Receiving an Inheritance 05:10 10/06/2021
What Is China Evergrande, and Why Is Its Crisis Worrying Markets? 07:27 09/29/2021
Shareholding: Getting A Slice Of The Pie 06:51 09/22/2021
Achieving Financial Independence 05:47 09/15/2021
How To Make Sense Of Your Pensions and Investments 06:38 09/08/2021
Key Questions For The Long Term Investor 11:12 09/01/2021
A Summary of the Most Important Financial Planning Lessons 34:26 08/11/2021
Why Investment Costs Really Matter To The Success Of Your Portfolio 07:14 08/04/2021
Ongoing Investment Governance 09:32 07/28/2021
Re-Release: 7 Big Questions To Answer When Seeking Financial Fulfilment 13:54 07/21/2021
The Unhelpful Noise Of Short Term Performance 09:23 07/14/2021
What Does Good and Bad Investing Look Like 07:35 07/07/2021
A Sensible Approach To More Sustainable Investing 12:15 06/30/2021