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Disrupt Disruption

be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".


A Conversation with David Siegel (CEO @ Meetup) 36:06 05/17/2022
A Conversation with Bruce Smith (Founder & CEO @ Hydrow) 29:46 03/16/2022
A Conversation with Riaz Shah (Global Learning Leader @ EY) 32:12 02/16/2022
A Conversation with Cecilia Tham (Cofounder @ Futurity Systems) 28:08 02/03/2022
A Conversation with Samantha Snabes (Cofounder @ re:3D) 29:18 01/27/2022
A Conversation with Dave Friedman (CEO @ AutonomyWorks) 27:43 01/21/2022
A Conversation with Dr. David Bray (Principal @ LeadDoAdapt Ventures, Distinguished Fellow @ Atlantic Council and Stimson Center) 32:45 12/03/2021
A Conversation with Hannah Tucker (Founder @ Balance Point Ventures and Disruption Dinner) 26:44 11/03/2021
A Conversation with Philipp Pieper (Cofounder & CEO @ Swarm Network) 29:57 10/27/2021
A Conversation with Bill Pasmore (Professor of Practice of Social Organizational Psychology @ Teachers College, Columbia University) 32:32 10/19/2021
A Conversation with Rob Evans (Managing Partner @ Imaginal Labs) 33:57 10/12/2021
A Conversation with Chris Clearfield (Author and Consultant) 31:59 09/14/2021
A Conversation with Dave Goldblatt (General Partner @ Vibe Capital) 22:28 09/08/2021
A Conversation with Marshall Kirkpatrick (VP Marketing @ Sprinklr) 30:45 08/31/2021
A conversation with Rick Smith (Founder and CEO @ Axon Enterprise) 24:42 08/24/2021
A conversation with Lars Hyland (Chief Learning Officer @ Totara Learning) 27:43 08/17/2021
A Conversation with Massimo Portincaso (Chairman @ Hello Tommorow) 27:09 08/10/2021
A Conversation with Gustav Strömfelt (Former Lead for the Blockchain Portfolio & Innovation Accelerator, World Food Program) 28:43 08/03/2021
A Conversation with Amy Radin (Strategist, Growth Hacker and Problem Solver and Fortune 100 Executive) 26:43 07/27/2021
A Conversation with Alice Casiraghi (Co-founder and Design Strategist, Future Urban Living | FUL) 23:51 07/20/2021
A Conversation with Rodolfo Rosini (Founder, Stealth Startup and Lead Tech Coach, Conception X) 26:46 07/13/2021
A Conversation with Gianni Giacomelli (Head of Innovation Design @ MIT Collective Intelligence Design Lab) 26:35 07/06/2021
A Conversation with Ulrich Schmitz (MD @ Axel Springer Digital Ventures and Founding Partner @ FreeTech) 26:45 06/29/2021
A Conversation with Vanessa Liu (VP @ Foundries North America) 24:56 06/22/2021
A Conversation with Gisbert Rühl (Former CEO, Kloeckner & Co SE) 27:25 06/15/2021
A Conversation with Alvaro Delgado Aparicio (Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer at BREIN – BRECA´s Innovation Hub) 25:28 06/08/2021
A Conversation with Christina Nesheva (ViiV Healthcare) 23:57 06/01/2021
A Conversation with Kyle Nel (Singularity Labs / Lowe's) 25:12 05/25/2021
A Conversation With Maurice Conti (Former Head of Moonshots at Telefonica Alpha) 29:24 05/18/2021
A Conversation With George Constantinescu (Chief Transformation Officer at ATCO) 30:03 05/10/2021