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Welcome to On Cue Chris Costello. My Dad, Lou Costello, of the popular comedy team Abbott and Costello, was not only a comic, but a humanitarian who loved helping people. He was a sincere advocate when it came to helping others, and to be there for people who wanted to make a positive difference in our world. I guess you might say, his passion has been passed on to me. I invite you to come and listen, as I talk with people who are making an imprint in our world. People such as Elizabeth Beisel, a 3x Olympian and 2x Olympic medalist who is paying it forward; Francis Gary Powers Jr., the son of U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers whose U2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960, and so many others. We have some amazing people, all sharing their equally amazing stories. Please join me on, On Cue Chris Costello


Surfs Up! Meet The Real Gidget!
Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, the real-life GIDGET.  Her story ignited a surfing sub-culture in America and Gidget mania around the world. (Spoil alert: With a special surprise guest!)
29:36 4/12/22
An Olympian and a Concert Violinist - Meet Elizabeth Beisel!
Olympian Elizabeth Beisel talks about her challenges of being one of the youngest Olympian's ever to compete. She is driven by her desire to win, and her passion in giving back. What centers her? It's playing the violin!
33:43 11/30/21
France To New York - Igniting Vaudeville's Legacy
Vaudeville, born in France, raised in New York. From the saloon halls, to the Palace Theater, who were the immigrants that shaped Vaudeville's legacy, changing the face of entertainment forever? Historian Rob Snyder draws back the curtain to reveal Vaudeville's rich history.
26:55 11/30/21
The Kiss That Silenced A War
The Sailor and the Nurse. The timeless, iconic photo taken in New York City's Times Square, the day WWII ended. But who were these two people, and how were they identified? Author Larry Verria uncovers decades of mystery with our host, Chris Costello.
22:12 11/30/21
Cold War Adversaries - Francis Gary Powers Jr., and Sergei Khrushchev Discuss Their Father's Legacies
The United States and The Soviet Union. Chris talks with Francis Gary Powers, Jr. and Sergei Khrushchev, sons of two iconic and historical figures of the Cold War. What was it like knowing the world was watching every move their dads made? In this historical podcast, Chris also opens up the discussion to today's students.
42:43 11/30/21
B-2 Stealth Bomber Pilot, Lt. Col. Nicola "Rogue" Polidor, USAF. "The Sky Has No Limit."
Lt Col. Nicola "Rogue" Polidor, the first female pilot to fly the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber over the Rose Parade, talks about her dreams, her challenges, and about making history! 
26:54 11/30/21
Unmasking Hollywood's Greatest Monsters - The Chaney Dynasty
We take a fascinating look into a family dynasty.  Lon Chaney, "The Man of a Thousand Faces." Also his son, Lon Chaney Jr., who became an iconic legend portraying the Wolf Man. Join us, as we talk with grandson Ron Chaney, who shares an unusual glimpse into the golden-age of horror films, and  the Chaney family dynasty.
37:49 11/24/21
"Hello Everybody! I'm Kate Smith."
Kate Smith, first lady of radio, and  our Nation's most beloved patriot. Join Kate's niece Suzy Andron and her husband Bob, as they take us on a behind-the-scenes journey into this amazing woman's life, in front of, and away from the microphone.  
33:14 11/23/21
At The Sound Of The Tone - Making Time With Jane Barbe
A familiar voice to millions across America. Jane Barbe gave us the time, the weather, hotel wake-up calls, and iconic radio and TV commercials. Join us as we talk with her son, David Barbe, who shares his mother's incredible journey as, "The Time Lady." 
27:24 11/23/21
The Catskills - It's History and How It Changed America
The lure, the history, the love of the Catskills. Join renowned author Stephen M. Silverman as he takes un on a larger-than-life journey into this remote mountainous area, 100 miles northwest of New York City.
30:48 11/22/21
On Cue Chris Costello Demo
Here are some samples from our Award-winning podcasts, On Cue Chris Costello!
05:46 11/22/21
Dogsledding To Victory - Libby Riddles
American dog musher Libby Riddles, is the first woman to win the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race. With trailblazing grit, Libby takes us into the world, her world, of crossing the finish line!
39:37 11/22/21
Holiday Eats - Let's Stop With The Word Diet and Start With The Word Living
Adrienne Everakes , life coach, returns to On Cue to talk with Chris Costello on tips and guidelines for the holiday season.  Adrienne and Chris talk about not just shedding pounds, but also shedding old habits to bring in a new year ahead!
19:03 11/19/21
Actress Ginny MacColl Finds The Ninja Within
Join Chris as she talks with Ginny MacColl, a 68 year old woman, who at the age of 64 found her "Ninja" with-in.  This segment has something for all ages to listen to and apply! Body in Motion!
28:23 3/10/20
Did You Know Wine Has Legs?
Travel into the world of wine with expert Michael Cristillo, wine and spirits  buyer for  Bristol Farms. Michael talks about good wines that are not going to break the bank account!
22:45 10/29/19
How to Build and Secure Your Retirement
Rich Garland, educator in Business and Financial Planning talks retirement.  your nest egg, how to build and secure your retirement.  The money needed, having a plan, erasing debt.
17:02 10/22/19
Birthplace of Moving Pictures- It's Not Where You May Think
The birthplace of films-Journey into the world of early film making with Historian Tom Meyers
26:08 10/15/19
Hearing Voices-Modulating a Revolution
Radio and it's history.  Its fascinating origin and how it changed the world.  Filmmaker Michael James Kacey takes us on a journey of the airwaves from then to now.
27:03 10/1/19
The Great Amusement Park Journey with Stephen M. Silverman
Love the thrill of a fast roller coaster?  On Cue talks with author Stephen M. Silverman on the origin of the amusement parks, roller coasters, ferris wheels, carousels, Coney Island and Disneyland.  Fasten your seat for this interview!
33:11 9/24/19
Spy Pilot-Francis Gary Powers Jr.
Part 1  On Cue with Francis Gary Powers, Jr. his book Spy Pilot, whose father wasU2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down over Russia in 1960 during the Cold War,His capture, trail. and incarceration reveals riveting facts.
17:14 9/12/19
Part 2 Spy Pilot- Francis Gary Powers, Jr.
Francis Gary Powers, Jr. son of U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers who was shot down over Russia during the Cold War.  Escaping torture, his release, and the after effects on returning home.A must not miss!
22:12 9/12/19

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