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Sister Say What?

I say it as it should be said! Tadaaaaaaaaaaa...🤪 I am a Nigerian woman who is all too familiar with the African stereotypes on gender and society. And I hate it. Bleehhhhh🙄 I host conversations on society matters touching on gender, relationship, marriage, belief systems and general lifestyle. The humorous and yet enlightening episodes of SSW Podcast help men understand women's views and realities better, and help women evolve better. Leggo Sis! New episode every Tuesday. Please subscribe and check me out on YouTube for video.


How to ask the 'WHEN ARE YOU HAVING KIDS?' Question. #sswpodcast 16:34 09/07/2021
BETRAYAL! How LONG should a friend STAY in your HOME? And How to Make them leave! 13:10 08/24/2021
EXPOSED! The REAL REASON Women [Say They] Don't NEED MEN! 19:18 08/10/2021
MARRIED BUT LONELY...Advise Her. 22:14 08/03/2021
PACKAGING and LIVING A FAKE LIFE: Where is the Line? 18:45 07/27/2021
Is POLYGAMY the Solution to Cheating Disasters in Marriage? 23:21 07/20/2021
Would You Like To Be Richer Than Your Husband? 17:58 07/13/2021
How Do You Say Happy Father's Day? 17:23 07/06/2021
Would You Kiss and Tell? 16:30 06/29/2021
MONEY IN DISGUISE! Why Do Women Buy Things With Their Money But Lie? 14:58 06/22/2021
Women Don't Like to Spend Their Money - True or False? 19:02 06/15/2021
What is the Nigerian Teenage Girl's Dream? 14:36 06/08/2021
Mummy's Guilt: The Working Mum Pressure. 18:04 02/20/2021
Valentine's Day: Where is your Boyfriend? 18:36 02/11/2021
The Silhouette Challenge: Empowering or Doom? 17:47 02/03/2021
The Madam Vice President and You. 14:43 01/27/2021
The Stingy Men Association - Unconditional Love? 18:35 01/19/2021
The DNA Craze - Who's Your Daddy? 16:46 01/13/2021
You and the Abroad Guys this Christmas 12:08 12/24/2020
How To Not Compare Yourself With Others. 24:17 11/13/2020
Why Your Voice is Not Heard - Common Phrases to Downplay Women's Voices/Challenges. 12:35 09/20/2020
Natural Inhibitions to Women's Self-Actualization 27:27 09/12/2020
Introduction: Why "Bitch Up"? 11:50 08/25/2020