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Face Beat Heels High: A Diva Driven Wrestling Podcast

We are a wrestling podcast made by women! We basically drink and talk wrestling, take shots, and more wrestling. If you don't like drinking, wrestling or women, you probably don't want to be listening to this podcast.


We're Baaaaack Again!!
Join us as we discuss all things WrestleMania 39! 
88:36 4/5/23
The Day Has Come. Let's Talk AEW!
You asked and we listened! Join PJB and The Baker as we discuss our favorite moments of AEW Revolution on this very special episode of FBHH!
61:24 3/9/22
International Waters
This month we cover the first ever international elimination chamber, Cody Rhodes leaving AEW, and speculate about WrestleMania!
66:17 2/22/22
We're Baaaack!!
We're back everyone! New format, new us! This month we are discussing the 2022 Royal Rumble!
66:21 2/1/22
Here's My PB&J
We're back! This week we discuss all that went down in Survivor Series and Raw so join us for our season 2 finale!!
69:26 11/23/21
One.. Sparkling Sensation
This week we talk about Halloween Havoc, Becky vs Bianca, a new Uso enters, Shotzi vs Charlotte, and more!
65:22 11/2/21
This week Bakey and WildSpice discuss the season premieres of Raw and Smackdown, upcoming picks for Halloween Havoc and our new King and Queen of the Ring!
82:14 10/26/21
We Are Uninspired
This week we discuss Swerve vs Santos on NXT, Queen of the Ring and King of the Ring finals, Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch vs Sasha and more on this episode of FBHH!
74:50 10/19/21
We Are Unsupervised
This week we discuss the draft, Franky Monet vs Raquel, Electra Lopez vs B-fab, becky and bianca and charlotte, Big D and more on FBHH!
64:56 10/5/21
Battle of The Brands
We talk about our first ever AEW experience, some thoughts on Extreme Rules, what the WWE Draft will bring and more this week on FBHH!
62:03 9/28/21
We Are Traumatized
Roman Reigns on Raw, Priscilla Kelley,  new women's tag team champs, Index's wedding, our picks for Extreme Rules, and more this week on FBHH!
65:04 9/21/21
This Is Wrestling Mommy!
This week we talk Bakey's first live show, the return of The Demon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Big E's cash in and more on this episode of FBHH!!
69:54 9/14/21
Bodega Food
This week we talk about the AEW debuts, lead ups to extreme rules, Index's upcoming nuptials, the possibility of the return of The Demon and more!
66:24 9/7/21
Another Bakey & WildSpice Special!
Becky Lynch is back on smackdown, NXT Breakout Tournament comes to an end, the wedding of the year, Paul Heyman is a puppy, Drew is still the best and more this week on FBHH!
72:48 8/31/21
Wild Spice's Blessings at SummerSlam
Wild Spice's first live show experience, Bianca's match against Becky, the beast that is Walter and more this week on FBHH!
81:55 8/24/21
We Said This Is Her House!
This week we are re-releasing our interview with Paige in lieu of a new episode. We talk pranks, Wrestlemania, her time on NXT, Twitch, her time as GM of Smackdown and more on this very special episode of FBHH!
81:36 8/18/21
The Saddest We Have Ever Been
This week we discuss the NXT releases, Summer Slam matches, Zelina Vega vs Bianca, Paul Heyman's monologue and more on this episode of FBHH! 
75:55 8/10/21
In Bray We Prayed
This week we talk about Bray Wyatt's release, the Goldberg situation, what was going to happen to Karrion, Dexter Lumis Love her or Leave her match, Sasha's return and more!
78:51 8/3/21
Participation Trophies
Roman hates missionary, Samoa Joe is provoked, Raquel cracks ribs, Nikki loses to Charlotte and more this week on FBHH!
76:18 7/27/21
The Darkest Day
Money in the Bank, Goldberg, Keith Lee, Finn Balor, Karrion Kross,  Nikki cashes in and more this week on FBHH!
104:13 7/20/21
Sup Splasholes
This week we talk about everything leading up to Money in the Bank, predictions and picks, and Great American Bash!
90:45 7/13/21
Planting The Seed
We discuss everything leading up to Money in the Bank and Great American Bash! Zelina Vega's return, Edge is in our lives once again, Pat McAfee needs to go, Eva Marie strikes again and more this week on FBHH!
55:16 7/6/21
Three Shots For RAW!
Edge returns, Riddle channels Randy, WWE releases and more this week on FBHH!
62:01 6/29/21
We Have 'Pinions
Samoa Joe joins NXT, Hell In A Cell results, Money In The Bank qualifying matches and more this week on this Monday Night episode of FBHH!
73:39 6/22/21
RIP Blessed Be
NXT Take Over In Your House, Hell In A Cell picks, holding space for our Queen Naomi and more on this week on FBHH!
68:14 6/15/21
How Far We've Come
Usos vs Mysterios, Battle Royal on Raw, Jimmy Smith is just happy to be here, AJ Styles is back in our lives, we stan Beth Phoenix Liv Morgan, gas station weasel, Takeover In Your House picks and more this week on FBHH!
74:05 6/8/21
Into The Nit of It
Franky Monet, Finn vs Karrion part 2, Usos vs Street Profits, Alexa goes after Shayna Bayzler, Drew Mcintyre is going to Hell in a Cell and more this week on FBHH!
69:58 6/1/21
No BS Wrestling
Riddle pulls off a RKO, Bobby Fish is back, Shayna is coming for Reginald, Smackdown nonsense and more this week on FBHH!
55:29 5/25/21
Excuse Us Once Again!
Hey friends!As we mentioned last week, we're all a little unavailable for this episode (life happens) so we decided to rerelease our Vicky Guerrero Episode Extravaganza today. We're looking forward to recording a new episode next week and getting back to the groove of things! But until then, keep your face beat and your heels high!!
89:54 5/18/21
Wild Spice and Bakey Special
Bianca Belair just wants to live, who does Alexa have her eye on, Jimmy Uso is back, Candace and Indi are new tag team champs, our Backlash picks and more this week on FBHH!
63:17 5/11/21