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Focused on cutting-edge leadership and technology insight, the Rocket IT Podcast fuses these two unique genres, providing listeners with a business-oriented series unlike any other. With over 24 years of experience in the information technology industry, Rocket IT Founder and CEO, Matt Hyatt and his team guide audience members on journeys of exploration and discovery, delving deep into some of today’s most trending topics. From these endeavors, Rocket IT strives to empower listeners through the human connections we establish with guests, and the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table. By employing a listen-first approach in their discussions, Matt and his team are able to ask guests the key questions that spark both enlightening conversations and innovation. To learn more about Rocket IT and its podcast, we encourage you to visit


Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jeremie Kubicek | Finding Peace in Chaos | Ep. 28
Finding peace in a chaotic world can be difficult. Hear how GiANT Co-Founder, Jeremie Kubicek, has helped business leaders from Google, Microsoft, and Chick-fil-A find their Peace Index and use it to sustain balance in their lives.
53:16 10/6/22
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Marlon Allen | The Potential to Win | Ep. 27
Hear how founding partner of Ramp Marketing, Marlon Allen is giving student athletes the tools to pursue their dreams and see tremendous potential to win in every aspect of their lives.
57:17 10/15/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Steven Tomlinson & Dave Hollister | Accountability at Every Level | Ep. 26
As organizations have scrambled to adapt to health guidelines for commercial workspaces, Steven Tomlinson and Dave Hollister of Level Seven Facilities Services have served on the front lines of the pandemic. In episode 26 of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, audiences hear how Dave and Steven have built their business to embrace challenges and opportunities as they appear.
65:16 9/14/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Bill McDermott | Being Mindful of Mindset | Ep. 25
With over 40 years of banking experience under his belt, Bill McDermott made the shift from business banker to consultant after life through him a curveball. In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, Bill provides audiences with the key steps every business should consider when attempting to accommodate the current needs of the marketplace.
55:25 7/30/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Kristina Blum & Jody Campbell | Maintaining Authenticity | Ep. 24
In episode 24 of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, audiences are greeted by two of metro-Atlanta's most outgoing legal professionals, Chief Magistrate Judge Kristina Blum and attorney Jody Campbell.
76:04 7/8/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Lee Wolfe | Illuminating Your Potential | Ep. 23
Have you ever wondered how some of today’s most well-known businesses craft the perfect office cultures for innovation and creativity? In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we sit down with Halogenex President and business coaching extraordinaire, Lee Wolfe to hear how he’s helped shape major players, such as Chick-fil-A, IBM, Fujifilm, Emory University, and General Mills.
65:48 5/17/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Brandon Hutchins | Leading Change Through Influence | Ep. 22
Leading one business is no simple task, but how about two? In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, Gaskins Surveying and Engineering CEO, Brandon Hutchins shares a unique story of how he moved from employee to owner in only a few years.
77:12 2/26/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Neil Stevens | Creating Remarkable Experiences | Ep. 21
On this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with one of the banking industry’s most admirable leaders, Neil Stevens. Having served as Oconee State Bank’s President and CEO for the last four years, Neil and his team have carefully crafted an organization that generates remarkable experiences for the communities it serves.
56:08 2/3/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Craig Haynie | Mastering the Pivot | Ep. 20
With a constant drive to innovate and tackle new challenges, CablesandKits CEO, Craig Haynie has become a master of building businesses; helping his online business grow and overcome various challenges since its launch in 2001. And now, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, Craig has once again found new ways to build on the impressive capabilities of his team and online platform.
72:56 1/20/21
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Congressman Rob Woodall | Bringing Small Business to the Congressional Floor | Ep 19
Knowing what takes place behind congressional doors can sometimes be a mystery. So in this special installment of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we sit down with U.S. Congressman, Rob Woodall to hear how his team has kept small business, STEM education, and the betterment of Gwinnett County at the forefront of their efforts.
76:38 12/1/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Robin & Chad Merrill | Living With a Purpose | Ep 18
In episode 18 of the Rocket IT Business Podcast we speak with two entrepreneurs who are on a mission to inspire, impact, and influence the lives of others through their organization, Impact 2:52. With decades of leadership and business experiences to guide the way, Robin and Chad Merrill have set out to equip young leaders with the foresight to build healthy and sustainable organizations.
65:24 11/4/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Eddie Staub | Curating Greatness | Ep 17
At the ripe age of 27, with no land and little money to his name, Eddie Staub was driven by a courageous vision: to positively impact communities through the reunification of local families. 35 years and 315 acres later, that vision has since transpired into Eagle Ranch; a nonprofit facility that CNN rightfully nicknamed, “the miracle on Chestnut Mountain.”
87:10 10/27/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Dan Frey | Overcoming Obstacles To Facilitate Growth | Ep 16
In this segment of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, guest host Dan Frey sits down with the visionaries behind Rocket IT, Matt and Maureen Hyatt. Throughout their discussion, Matt and Maureen reflect on their journey to craft a successful business and how they continue to innovate 25 years later.
67:04 7/7/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Eric Henderson | The Anatomy of a Hack | Ep 15
Last year, around 1,500 major business data breaches and countless smaller ones occurred in the U.S. alone. Interested in learning what caused a majority of these attacks? In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, our in-house cybersecurity expert provides audiences with the inside scoop on a slew of new and unusual threats hacking groups are using to infiltrate business networks.
52:17 6/15/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jeff Spence | Managing Risk, Reward, & Regret | Ep 14
Have what it takes to seize a big opportunity when it comes along? In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we're joined by Jeff Spence; an adventurer, entrepreneur and private equity investor who has helped dozens of company teams grow, embrace challenge, and find commercial success.
68:48 4/15/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jeremie Kubicek | Who Says You Can’t | Ep 13
In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast we sit down with the CEO and Co-Founder of GiANT Worldwide, Jeremie Kubicek. From breaking ground on over 20 businesses to authoring one of Amazon’s top-ten business books of 2019, Jermie’s passion to fight for the highest possible good in others is something to behold.
42:27 4/8/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Eric Henderson | A Business Continuity Checklist | Ep 12
In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce hosts Eric Henderson, Rocket IT's VP of Technology, to help audience members ensure that technology remains a healthy part their operations. From this insight, Eric provides audiences with a better understanding of where their next steps should lie, giving them confidence in their business’ productivity and security through this rapid transition to remote working.
36:00 4/1/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Holly Moore | Finding Balance and Peace | Ep 11
In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we sit down with Holly Moore; an entrepreneur whose passion for leadership development and business strategy has led her on a 20-plus year journey through both corporate and nonprofit landscapes. From sailing international waters, to landing in the executive boardroom of a Fortune 500 company, Holly’s management insights have helped organizations expand their brands while increasing revenue growth. And now, with the recent launch of her new business, Hollis Strategies, Holly is looking to share these experiences; equipping like-minded leaders with the tools to grow the influence of their organizations. 
70:55 3/12/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Suzanne Masino | From Therapist to Tech Startup | Ep 10
In this episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we have the honor of interviewing Suzanne Masino, occupational therapist turned tech entrepreneur. During her 25-year tenure in the healthcare field, Suzanne has served as a therapist, recruiter, leader, and business owner. With her recent launch of healthcare tech startup, Matchwell, Suzanne is breaking new ground not just in her own life, but possibly in an entire industry.
66:09 2/27/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Demming Bass | Harnessing Your Creativity | Ep 9
In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, we sit down with the man that Google recently named one of "The Most Interesting Trainers in the World". Through his work in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, Demming Bass has helped thousands of organizations develop winning marketing strategies for their brands. Demming is an entrepreneur with a passion for teaching, leading him to serve as an educational speaker for Google’s “Grow with Google” initiative. He’s also an accomplished artist, songwriter, father, and an innovative mixologist.
44:53 1/21/20
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Lisa Zaken | Sustaining Community Growth | Ep 8
Understanding where you and your business fit within the larger scope of society is important for making positive impacts. But when it comes to educating, equipping, and engaging diverse community leaders, how does one inspire civic involvement?  In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, Executive Director of Leadership Gwinnett, Lisa Zaken, provides an in-depth look at the importance of leadership development courses, while highlighting the impact community outreach can have on a business’s success.
43:34 12/17/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jeff Richardson | Nurturing Lasting Connections | Ep 7
For a business to thrive in today’s marketplace, a sense of transparency must be achieved. But how exactly does an organization cultivate this heightened level of trust while remaining competitive in their industry?  In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, commercial real estate principal, Jeff Richardson explains the impact strong core values and passionate client advocacy can have on a business. From these efforts, Jeff and his team at CTR Partners believe they’ve found the secret formula that keeps clients coming back, long after the transaction has ended.
50:12 11/21/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jason Montoya | How to Move from Chaos to Clarity | Ep 6
Years after enthusiastically launching your small business, you've hit a wall. Feeling like every day is the same as you frustratingly face the same challenges, you hopelessly drift away from a growing and sustainable business. The more you give, the more your company takes. Is there a future running your small business? In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, freelancer, entrepreneur, and marketing guru, Jason Scott Montoya clears the air around this dilemma; giving you some insight into what it takes to ensure your organization thrives.
57:29 10/31/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Patrick Richardt | Spice & Advice Hot Wing Challenge | Ep 5
Day in and day out, Rocket IT team members are determined to find better ways to support clients and have a blast while doing so. In this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, we’re making ourselves accountable for those two core values, and quite literally placing them where our mouths are. Breaking tradition from previous installments, this segment features three engineers willing to place both their knowledge and taste buds on the line. While answering some of our listeners’ most burning technical questions, participants are tasked with simultaneously eating increasingly spicy wings. As the intensity of each question increases, so too does the heat of the sauce.
17:51 9/30/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Nick Masino | Developing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Growth | Ep 4
Facilitating community growth requires leaders who are mindful of the present, focused on the future, and eager to surround themselves with a team of high achievers. But when searching for individuals to encircle oneself, how can today’s decision makers ensure the next generation of aspiring leaders are not overlooked? In episode four of the Rocket IT Podcast, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s newly elected President and CEO, Nick Masino, sits down with Rocket IT Founder and CEO, Matt Hyatt, to discuss the benefit peer learning can have on a team’s growth.
44:10 8/26/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Robin Bienfait | Cyber Considerations for Growing Companies | Ep 3
On this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, Matt and Eric of Rocket IT sit down with Robin Bienfait, Founder and Accelerator of Atlanta Tech Park, and CEO of Emnovate, an executive advisory firm based inside the Park’s facilities. As an executive from AT&T, Blackberry and Samsung, Robin has both led innovation from within corporations, as well as invested herself in innovative technologies outside of these corporate hubs. Now, in an effort to share her expertise, Robin has created an ecosystem that curates innovation, engages entrepreneurs and accelerates business growth.
40:18 8/9/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Dan Frey | Know Yourself to Lead Yourself | Ep 2
In this episode of the Rocket IT podcast, we sit down with Dan Frey, Founding Partner of a global company dedicated to liberating the leaders of today, whilst simultaneously raising the standard of leadership for tomorrow. Having spent over 15 years working in Corporate America, Frey quickly learned that leadership teachings are useless without meaningful applications. Using this framework as a platform for innovation, Frey and his colleagues worked together to establish GiANT Worldwide, an organization committed to improving the productivity of companies through the intentional apprenticeship of its leaders.
42:38 6/4/19
Rocket IT Business Podcast | Kelly Brewer | The Importance of Implementing Core Values | Ep 1
Does your organization have clearly defined core values? Are they something that you attempt to live and breathe every day? Do these values positively impact the lives of your team and the community you service? In the inaugural episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, we interview a guest from a special non-profit that truly takes their core values to heart.
44:17 5/20/19

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