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Local talk, from congress to neighborhood councils. For The People focuses on the issues of northern Utah and southeast Idaho. With regular guests from our communities. Hosted by Jason Williams and Bill Walter. Show airs live weekdays from 4-6 p.m. 


Trends at Bear Lake 55:00 07/01/2022
Theater Hour: Fences and UFOC 55:00 06/30/2022
Election results from GOP primaries 55:00 06/30/2022
Avenues of Hope charity run and water judges 55:00 06/30/2022
Lewiston Independence Day details and election news 55:00 06/29/2022
Utah abortion law update and Logan Hospital update 55:00 06/29/2022
Candidate interview highlights and July 4th celebrations 55:00 06/28/2022
Pre-election details and preview of CV Cruise-In 55:00 06/28/2022
Andy Morgan reviews Elvis and Obi Wan 55:00 06/25/2022
Reaction to SCOTUS abortion ruling and local family headed to Ukraine 55:00 06/25/2022
Hyrum City Museum awarded 55:00 06/24/2022
Theater Hour with Charlie Schill 55:00 06/24/2022
Housing Task Force Report and CC NE candidate Mark Hurd 55:00 06/23/2022
County Council SE candidate and 1st District candidate death threat 55:00 06/23/2022
1st Congressional District Spotlights 55:00 06/22/2022
Bear tips and update on Hyrum Elite Hall 55:00 06/21/2022
Malouf Foundation Sale and US Senate candidate Becky Edwards 55:00 06/21/2022
Utah water issues and CC candidate Kathryn Bues 55:00 06/21/2022
Super heroes and monsters 55:00 06/18/2022
Senate candidate financial reports and local district initiative filed 55:00 06/18/2022
State representative district 2 debate 55:00 06/17/2022
Talking theater with Charlie Schill 55:00 06/17/2022
Chris Booth and legislative interim highlights 55:00 06/16/2022
Logan City Mayor and Fire Chief 55:00 06/16/2022
Direct Link with Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson 55:00 06/15/2022
USU collaborative leadership conference details 55:00 06/15/2022
Water metering hits snag and Bret Roper with Cache Water Board 55:00 06/15/2022
Plans moving ahead on county animal shelter 55:00 06/14/2022
Tracking lake dust and local candidate update 55:00 06/14/2022
Jurassic World: Dominion verses Top Gun: Maverick 55:00 06/12/2022