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Local talk, from congress to neighborhood councils. For The People focuses on the issues of northern Utah and southeast Idaho. With regular guests from our communities. Hosted by Jason Williams and Bill Walter. Show airs live weekdays from 4-6 p.m. 


Andy Morgan talks about new summer blockbusters
FTP Movie Show: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and other movies to see over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. Also, highlights from the Cannes Festival.
57:00 5/25/24
How effective are campaign signs and likes
Romney allies backing Wilson, Curtis -- Long Utah film critic Scott Pierce dies.
57:00 5/25/24
Utah governor proposes mountain statue
Gov. Cox endorses 305 ft. point of the mountain statue proposal -- Passenger rail proposals in northern Utah 
57:00 5/24/24
Charlie Schill talks about upcoming theater productions
FTP Theater Hour: Page to Stage, Sh-Boom, and Pickleville open summer theater season
57:00 5/24/24
CC South District and CC Logan Seat 2 candidates
Cache Council South District candidate Devron Anderson -- Cache Council Logan Seat 2 candidate Allison Goulais
57:00 5/23/24
Logan City PD Chief comments on officer involved shooting
Utah may be penalized by "Good Neighbor" EPA rule -- Logan PD Chief Simmons remarks on May 15 shooting 
57:00 5/23/24
League of Women Voters Kendra Penry and US Senate candidate Brad Wilson
League of Women Voters Utah's Kendra Penry on Logan civic engagement workshop -- US Senate candidate Brad Wilson
57:00 5/22/24
Bizarre insect found in Utah and dairy operators fight bird flu
"German" cockroach discovered in Utah -- Utah dairy operators join bird flu vaccine tests -- Sutherland Institute's 'Defending Ideas'
57:00 5/22/24
Utah report showing full reservoirs
Weekly water report shows Utah reservoirs at 95% -- Analysis: 45% of Utah legislature has financial interest in real estate development
57:00 5/21/24
Candidate interview schedule and planners plaguing cities
Primary candidate interview schedule update -- NIMBYism vs. city planners plague Utah cities
57:00 5/21/24
Andy Morgan talks about new movie releases
FTP Movie Show: "IF" -- "Strangers 2" -- Summer movie schedule
57:00 5/18/24
Complaints in Cache Valley about push poll
Push poll complaints in Cache Valley -- Green Canyon students claim title in USU Physics Day competition at Lagoon
57:00 5/18/24
Mike Monson running for Utah House District 2
Utah House 2 candidate Mike Monson -- Derek Monson on Sutherland Institute's "Election Trust" forum at USU
57:00 5/17/24
Charlie Schill talks about the return of Thriller
FTP Theater Hour: Odyssey's "Thriller" returns -- The Light Switch Stories review
57:00 5/17/24
Disagree Better getting its own college course
USU and BYU team up for "Disagree Better: A Parents' Toolkit" courses -- Utah presidential debate cancelled
57:01 5/16/24
Logan City Police Chief Jeff Simmons
Logan City Police Chief Jeff Simmons discusses the death of Sgt. Bill Hooser and the mental impacts policing has on officers.
57:01 5/16/24
State Auditor John Dougall discusses bathroom bill
State Auditor John Dougall -- Sutherland Institute's "Definding Ideas:" What college protesters get wrong
57:00 5/15/24
Governor's "Disagree Better" sparks heated debate
State auditor releases "bathroom monitor" video, protesting new bill -- Gov Cox's "Disagree Better" sparks heated debate
57:01 5/15/24
Utah AG joining free tax filing lawsuit
Utah AG catching heat for joining lawsuit to stop free tax filing -- Listener reactions to Free File tax prep pilot
57:00 5/14/24
Solar storms impact GPS and is a four-day work week a good idea?
What would happen to trucking if a solar storm knocked out GPS? - Pro and cons of a four day work week
57:00 5/14/24
Andy Morgan previews new movies coming out
FTP Movie Show: Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes -- Preview: IF, Furiosa
57:01 5/11/24
Utah water update and Al Lewis retiring
Utah Water Division statewide update -- Al Lewis announces his retirement from broadcasting  
57:00 5/11/24
The history of Richmond City and Utah NHL team name survey
Richmond City History Project founder Bryce Holt -- Survey launches to name Utah's new NHL team
57:00 5/10/24
Charlie Schill talks about the Napoleon Dynamite phenomenon
FTP Theater Hour: Napoleon Dynamite 20th anniversary celebration -- Captain Bree  
57:01 5/10/24
Logan Schools Superintendent and students
Logan Schools Superintendent Frank Schofield along with Logan High students Lillian Rowe and Jasper Torren
57:00 5/9/24
State auditor protests being bathroom monitor
State Auditor objects to legislature making him "the state's bathroom monitor"
57:00 5/9/24
Craig Petersen talks about books about Nazi concentration camps
FTP Book CLub: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
57:01 5/8/24
USU report on the future of the Colorado River
USU Institute of Land Water and Air's Brian Steed and Anna McEntire on the future of the Colorado River  
57:01 5/8/24
Utah Rep. Blake Moore
Radio Town Hall with Rep. Blake Moore taking calls about rural issues
57:00 5/7/24
Voucher transparency and bathroom bill hoax reports
Concerns over voucher program transparency -- Utah trans bathroom bill reporting system hit with 4,000 hoax reports -- Goodbye Cache Valley Mall
57:00 5/7/24