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Whether you are an experienced investor with a large portfolio, or just getting started and looking to secure income and wealth through real estate investing the AZREIA Show provides you with exceptional education, resources, and support to help you further your real estate career. Our community consist of independent real estate investors who utilize a myriad of invest strategies. If you’re looking to learn from the most successful investors in the industry then you have found your new home.


Can You Really Invest Internationally? Let Billy Tell You How He Did It 37:57 08/05/2022
Learning How To Acquire Land Deals & Crush It With Jack Bosch | EP36 45:53 07/29/2022
The Benefits Of An Investor Friendly Title Company & What To Expect 39:29 07/21/2022
Listen To Donna's Key Takeaways on Closing Her 1st Wholesale Deal | EP34 53:03 07/15/2022
Learn All About The Cashflow 101 Game & How It Can Accelerate Your Investor Education w/ Leo Scott 39:14 07/08/2022
Eddie Discuss AZ Commercial Real Estate Market & How To Find Deals 43:00 07/01/2022
What True Property Mgmt Should Offer and How To Build A Massive Passive Portfolio with Oggie Penev 47:22 06/24/2022
Learn How Zachary Kepes Relationships Help Build A Portfolio of Over 200 Cash Flowing Rentals 46:07 06/17/2022
Steer clear of your next eviction with David Pickron of Rent Perfect 47:36 06/10/2022
Steve Trang Talks Sales & Closing More Off Market Deals 45:47 06/03/2022
How to be Profitable with Vacation Rental with Flipman 47:38 05/19/2022
National Wholesale Disruptors Discusses How The Business Got Started & Their Sales Strategies 42:11 05/06/2022
Taking Big Risk As A Newbie Flipper & How It Paid Off 40:03 04/22/2022
Landlords: We’re Talking Evictions, Fair Housing & Possible New Regulations. 41:06 04/08/2022
Raising Private Money & Creative Deal Structure with John Burley 52:46 03/04/2022
We're Talking Capital for Deals w/ Boomerang Capital 29:33 02/18/2022
Are You Sure You Have The Correct Coverage On Your Properties Get Answers Now | Epi #21 41:24 02/04/2022
How Marketing & Creative Financing Change Maria Giordano's Life | EP#20 00:40 01/21/2022
AZREIA’s Great Expectations in 2022 34:35 01/01/2022
Need Money, Need Funding, Learn How To Get It 46:38 12/17/2021
A Candid Conversation w/ Our New Executive Director Michael Del Prete | EP#17 26:32 12/03/2021
Do You Know How To Be Your Own Bank… Here’s How | EP#16 53:59 11/19/2021
Using Your IRA As A Funding Source With Vantage IRA | EP#15 36:03 11/06/2021
Shaun McCloskey: Success Investor Who Flipped Hundreds of Homes Talks Goals, Vision, & Inspiration 44:30 10/29/2021
EP#13: From 0 to Multi Million $ Wholesale Company in 3 Years 52:17 10/22/2021
EP#12: Fix & Flipping in this Arizona Hotttt Market with Tracy Royce 34:18 10/08/2021
EP#11: The Power of Accountability to Increase Productivity with Beka Shea 40:59 09/24/2021
EP #10: How House Hacking Help Michael Bennett Get Started in Real Estate 41:24 09/10/2021
Special Edition with “The Queen of Rehab” Robyn Thompson 30:35 09/03/2021
EP #9: Decades of Fix & Flip Experience Shared by Bob Gomez 28:34 08/27/2021