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A totally different approach listening to Animals, Nature, the Earth and Universe without the significance and seriousness of it all! What can we contribute to our Planet being a sustainable, living organism? Are you in?The tools of Access Consciousness™ allow you to truly know what YOU know and go beyond what you have been told is correct and true. What if you could listen to Nature without a preconceived thought? What if you had no previous point of view about Nature, but could listen without judgement? Receive tools, laughter and a very different way of creating beyond this reality!


What do I do when my dog is hyper all the time? 27:32 02/07/2022
How do you create the future you desire? 23:33 01/13/2022
Tips for you to understand better what goes on for your pet around fireworks and other noises 22:33 12/28/2021
How to help your dog cope with fireworks and loud noises 30:31 12/26/2021
Noise-sensitive animal? This clearing loop is for them! 38:44 12/26/2021
Talk to the Animals - an introduction to this Specialty of Access Consciousness 30:15 11/17/2021
How do pets deal with ghost encounters? 55:04 11/14/2021
Are you interfering with Nature? 15:35 11/02/2021
A Talk on Bodies 12:20 06/04/2021
A Meditation for Ease with Pet Loss 13:42 11/03/2020
Are you grieving the loss of your pet? 22:13 11/01/2020
Animals and Autism 20:22 05/21/2019
Living With Animals 36:24 12/04/2018
Dealing With A Sick Pet? 57:15 12/03/2018
When Our Pets Get Sick, What Can We Do? 57:42 12/03/2018
What Does My Older Dog's Body Require Of Me? 30:08 12/02/2018
The Senior Dog, what can create ease for you and the dog? 34:45 12/02/2018
Creating Ease For My Older Dog 30:30 12/02/2018
My Dog Is Close To Dying, What Can I Do? 30:02 12/02/2018
Conversation With A Dog That Passed Away 30:07 12/02/2018
Coping With Pet Loss 29:49 12/02/2018
How do you deal with grief when it comes to losing a pet? 49:14 12/02/2018
Transition- A Dog's View On Death 28:55 11/06/2018
What is it like to get older from the perspective of the pet? 56:32 10/23/2018
Conversations with Dog - Earth. How To Be It. 15:04 08/31/2018
Conversations with Dog - Food, what does it mean? 16:34 07/22/2018