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Finding Redemption In Christ In The Storm Upon Us


The Confession of & Repentance of Sins
On this follow up episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the importance of confessing our sins and why we repent when we know we have sinned and the dangers of not doing so.  I will be sharing a dream I had about open windows and talking about these open doorways to sin and certain ways satan and his demons can try to come in if we’re not aware of the traps set for us and how easy it is to be deceived and allow them making it much more difficult to repent.  I will also be talking about the proper way we should be walking in the Christian faith.  Why is sin so destructive spiritually once we are saved?  What does it mean to be grafted out of the vine if we do not continue to abide in our Lord Jesus?  What are the consequences of continuing in these sins as well as unrepentance?  Lastly, I will be discussing denial as believers where there is a belief that once we are saved but think we are not responsible to do anything else to maintain our walk.  What are the dangers of not remaining in the Lord’s grace?  In this scripture packed episode, I will be covering all these points and more.  
50:10 11/29/23
Multiple Sins & Testing
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the subtle sins that sneak up on us at times without our realization and how God can at times allow certain situations so as to test what we’re going to do or test our resolve.  The reason He does this is to show us all where we need improvement by bringing these sins to light.  I will be talking about the sin and laying out what is being shown to us and what we should do or how to better avoid slipping up but also bringing attention to the fact that is all part of the refining to prepare us and make us better stewards of the Christian faith.  It is my hope that this episode is a Blessing to you and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate)!   I have linked to the other podcasts I mentioned in the intro on the blog entry for this episode which you may find here:    
54:27 11/23/23
The White Horse & Captivity (w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax of JPH)
On this week's episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I was a guest on Just Praise Him Radio with Glynda Lomax to discuss previous prophetic Words and dream visions given by the Lord in regards to the time of persecution and war.  A time of great destruction, lack and persecution lies ahead.  At this time we all need to be reflecting on our priorities as we do not want to be caught unaware and unprepared.  This episode will serve as a herald to prepare yourself both mentally and spiritually for what lies ahead in the not so distant future.  Glynda and I hope it is a Blessing to you.   Verses and resources may be found on my blog at:   Follow Glynda Lomax at Just Praise Him here:  
38:44 11/10/23
(Follow Up To) The Last Ambush (Part 2)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be sharing a podcast I recently heard that I believe is applicable as to where things are right now.  You may consider this episode to be a follow up to the first part of 'The Last Ambush.'  It is my hope and prayer all are focusing on what's important as it is super late.   Many additional links and/or articles and verses may be found on my blog at:   You can find the original podcast for what is presented at:            
68:02 10/25/23
The Last Ambush (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be having back on my good friend and Brother in Christ, Manyrounds, to go over recent developments in the middle east and where it's all going.  It is important to recognize that God has and is using nations to judge nations and vice versa because He is calling for repentance.  This has happened before and this fact should not be dismissed as gruesome as some of the footage is coming out of the region.  A nation will be torn down in judgment and then rebuilt when it accepts and cries out to Jesus.  However, in this, a trap (a snare) has been set also for America and the timeline of events has begun.  Are you ready for the last ambush?  This episode is a review of a few things previously discussed but also an appeal to prepare spiritually for what comes and what to watch out for.   All links and pertinent verses may be found on the Innocence Redeemed blog here:   Cover photo for this episode courtesy of 'Tama66' via Pixabay.
80:16 10/15/23
Divination & Idolatry Warning (w/ Special Guest Sister Mel)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the grave sin and deception of the spirit of divination and how it relates to being a spirit of witchcraft and deception and how it has taken a large toll on the Body of Christ in this late hour.  I will be talking about the confusion it causes and the dangers it presents.  I will be sharing what God says about it and His judgment in practicing it in addition to being a willing participant in it.   I will also be comparing how we should pray the Word and how many are confused by and unaware of the power of using the Word as their sword due to confusion, divination, unbelief or simply not being shown how and that this is one of the church's weaknesses and encourage you as to why you should be a believer in using the Word for your needs especially going into the future.  I will then be tying the sin of divination to idolatry and presenting God’s case for being caught in either -which are very closely associated more than one may initially believe.  In the second half of the podcast, I will be having on as a guest, my good friend and Sister in Christ, sister Mel.  Mel will be talking about apathy vs. love, stirring of strife, unforgiveness, the monitoring spirit as well as the spirit of Jezebel and presenting a Word the Lord gave her concerning New York to repent from the sin of apathy among others.   This is an information packed episode and both Mel and I hope this message resonates with those who are intended to hear it.     You may visit sister Mel's YouTube channel here:      
96:34 10/3/23
Gird Up Your Loins Pt. 2 (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be inviting back my good friend and Brother in Christ, Manyrounds, for part two of the series 'Gird Up Your Loins.'  The war drums in both the spiritual and physical are sounding as is the evidence that the dogs of war have been released against God's people and the unsaved alike.  What is the living God trying to show us and what is His warning to an unrepentant nation as well as others whom continue to walk according to their own council?  What does He want us to be doing in this merciful and precious time He is giving to us?  In this episode of Gird Up Your Loins, Manyrounds and I will be covering a refresher on the Chuck Youngbrandt prophecy as well as getting into these very points with recent developments.  It is our prayer that you take this content seriously. This second episode concludes this series.  Additionally, this podcast will count as two episodes due to the time it took to put together and the length of this episode as well as the last one (almost four hours of content total).  This gives the listener time to reflect on what has been shared in this series in addition to allowing me more time to work on other content.  Thank you for listening and your understanding.  May God Bless you all!    Verses & Links:  
116:50 9/8/23
Gird Up Your Loins Pt. 1 (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be inviting back to the program my long time friend and Brother in Christ, Manyrounds for an updated discussion on recent events taking place and where we are in the timeline of events & judgments.  This is part one of a two part series titled, 'Gird Up Your Loins' because that is essentially what we all need to be doing going forward.   As this is a two part series, this will be the podcast for week 9/1/2023 to 9/8/2023.  Part two will follow shortly.   Links & verses as they pertain are available at:        
93:44 9/1/23
Are You Being Called or Not?
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be talking about many being called but are not seeing it when it's right in front of them or are missing the cues.  What are the signs the Lord may be calling you to serve Him and use you for His Kingdom purposes? How does He make it known to us? How does He lead us? Is He showing you through something you may already be doing? How does the Lord want to you to take the steps in faith to begin? How do you know you have an anointing and what do the patterns look like? Are you willing to count the costs and give up worldly wants or are you only wanting to serve the Lord based on conditions? Are you playing avoidance? What does it mean to truly count the costs and deny yourself? Are you willing to step into your calling and take the walk on the water with Jesus or are you only ‘talking the walk?’  What are the consequences for not doing so, especially in what soon comes? These are important things to consider for those who know they have been called.    
15:41 8/22/23
Excessive Worry or Excessive Trust?
Many of you have been in a long season of waiting.  Nobody likes being in limbo and patience training are often some of the most difficult in the refining.  While we are waiting, are we embracing what the Lord may be trying to show us or are we growing impatient and running back into the world for comforts that are going to help us in our journey later on?  Are we prolonging t6-he waiting? What are the consequences or dangers of going ahead of the Lord and what are a few reasons He may be having you wait?  What does He want you to be doing while you wait?  In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be covering a few examples in what the Lord could be showing you while you wait.  God has a plan and there is a Blessing in the waiting.  Can you wait on Him?  Can you trust Him?  Can you be patient while the Lord builds your faith where it is lacking for the time ahead?  I hope to shine light on this in this episode and that you will learn how to gain trust in what the Lord is doing and not worry excessively.   It is my hope this episode is a Blessing to you.    
14:15 8/14/23
Don’t Give Up
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the stretching of our faith right now and how it relates to what comes in the near future.  These are the battles we face, the stretching of our faith, the building of our endurance and patience even when we are waiting a long time or so tired of life’s daily struggles that we are being tempted by Satan to sin or give up.  This podcast is just an encouragement not to give up but also to be cautious in believing lies of inaction and the calling to get and remain prepared.  
20:32 8/6/23
The Enemy Is Sending Many Many Attacks...
Some of you have reached out to me and have said you are coming under heavy attacks.  I know I have and so have others I communicate with on a regular basis. Though I have not recorded a new episode on this due to other projects in the works right now, I did take the opportunity to go through the archives on the blog and podcasts and put them all in one post as I thought this may be a Blessing to many.  
02:53 7/27/23
What Is A Wilderness & Why Now?
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the wilderness and the reasons many believers end up in one or at some point will if they have not yet. I will be talking about sin that will get you into the wilderness as well as that it can be potentially related to a calling the Lord has placed on your life and finding your true identity in Him especially if you continue to reject what He is trying to show you. Not everything is always as we think and our faith is not always as strong as we think it is. These are just a few of many things we are shown. Many prophetic events are also unfolding; Are you ready to endure? A wilderness is designed to build faith where it lacks and get you on the straight and narrow path. I pray this episode is a Blessing to you all.  
38:33 7/25/23
Stubborn, Stiff-Necked & Reprobate
Do you come to listen to ministry teachings but continue to play in the world thinking that somehow God approves of your sin?  Do you have a habit of listening to what you ought to do and knowing what is the right path but continue to wander down the broad path to hell?  Many are deceived by their hearts and think they are doing well but not really serving the Lord with their whole hearts.  Many masquerade as Christians but indulge in sin frequently thinking that ignorance is an excuse when they have been presented with the basics but still refuse to follow them.   Are you in danger of being given over to your sin because you love it more than Jesus and carry a spirit of pride thinking you are walking closer with Him than you really are?  Do you continue to chase after what your flesh wants or what God wants?  Are you ready to suffer the consequences in the coming judgments?  Are you ready to give an account for what you do or don't do?  Are you ready to give an account for your excuses?  Are you ready to be shown your sins?  Do you understand what it means to touch no unclean thing?  Do you understand what a contrite spirit even is?  Do you understand humility?  Do you think the Lord doesn't see a haughty, selfish and spiteful heart?  Do you support the ministries that tell you the truth or do you go ministry and prayer shopping to those that tell you what you want to hear to request prayers so you can continue doing what your flesh wants?  Are you aware that what is comfortable isn't always in your best interest or do you continue to dismiss what God is trying to show you?  On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be presenting the reality to those who think they are walking upright but are really walking in disobedience because I have been seeing quite a bit of hypocrisy lately.  This warning is simple; The bride shall be pruned and her garments cleansed because she continues to walk in her stubborn and stiff-necked ways and none of that is Christ-like at all.  
24:33 7/12/23
Suffering For & Waiting On The Lord
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about waiting on and suffering for the Lord.  I will be talking about how these trials are designed to establish and build a firm foundation though it may be painful at times.  Why did Jesus call out to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane?  What is the Lord trying to show us right now in the current season of waiting?  What could happen if we don’t submit?  What is the reason for these tests and trials right now?  Are you suffering through these while waiting for the Lord or getting weary and going back to the World?  What are the dangers of not standing watch?  I will be covering all of these in this episode.  It is my hope that this episode is a Blessing to you.   Blog & Verses for this episode:  
39:25 6/29/23
In The Day of Visitation (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be welcoming back to the program my good friend and Brother in Christ, Manyrounds, to do a review on recent developments concerning the war front, but also the reality that the time for warnings are pretty much coming to a close.  We have both come to the conclusion that the time for warnings are drawing to a close.  This episode will serve as an appeal to the body not to be deceived by misunderstanding of doctrines that have been mainstream for some time now as well as current events that may play a part in misleading many as the war drums continue to beat louder.  The judgments begin soon.  This is also a warning to the unsaved on what will be at the door in the near future and an appeal to draw near to the Lord.  Both Manyrounds and I pray that this episode is a Blessing to you.  Please note this episode will not be published to YouTube.      
111:50 6/13/23
Romans 8 Decree Prayer & Repentance Warning To The Church
Ephesians 6 tells us put on the armor of God as we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spirits in wicked places.  This couldn't be more true than now as we are in a real battle for our souls.  Some of you have reached out to me behind the scenes and told me of sins you are struggling with and this is what gave me the idea to share this decree though it has been long up on the ‘resources’ page.  On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be sharing the Romans 8 Decree & Prayer and explaining how and why it applies both now and in the future.  I will also be giving a stern warning to the mainstream church and body at large who appear to be continuing to walk contrary to the Word in many ways in this late hour.  As a wicked nation is called to repent so is an apostate (lukewarm) church.       The decree, along with all applicable verses may be found here:    
42:46 5/30/23
Embrace Him
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be discussing a few of the things that are holding us back from moving forward with the Lord.  What is the importance of letting go of the earthly things to gain Christ?  Is the Lord pulling you?  Is it possible you are being called to some form of ministry?  What are the potential dangers in not being obedient?  Are we following what the Lord wants us to do right now or are we seeking more after our own wants and fleshly desires in this world?  What are some of the traps set for us?  Why does the Lord tell us to forgo the things of the Earth to gain Him and what level of significance does that play in the season upon us?  Are we really embracing Him or fooled by our hearts?  Many believe they are seeking the Lord but misled by leaning into their own understanding.  It is my hope to shine light on that in this episode by posing these questions and a serious dose of wisdom.  Are you ready to embrace the Lord?    
39:35 5/10/23
Giving Grudgingly vs Willingly
On this unplanned episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be talking about giving as God purposes verses giving grudgingly or out of obligation.  This applies to those who may be unaware or forgetful of what scripture says when it comes to giving cheerfully.  Giving and tithing are not a subject I talk about often and I realize this is not a popular topic, especially right now; but I have witnessed a few times now that some have asked me about how much I spend as it relates to their supporting of this ministry.  That is not the way it should be.  I will lay out some scripture and examples in this episode on why this is wrong and what the Word says.  As it stands right now I will be planning another podcast for later in the week but after various examples over the past few months of being asked to reveal personal information or attitudes being in the wrong place, I felt this needed to be addressed.    Related verses may be found on my blog at:    
24:11 5/4/23
”Am I In Your Heart?” (w/ Special Guest Sister Mel)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be inviting on my good friend and Sister in Christ, Melissa who recently received a grieving from the Lord in regards to where many are with Him.  Do we have a real relationship with the Lord or do we only seek Him when we want something?  Do we place idols (activities, our job, people, etc.) before Him?  Are we filling our time with sinful activity and of the mindset to live our best lives or are we actively seeking a real relationship with the Lord?  Do we spend more than ten minutes with Him?  Do we honor and serve the Lord with our whole hearts or are we far from Him and under the impression of once saved always saved?  Do we fully understand the consequences of denial?  What are the consequences of a divided Church? What is ‘the secret’ and how has it infiltrated the church? Are we living more by a false new age doctrine more than the true Word of God? Do we truly love others and show mercy and walk in it as the Lord directed us to do or do we just say we do while our behaviors may indicate otherwise?  Or are we in fear because we do not know that perfect love which overcomes fear?  How much of Himself does Jesus see in us?  Do we hold out more hope for that which is in the world or are we setting our sights on the Kingdom of God and what awaits us after our life here on Earth?  This podcast is a herald to get ready for what comes; A herald to establish a real relationship with the Lord by getting our hearts right and a further appeal of what the Lord desires of those who are His before the storm is fully upon us.    
58:14 5/1/23
The Sword Revelation
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be getting real about the lateness of the hour and the disconnect and denial taking place on a mass-level as the sword comes.  In the coming war, in the coming persecution; denial, ignorance and hell, will not be bliss. Only eternal life with Jesus and your relationship with Him will be.  
27:51 4/21/23
Unvarnished Revelation: The Brother Bob & Al Cuppett Prophetic Discussion (w/Special Guest Manyrounds)
On the last episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I had on my good friend and Brother in Christ, Manyrounds, to sound the alarm.  When the recording wrapped up, Manyrounds began to read to me a prophecy by a gentleman who only goes by Brother Bob.  This was a discussion that transpired between Brother Bob and Al Cuppet sometime in March 2007 where Brother Bob shared with Al, what will set off the coming economic collapse in addition to persecution against Christians before the return of Jesus.  Manyrounds began to read to me the prophecy as it pertained to what was coming with the economic crash and only part of the persecution. Because it resonated with my spirit at the time, I suggested we record it to add in to the previous podcast.     Little did I know when we began that this prophecy was very long and detailed and therefore turned into a whole episode on its own.  Both Manyrounds and myself however felt led by the Holy Spirit that it needed to be shared right away.    In this prophecy you will hear exactly what will precipitate the return of Jesus in what comes beforehand.  These are the judgments- including the economic collapse, unfaithful pastor payoffs, the unbelief that ensues as a result, a true martial law scenario, a foreign invasion, extreme persecution, executions, and round ups.  All I can say is get right with the Lord before it's too late!   I will forewarn you that you SHOULD NOT play this podcast around minors as the details of the prophecy surrounding executions become VERY graphic in detail in what Brother Bob described to Al Cuppett. It is not a prophecy for the faint of heart but one that many Christians do need to hear, especially now.  The good news is, it does end with Jesus avenging the murder of His saints, His return and reign forever!   It is my prayer all who hear this take what God is showing Brother Bob very seriously.  We are seeing the echoes of it now and we are running much shorter on time than many believe.  As I am posting this in advance; At this time, this will be the podcast for the week starting April 28th.  Thank you.  
147:07 4/16/23
Sound The Alarm (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be inviting back my friend and Brother In Christ, Manyrounds.  We will be discussing recent developments including a new video series he has released including but not limited to;   -The Coming Invasion & War -The Rapture Doctrine vs. Enduring What Comes -God's Judgments & How We Got Here -Consolidations, Restrictions, Crackdowns -How These Will Lead to the Ultimate Control -The Loneliness Epidemic with Men and what the Lord may be showing you in the time left and; -What the Lord wants you do be doing -Preparedness Tips   As time is short, it is our prayer that this episode is a Blessing to you.    
129:26 4/14/23
God’s Promises Pt. 5 - Promises of Faith, Peace & Love
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the Lord's Promises of Faith, how we exercise it where the Word is concerned, how the Lord refines that faith and how we learn how we put it into practice.  What will you do in lack?  What will you do when you are sick or hurt?  I will also be talking about the Lord's promises of Peace and how we can stay at peace in the time upon us.  I will also cover the Lord's love and how it applies when we abide in Him and He in us and how we walk in His love.  This will be part five in the series titled God's promises.      
33:33 3/30/23
What’s In This Bill?
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be presenting a segment I heard today concerning a new bill that enables  persecution and surveillance and what it could mean for all of us in the near future should it pass. New legislation is now in the US Senate and if it should pass the repercussions and power yielded to the evil ones in control are endless as to what it allows.  I guess it must be passed to find out what's in it as we've heard before..  You may remember that I told you all in late-December that the Lord revealed to me that 2023 was going to be the year of persecution and social credit and it appears more and more by the week now that this is the case. Even I am shocked at how fast things are moving but remember they have been at work setting this up for a while and all of it was foretold in Bible scripture in regards to the last days.  Be bold and stay vigilant.  We must continue to stand strong for the Lord and endure.Links for the clips used in this podcast are available on my blog at:    
53:21 3/30/23
Are You Really Walking In His Ways?
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about a recent revelation the Lord gave to me with concern for those who believe that after being saved they can continue on sinning.  I will be covering the consequences of rejecting the Lord’s truth and continuing to walk after our own prideful desires rather than leaning into His will.  I will also be covering some different sins that the Lord wants us to be aware of, working to repent from, and how covering the different ways of what abiding in Him truly looks like.  I was initially planning part five of the promise series, which is in the works but I was directed to put out a call to the backslidden this week.  It is my prayer that this podcast is a Blessing to you in leading you to what the Lord desires all of us have right in our lives.  Have a great weekend and week everyone.  
91:40 3/24/23
Gathering Hard Truths & Revelations (w/ Special Guest Brother H)
On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be inviting back on my longtime friend and Brother in Christ, Brother H. who made his first appearance on the show back in May 2022 to talk about recent culminating events.  I felt it timely to release this before doing the fifth installment of God’s promises in order to illustrate the importance of drawing near to the Lord and getting prepared as we face the evil we are up against.  While I realize the topics presented are not the easiest to hear, we must face and understand where we are in the timeline of events that have been developing over the last several weeks and where it is heading.  This podcast is also designed to reach those who may only just recently become aware of certain things or who know something is wrong but are struggling to place their finger on exactly what is going on.  Take all points presented to the Lord in prayer that He may confirm and reveal to you what is taking place if you are still struggling with anything presented.  May Jesus Bless you all and thank you for listening.   Applicable verses may be found at:  
87:14 3/17/23
Morning Decrees & Praise
On this mini-cast of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be revealing a decree & praise document that I have created in the last day for those of you who struggle with praise in the midst of trials or whatever situation you are contending with.  It is a good to get in the right habits now, rather than later.  Jesus is with you, and no problem you encounter is too big for Him but we want to be making sure that we are getting into the habit of giving praise and thanksgiving while also keeping ourselves in check and carrying the Lord's promises.  This episode and list of praises is designed to do just that.  I may do more of these in the future, but keep in mind as with any promise you read in the Word any of you can do this.  This is just a tutorial on how you go about speaking the promises as praise or confessions.  For any of you struggling, hang in there.  You are not alone.  Many of your fellow Brothers and Sisters all around the world are going through the same trials you are.  It is my prayer that this list of praises are a Blessing to you.          
08:39 3/15/23
God’s Promises Pt. 4 - Victory & Overcoming
On this fourth installment of the series titled God’s Promises, I will be talking about overcoming and victory.  Victory in what?  Overcoming what?  Overcoming fear to speak for the Lord valiantly when you should, Victory over sin, Victory over death, Overcoming persecution, Overcoming doubt or unbelief and last but not least, patience and overcoming the temptation to sin while waiting and walking through trials.  Jesus faced all the same things we encounter daily in our lives.  This episode is more on standing on how the Lord has given us victory in Him to overcome.  It is my hope and prayer that this part of the promises series is a Blessing to you.  
47:23 3/10/23
God’s Promises Pt. 3 - 40 Decrees & Promises of Healing
On this third installment of God's promises I will be talking about using the Word as a weapon when it comes to healing and/or sickness or when there are attacks where it comes to health.  Not all of the promises in today's podcast have to deal with healing -many of these promises do pull double duty for different scenarios even healing from sin.  I will be talking about how we use the Word to declare victory over healing in Jesus' name.   You can use any translation of the Word so long as it lines up with truth in scripture so that it fits specifically when it comes to whatever situation you or a loved one faces when it comes to healing whether an injury, sickness or sin.  It is my prayer that this installment of God's promises of healing is a Blessing to you.  
35:38 2/27/23