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Whether you play barefoot on the beach, practice layouts in the snow, or compete at the highest level, Huckin Eh’ is a weekly podcast focused on highlighting what makes Canadian ultimate so unique and awesome. From untold stories to news to tournament coverage, join hosts Danie Proby and Theo Wan as they guide you coast-to-coast for all things Canadian ultimate.


College Updates, MUT interview ft. Calvin Coulbury and Ruari McEwan, C4UC Mini-Preview
Get caught up with all the college action! Theo breaks down multiple tournaments that happened over the past couple of weeks including the recent East Coast Invite! He is then joined by McGill Ultimate Team captains Calvin Coulbury and Ruari McEwan to talk about the tourney win, future plans and the USAU algorithm! To wrap things up, Theo discusses the upcoming C4UC tournament happening in Quebec!
47:53 4/5/24
O4UC, CEIUS - Toronto with Ben Klar, Northwest Challenge with Danie Proby
Not one but two guests! Get ready for a guest-filled episode as Theo is joined first by long-time listener Ben Klar. Ben was the TD for both tourneys and helps break down O4UC and the recent CEIUS finale that took place in Toronto. Theo is then joined by the two faces of Danie as she joins both as a guest host and then a guest speaker to discuss NWC!
62:27 3/22/24
Masters Rosters, Stanford Invite
Wait, who's that? Danie? Where's Theo? Good question! Danie quickly dives into the masters roster announcement before breaking down all the action at Stanford Invite which had both UBC + UVic women's teams taking the field.
13:56 3/8/24
Prez Day, OJ4UC
Sunny skies and thrilling results! In the news and notes, Theo keeps you updated on all things Ultimate Canada. Then in the main event, hear how teams did at the President’s Day Invite and then hear about the crazy ending to the game to go at the Ontario Junior 4v4 Ultimate Championship!Chapters:00:00 Introduction03:42 News07:35 Prez Day Recap14:39 OJ4UC Recap
21:09 2/22/24
CEIUS - Brampton, Queen City Tune Up
Back from the Tar Heel State! Ontario's finest uni teams descended upon Brampton for the second stop of the indoor series. Find out who won and the big takeaways from the tourney. Then, Theo talks about Queen City Tune Up where McGill MUT made their season debut in style!
25:24 2/15/24
Ultimate Canada Notes, SBI
California here we come! Theo breaks down the first major college tourney for West Coast teams and how UBC and UVic did in both divisions. Before that in the news, hear about all the new happenings from Ultimate Canada including award winners, new staff and tournament offerings!Chapters:0:00 Introduction2:40 News11:10 SBI Recap
26:44 1/31/24
CEIUS - Burlington, Conversations with Amanda Hadwen and Sam But
Graced by national team royalty! Theo is joined by two first-time TC members in Amanda Hadwen and Sam But! Learn about their ultimate journey and get inspired! Before that, Theo does a brief recap of the first indoor uni series that took place this past weekend.Chapters:0:00 Introduction/News8:21 Amanda Hadwen28:56 Sam But
49:01 1/18/24
Looking Back, Moving Forward with Kelsey Hayden
Kelsey Hayden returns to the podcast! Theo and Kelsey go over all their predictions from 2023 and admit where they went wrong and what they got right. After that, find out what the ultimate calendar looks like for Canadians in 2024. With three world's tournaments taking place, this year is sure to be an exciting one!
48:07 1/10/24
Top 10 Stories of 2023
We're in 2024 but its not too late to take a look back at the top stories of 2023! Danie and Theo get the band back together to discuss what happened in their personal lives this past year. In the main event, find out what stories made the Top 10 and the honourable mentions! From heart breaking defeats, program-defining wins and championship glory, this year has been one to remember!
41:53 1/3/24
PAUC Recap ft. THE Danie Proby, Team Canada Rosters
Danie returns for one night only to help break down all things PAUC! Before the episode recap, Theo and Danie go over the rosters that just dropped from U20 and also WUC. In the PAUC recap, hear about how all the Canadian teams did and Danie's experience both commentating and playing in the Dominican Republic! Come grab your favorite snack and listen to the reunited hosts for an action-packed episode!
47:06 12/7/23
PAUC Mega-Preview
It's time to fly to the Dominican Republic! If thought the ultimate season was over, you are wrong! The Pan-American Ultimate Championships are taking place next week and Theo along with guest host Kelsey Hayden get you all prepped for the tournament. Hear about each Canada team that's going and all the action taking place down in the DR!
52:21 11/22/23
CUUC Championship Coaches feat. Meagan Doyle, Matt Caldwell and Pete Galbraith
Coaching royalty joins the podcast! Its an all-CUUC episode as Theo interviews coaches from both winning teams from Division I. FIrst, we hear from the three-time defending women's division champions McMaster and their coaches Matt Doyle and Meagan Doyle. After that, the podcast goes to Kingston as Pete Galbraith from Queen's comes on the pod to discuss their undefeated run. Whether or not your a fan of these teams, this episode is for you! Learn from these coaches on how to build your programs and perhaps you could be lifting a trophy on Sundays just like them!
64:40 11/16/23
WBUC Recap
Guess who's back? Everyone's favorite East Coast host is back. Kelsey Hayden and Theo break down all you need to know about the recent World Championships of Beach Ultimate that took place last week! How did Canada do? Tune in to find out!
48:07 11/9/23
USAU Club Nationals Recap + Beach Preview
Canadian Ultimate was on display this past weekend in sunny San Diego where Furious, Red Flag, 6ixers, and Traffic all took the fields to try to win it all. Theo and Danie break down all the action including some fun colour on the games. But first, Theo and Danie discuss the pools for beach worlds.Chapters:0:00 Introduction5:50 News11:03 Club Nationals Recap
38:51 10/26/23
CUUC Mega-Recap
Upsets, chokes, bad picks, and more! This episode is JAM PACKED with all your Canadian-College news post CUUCs. Certain teams absolutely stun Theo and Danie (and our Huckin Eh audience too) by having epic tournaments and others fall flat. Is it weather? Were they under-hyped? Stay-tuned to find out. Oh yeah, SPICY SPICY SPICY news at the very end.Chapters:0:00 Introduction4:15 News9:10 CUUC Recap 43:51 News Part 2
49:05 10/18/23
CUUC Mega-Preview
It's time to crown some champions! CUUC is finally here and Danie and Theo get you prepared with pool breakdowns for both the Friday Qualifier and Division I! Find out who they got making it to the big dance and who they have winning it all! You won't want to miss this mega-preview!Chapters:0:00 Introduction4:22 News8:35 CUUC Preview
50:12 10/12/23
USA Club Nats Pools Overview, College Regional Recaps
Theo and Danie power through this action-packed episode. First, they break down Strike's weekend at North Central regionals before walking through the pools and all the juicy matchups that will ensue. In the main event, Danie and Theo recaps all the college regional events including some surprise bid winners for D1!(0:00) Intro(3:04) News(14:11) College Regionals Recap
27:13 10/5/23
Club Regionals and College Recap, College Regionals Previews
Note: After this episode was recorded, St. FX has withdrawn from taking a CUC Division 1 bid and a second open bid has been given to CEUUC (Easterns). Bids, Bids, Bids! Four Canadian teams have booked their tickets to San Diego! Find out who they are and how they got there in the club regionals recap. Bids also got handed out at Steeltown and CQUUC so get caught up on who is going to CUUC and who just missed out on a bid. Danie and Theo got you covered for all four college regional tournaments happening on the weekend as they preview each and every one!(0:00) Intro(4:38) News(6:51) Club Regionals Recap/North Central Preview(24:23) College Recaps and Regional Previews
50:14 9/28/23
Montreal GM Recap, USAU Regionals, Steeltown, CQUUC Mega-Previews
Time to book those tickets to San Diego! A total of 14 Canadian teams will be fighting for berths to USAU Nationals this weekend! Find out all you need to know about pools, formats and past results in the regionals mega-preview. BUT that's not all. Theo breaks down the upcoming college tournaments happening this weekend as CUUC bids will be handed out in Hamilton and Sherbrooke. Enjoy the mega-preview as Theo breaks down who are the big time recruits, transfers and departures and which teams he has punching their ticket to Brampton. In the news, Danie talks about the WUC east tryouts and the big GGM tournament that happened in Montreal this past weekend.(0:00) Intro(2:37) News(8:26) USAU Regionals Mega-Preview (28:19) Steeltown and CQUUC Mega-Previews
61:14 9/22/23
Mega-Sectionals Recap, WMUC Head Coaches
Universe point wins, losses, and a bunch of blowouts are the story of sectionals 2023. Check out this episode to find out who made the cut for regionals, and who sadly, did not.(0:00) Intro (0:06:34) News (WMUC Coaches)(0:14:57) Sectionals Mega-Recap
40:52 9/14/23
Pro Champs, Sectionals Preview
The postseason is upon us! Find out all the Canadian teams in action this weekend as they try to earn a spot at Regionals! In the news section, Theo breaks down some recent Ultimate Canada news and a recap of Pro Champs that happened this past weekend.(0:00) Intro (0:01:37) News (0:01:40) Ultimate Canada Updates(0:05:00) Pro Champs Recap(0:12:05) Sectionals Preview
32:26 9/8/23
WUC, Hall of Fame, Tourney Recaps, Pro Champs Preview
In this short, but exciting episode, Danie and Theo talk about the recent WUC assistant coach announcement as well as a new Canadian Hall of Fame member with USA Ultimate. Later, they recap both Spawnfest and Fruit Bowl before heading into their preview of Pro Champs held in Milwaukee this weekend.(0:00) Intro (0:04:52) News (0:04:57) WUC Coaches(0:12:28) USAU Hall of Fame(0:13:27) Spawnfest(0:15:46) Northwest Fruit Bowl(0:19:27) Pro Champs Preview
30:07 8/31/23
CUC Seniors Recap + CUC Feedback
Welcome to another exciting episode where we break down the thrilling and dramatic action of the senior Canadian Ultimate Championships! Strap yourselves in as we break down the intense battles that took place in the women's, open, and mixed divisions. From jaw-dropping plays to heart-stopping moments, this recap is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat!But that's not all! We value the input of our loyal audience, and in this episode, we take a moment to reflect on the valuable feedback we received about the tournament. We delve into the insightful comments, suggestions, and observations from our dedicated listeners.So grab your favorite jersey, gather your fellow fans, and get ready to dive into the action and celebrate the incredible athletes who left it all on the field!(0:00) Intro (0:05:45) News (0:13:23) CUC Seniors Recap - Women's Division (0:25:28) CUC Seniors Mega-Preview - Open Division (0:40:37) CUC Seniors Mega-Preview - Mixed Division (0:53:35) CUC Seniors Feedback
76:59 8/25/23
CUC Juniors Recap
Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as we dive deep into the action-packed world of Junior Nationals! In this episode, we'll be providing a full recap of the thrilling open and women's divisions. Brace yourselves for blow-outs, universe games, and drama-galore! Get ready to unpack all the rivalries, controversies, and surprising plot twists that made this year's Junior Nationals one for the history books.
44:58 8/23/23
Huckin’ Eh: CUC Seniors Mega-Preview
We're diving headfirst into the Canadian Ultimate Championships senior division and giving you a full-blown preview like you've never seen before. Brace yourself as we break down the fierce competition in the Women's, Mixed, and Open divisions - it's going to be an absolute showdown! This is no ordinary preview. We're taking you deep into the action, recapping past results and revealing the star players who will stop at nothing to claim victory. So, gear up and get ready to witness the ultimate clash of the titans. The tension is high, the stakes are higher, and the excitement is off the charts. Join us as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through the Canadian Ultimate Championships senior division - this is an episode you won't want to miss!(0:00) Intro(0:01:13) CUC Seniors Mega-Preview - Women's Division(0:24:50) CUC Seniors Mega-Preview - Mixed Division(0:59:00) CUC Seniors Mega-Preview - Open Division
90:46 8/15/23
US Open Recap, CUC Juniors Mega-Preview
Get ready for this episode of non-stop excitement as Danie and Theo dive into two different major events!Brace yourself as they take you on an epic rollercoaster ride, recapping all the action from the US Open! But hold onto your hats, because the excitement doesn't stop there! They're pulling out all the stops as they unveil an exclusive preview of the highly-anticipated CUC-Juniors, set to kick-off onto the scene early next week. Get ready to have your mind blown by their captivating ponderings, intriguing predictions, and mind-boggling picks. You won't want to miss a single second of this electrifying podcast episode!Chapters(0:00) Intro(0:07:02) News(0:08:50) Programming notes(0:12:50) US Open Recap(0:21:07) CUC Juniors Mega-Preview - Women's Division(0:37:02) CUC Juniors Mega-Preview - Open Division
54:55 8/10/23
CUC Senior LIVE Draw, CUC Disqualification, Masters Recap, SFI East
Recaps, Live Draws, and Scandal, oh my! Did Ultimate Canada actually give Theo and Danie exclusive access to the CUC senior live draw? Well, yes... yes they did. Follow along with Ultimate Canada competition director Andrew Portwine as we go through the whole process of how the pools are made. Before that in the news, Theo and Danie discuss SFI East, preview the upcoming US Open and do a huge recap of CUC Masters. Also, you know Danie and Theo love the spice and this episode has plenty from talking about spirit issues at CUC Masters to teams being dropped from senior CUC. You DO NOT want to miss this episode!Chapters(0:00) Intro(0:05:29) News(0:05:32) CUC Disqualification (0:08:36) SFI East Recap(0:19:27) CUC Masters Recap(0:45:07) CUC Seniors Live Draw(0:48:24) Open Division(0:59:24) Women's Division(1:09:23) Mixed Division
88:26 8/3/23
USAU Masters Nats, No Borders Recap, CUC Masters Preview
Blessed with Danie again?! Say no more! Theo and Danie have their work cut out for them recapping and previewing all the awesome frisbee-happenings from Team Canada news to an AUDL roundup. They break down all the action from the USA Masters Nationals including a team that WON the whole darn thing. Then they recap a spicy No Borders tournament in Ottawa this past weekend before heading over to preview CUC Masters with everyone's favourite.... PICKS!! Make sure to tune in to hear all the things Danie and Theo say about your team so you can use it as fuel to motivate your team to prove them wrong (also make sure to tell them in person when you see them). This is a mega-episode you DO NOT WANT TO MISS.Chapters(0:00) Intro(0:08:15) News(0:08:23) U20 Prospect Camp and Tryouts Dates(0:11:28) New CUUC Division III Announced(0:14:21) Team Canada WUC Tryout Reminder(0:15:40) USAU Master Nationals Recap(0:20:13) SFI East Preview(0:23:45) AUDL Roundup(0:29:06) No Borders Recap(0:48:23 ) CUC Masters Preview
82:37 7/26/23
USAU Masters, Ontario & BC Regionals Recap, No Borders Mega-Preview
Danie is backkk! In an anticipated return, Danie graces the Huckin' Eh audience with her presence on the mic. Get all you need to know from this past weekend, starting with multiple Canadian teams crushing it in the US. Get a quick preview of the USA Ultimate Master's Championships before the double main event. Danie and Theo talk about all the drama related to BC and Ontario regionals as CUC bids have now been decided! Finally, Theo talks about every single team at No Borders as he previews all the action and gives you his championship picks.Chapters(0:00) Intro(0:09:45) News(0:09:53) CUC Bids Update(0:10:54) Boston Invite Recap(0:17:40) Select Flight West Recap(0:21:19) USAU Master Nationals Preview(0:24:46) AUDL Recap(0:26:32) BC Regionals Recap (Senior Mixed and Women's)(0:48:05) Ontario Regionals Recap(1:11:40) No Borders Mega-Preview
97:36 7/20/23
Canadian Clubs Go South, U24s, Regionals Recaps and Previews
Book those tickets to Vancity! Theo starts things off with a recap of all the Canadian club action down in the United States. Hear about GOAT and Traffic's run at PEC-West along with Union's win at Heavyweights. Find out what teams will be attending nationals out of Quebec and which junior/senior open teams made it from BC. Get a preview of Boston Invite with a whopping 10 Canadian teams in attendance. In the dual main-event, Theo discusses Canada's results at U24s as well as a preview of the upcoming BC and Ontario regionals taking place this weekend. Get all you need to know for nationals as Theo breaks down each pool as well as his picks for who will make it to Vancouver!**Note** This episode was recorded before the change in the bracket schedule to BC mixed regionals. Theo's picks remain the same and he stands by his selections!Chapters(0:00) Intro(0:02:02) News(0:02:07) PEC-West (GOAT & Traffic)(0:05:23) Heavyweights (Union)(0:06:37) BC Regionals Recap (Senior Open & Juniors)(0:15:10) Quebec Regionals Recap(0:24:46) Boston Invite Preview(0:30:45) U24 Recap(0:54:56) BC Regionals Preview (Senior Mixed and Women's)(1:03:38) Ontario Regionals Preview
87:14 7/13/23