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Are you bored or down and need a good laugh to pick yourself up? Maybe you're in need of that feeling of the comfort of a good old friend?  Perhaps you enjoy being a fly on the wall during entertaining conversations? And if you're a fan of the 80s like we are, then you're in the right place! Here's how some of our listeners describe our show: “A great way to get a quick laugh when I’m feeling down” “MandL provides camaraderie, friendship, and access to inside jokes” “These guys are so relatable! I immediately felt like I was hangin’ with old friends when I started listening to Marc and Lowell…after all these years, they feel like family now” Join Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser along with our cast of old friends for new episodes every Tuesday AND learn how you can join in on our conversations at The Marc and Lowell Show - proving that it’s okay to laugh at yourself and each other, no matter how embarrassing things get!


Time to Make a Change
We have returned!  We kick off the show discussing the unexpected return of the show amid the pandemic. We also delve into Lowell's recent retirement from television and he shares the details of his emotional farewell on WBAL's Sunday morning broadcast 2 weeks ago and the bittersweet feeling of leaving a career that has defined a large part of his adult life. Finally, it wouldn't be the Marc and Lowell Show if we weren't discussing something like our personal grooming habits, specifically Jonah's recent experience of being caught in the act! Plus, Lowell shares some hilarious insights on teaching his son personal hygiene. Timeline: 00:47 - The show returns after a long hiatus 03:32 - Lowell's recent retirement explained 16:23 - Lowell reflects on the finality of his farewell on WBAL's Sunday morning broadcast 31:00 - The trio talks about personal grooming habits and  32:33 - Lowell shares some hilarious insights on teaching his son personal hygiene Follow us at    
47:06 1/25/23
The Best of R.J Diaz
This episode is dedicated to our one and only audio engineer and dear friend, RJ Diaz. (1954-2022) Join Marc Ronick for some of our favorite moments involving RJ on the show.  From his geeky tech rants to the time he accidentally hit the banjo button, come celebrate one of the kindest souls we've ever known. Rest in peace, RJ.   (Episode photo by Peter Togel)
63:57 10/19/22
Today, Lowell was scammed and has all the juicy details to share with Marc and Jonah.  Plus, Jonah has an embarrassing airport story and Marc invested in…a frog??   Please follow, rate and review the show!  It helps us grow! 
40:35 3/29/22
The Best of Marc and Lowell Vol. 20
Wrapping up season 2 with a Best Of episode!  Join us (Buzz Burbank, Lisa Runyon, Dan Binstock and RJ Diaz) for a trip down memory lane with segments like… “Guess the Game Show” Game Show Marc’s letters from camp Traffic violation stories Chuck E. Cheese’s And more! It’s a full hour of classic Marc and Lowell!  Season 3 coming later this month!
62:19 3/8/22
Mile Deep Club
Today we welcome back our old friend, Jonah Berger who shares his first experience getting a colonoscopy.  Plus, he shares some exciting news which leads us to some more discussions about getting older.  And finally, we all share our thoughts on the Washington Commanders…
23:42 3/1/22
Surprise Frees
Today, we discuss all things Will Smith including his latest projects Bel Air and King George.  Plus, Marc shares his return to the movie theater after 2 years, braving the Omicron variant to see Spider-Man No Way Home.  And Lowell discovers a “MandLism” during a Domino’s commercial. Today’s question for YOU: Are you able to watch a movie in chunks over the course of a few days OR do you have to watch a movie from start to finish, without breaks? Let us know and tell us why at
29:25 2/22/22
Take a Sheetz
Today on the show, we regress a bit to our old days…bathroom humor! Wait…don’t go! Lowell promises that we’re still way more mature about it than we use to be!  Plus, Jonah joins us again and we discuss fart spray pranks on TikTok along with Lowell and his son Reid’s incident in a public restroom… Our question for YOU: have you ever witnessed an embarrassing experience in a public restroom? Let us know in the comments on our website or any of our social media platforms! 
24:55 2/15/22
Edible Garnish
Today we share our recent experiences with houses full of COVID and then we have a friendly debate about whether or not you’re supposed to eat the garnishes that restaurants serve.  Plus, stick around for a flashback to episode 30 and Jonah’s fear of vegetables! Today’s question for YOU: Do you eat the garnishes restaurants serve you?  If so, what’s the craziest garnish you’ve had?  
22:30 2/8/22
In today’s super-sized episode, TikTok sensation and old friend Dan Binstock joins us to share his recent and overnight success on TikTok!  Plus, Marc shares his painful story of being hacked on Instagram and Jonah shares a story that tops Marc’s! Today’s question for YOU…have you ever been hacked on social media and how did it end for you? Follow Dan on the following platforms: TikTok: @pianodaddan IG: @pianodaddan YouTube: Follow Jonah’s podcast at
66:59 2/3/22
All Madden
Today, we dig through all of the Marc and Lowell archives to bring you our very own tribute to the late,  great John Madden!  Take a ride down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite Madden moments on the podcast. We want to hear from you!  What are some of your favorite John Madden memories from football, TV, video games, etc.?  Share with us on social media or our website,!
30:24 2/1/22
No Good Pokemon Cards
Today, we discuss Lowell’s continued passion for cryptocurrency and how it seems that everyone’s coming to him for advice these days.  Is a "crypto-cast" in his future?  Plus, Lowell’s son Reid joins us and we talk toys from our time vs. now. Our question to YOU: What do you think about cryptocurrency?  Do you use it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Don’t get it?  Let’s hear it!
27:23 1/25/22
Change Your Ways
Today, Marc’s tolerance for local news reporter Pat Collins continues to diminish when he learns (and shares) Pat’s recent viral video.  Plus, is it time to start paying for YouTube?  And we discuss the ins and outs of when it is and isn’t okay to eat food off the floor.
25:12 1/18/22
Just Breathe
Today we discuss what movies and shows we’re watching these days.  Plus, we reminisce about the good ole days when we were on Apple’s top podcast charts and we talk a little about Twitter and Clubhouse. Today’s question for YOU: what are you watching on TV these days?  Got any recommendations?  Let us know!
23:00 1/11/22
After 10 years of this podcast, we have a first on today’s show!  Lowell shares his newfound fandom for…Taylor Swift?!?  Plus, we reminisce about our own first loves, break-ups and much more! What song did you listen to on repeat when you were growing up after a big heartbreak? Tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on our website at! 
29:45 1/4/22
The Whole George Clooney Thing
We discuss the pros and cons of showing signs of age and how we’re dealing with that.  Lowell’s son Reid tells him that he’s “not his friend anymore” which leads into a discussion on kids (including us) being entitled.  Plus, Marc completed #75Hard, Lowell is still mining for crypto and Marc tells a recent story about a full bladder and no bathroom readily available. We want to hear from you!  Please share with us any travel hacks you have when it comes to emergency bathroom situations on a road trip.  Let us know in our Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram or our website at
23:12 12/28/21
The COVID Discount
The boys welcome back their good friend, Jonah Berger to open the show and we discuss recurring dreams.  Plus Lowell’s recent story of getting pulled over without a clue as to why.   We want to hear from you!  Tell us about a dream you’ve had where you find your adult self in a situation from your childhood.  Maybe you were you back at school and late for class, for example.  Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or our website at Happy Holidays!
22:47 12/21/21
Marc's First Colonoscopy
Yes, you guessed it! Marc shares all of the details of his recent and first colonoscopy (maturely, of course), which leads to our question of the week for YOU… Have you ever had a funny or embarrassing experience under anesthesia that you’d be willing to share with us? Join the conversation in our private Facebook group or on Instagram! FB Group:  Instagram: 
24:11 12/14/21
Lowell’s son Reid is truly a chip off the ole block and is quickly becoming the class clown at school.  We call Reid to teach us all about being “roasted” in elementary school.  Plus, our review of the new holiday movie, 8 Bit Christmas which leads us to our question of the week… What was the ultimate holiday gift you begged for when you were growing up? Join the conversation in our Facebook group, Instagram or Twitter and tell us about it! FB Group:  Instagram:  Twitter: 
23:27 12/7/21
The boys are back after a long hiatus that sent them off on a journey that would actually change the direction of their entire lives! And being that they’ve had their own rebirthing into even better versions of themselves, the show’s rebirth promises to be even better too! On today’s show, they’ll share more details about the show’s future, provide updates on where the heck they’ve been and the changes they’ve made over the last year in their jobs, homes, and health.  Thanks to, Marc and Lowell talk about the times they got in trouble with their parents . . . but they’re pretty sure you have a better story! The Pod Decks question today: What is the most trouble you got into at home or with your parents? Join our Facebook group and share your story with us there! If you’re a podcaster and need some inspiration, check out and use the program code MANDL to receive a 10 percent discount on your order! Check out Marc’s podcast production company: Check out Lowell on Twitter: @newsmaker22 Check out Jonah’s podcast at
31:44 12/2/21
The Marc and Lowell Show Reboot
Are you bored or down and need a good laugh to pick yourself up? Maybe you're in need of that feeling of the comfort of a good old friend?  Perhaps you enjoy being a fly on the wall during entertaining conversations? And if you're a fan of the 80s like we are, then you're in the right place! Join us and our cast of old friends for new episodes every Tuesday AND learn how you can join in on our conversations at
02:28 12/1/21
327 - Drive-by Colonoscopy
Today, the boys welcome back Jonah to the show and the ball busting immediately begins! Then it’s on to life with masks and zoom, Marc’s colonoscopy, Jonah’s cowboy podcast and someone can’t get enough of virtual reality! Check out Jonah’s podcast at Check out Marc’s new podcast production company: Check out Lowell on TikTok: @newsmaker22
46:45 11/28/20
326 - State of Shock
We’re back and we have a lot of catching up to do! Today, Lowell vs. a Karen, Jonah vs. a diaper, Marc vs. the Washington Football Team, masks and texting etiquette and more!
43:58 9/24/20
The Best of Marc and Lowell - Vol. 19
Today, producer Aaron Lamb takes us down memory lane once again, sharing some classic MandL stories and games exclusively from our Premium Show series... Premium EP 102 - A listener asking Alexa to play a MandL episode. Premium EP 43 – The first edition of Who’s on MandL with Lisa, Jonah and a few listeners. Premium EP 09 – The Jimmy Greenberg, “I sold my WHO tickets for you” story including more audio from the MandL lost tapes. Premium EP 31 – Popular foods that have odd flavors in other countries. Cajun flavored squirrel meat potato chips. Pizza flavored beer. Pancake drink, etc. with Buzz and RJ.
57:02 6/8/20
325 - Frozen or Faking
It's an all new episode and we're bringing you our live, Zoom listener party!  Join Marc, Lowell, Lisa and Dan along with a bunch of our listeners as we discuss... Lisa's internet connection, Dan's obsessive compulsive medical transaction, Lowell discusses his new pandemic work routine, the guys discuss their top 3 fast food chains, Lowell's kids are driving him crazy, Amy recaps her amazing quarantine birthday, Lisa details the virtual life of a teacher, Marc recaps his 66 days of the 5am Club and the guys discuss Jonah finally destroying candle mountain.
72:58 5/29/20
The Best of Marc and Lowell - Vol. 18
If you missed out on the 100+ episodes of our premium series, now’s your chance to catch up…free!   Producer Aaron Lamb returns this week for the 18th edition of the best of Marc and Lowell… Premium EP 11 (Show Open) – Mic check with Buzz and RJ. Premium EP 02 – Marc and Lowell recap how they initially called into the Don and Mike Show, how they got an internship with the show, and how the internship abruptly ended. Premium EP 03 – The guys play the clip that led to them being invited to the D&M studio as well as a few more audio clips from years ago. Premium EP 11 – More of Lowell’s D&M logs featuring Hooters waitresses and more internship hazing. Buzz recalls a few more Shakey’s pizza parlor memories. The guys remember how terrible fraternity life was. Premium EP 13 – The time Jonah and Lisa were skinny dipping with friends. The time the guys had a boys only weekend and encountered some questionable meth hillbillies.
55:06 5/23/20
The Best of Marc and Lowell - Vol. 17
Producer Aaron is back for the 4th week in a row, giving away our premium content... for free (or por pree)!  It's an all new Best Of Marc and Lowell Show, PREMIUM SHOW edition!   Premium EP 79 (Show Open) – Lowell sings the take a dump version of This is It by Huey Lewis and the News.    Premium EP 08 – Fast food items that are over 1,000 kCal with 70’s and 80’s fast food jingles. Also Buzz’s Shakey's Pizza Parlor & Ye Public House and Dunkin Doughnuts memories.    Premium EP 09 – The guys remember Dream Wizards. The guys also recall playing Dungeons and Dragons at camp with the Dungeon Master.    Premium EP 58 – Cartoon theme songs from the 80’s with Seth, Lisa and ARC's Omar Latiri. Also includes a story of an altercation during Seth’s birthday at the renaissance fest.   Premium EP 87 – Lowell and Jonah convince Marc to play some songs from his breakup mix tape for Amy. With Lisa and RJ too. 
55:21 5/16/20
The Best of Marc and Lowell - Vol. 16
It’s another 'best of' Premium edition of MandL, thanks to producer Aaron Lamb!  Today we hear from… Premium EP 07 - Super Buzz (Buzz’s Superman sweatpants). Premium EP 30 - Buzz reads the music lyrics & listeners guess the song. Premium EP 09 – More MandL lost tapes with appearances from young Jonah, Lowell, Marc & more. Premium EP 69 – Fritz Wetherbee tapes on speaking the New Hampshire dialect… With Dan, Seth, Jonah & Lisa. Premium EP 07 – Buzz’s problem with sweating while interviewed on high definition television. Premium EP 74 – Jonah’s epic Spirit Airlines rant concluding with a big reveal that shocks everyone in the studio… With Dan, Seth & Lisa.  Premium EP 75 – A wrap up to the Jonah vs Spirt Airlines saga. Things get a little out of hand... With Dan, Seth & Lisa. #notfeelingit #savejonah
56:47 5/8/20
The Best of Marc and Lowell - Vol. 15
Today, producer Aaron Lamb is back with our Premium show door wide open to bring you another 'best of' series!  This episode includes... Premium EP 01 – Lowell observed free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven (total disgusting madness)… with RJ and Buzz. Premium EP 34 – The MandL newlywed game with Marc, Lowell, Jonah, Lisa and host Amy. Premium EP 66 – Lowell, Seth and Jonah sing combinations of Hall & Oates songs. The guys remember living with Jonah back in the day (Jonah’s opium den). Memories of the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House… Songs about the Seafood House in the style of Hall & Oates. Premium EP 07 - Lowell grills Marc and Amy on their freshly revealed relationship. Lowell is nervous about being a new daddy. Lowell is confused about sex during pregnancy… Buzz is an expert on sex with pregnant women.
56:31 5/1/20
The Best of Marc and Lowell - Vol. 14
Our producer, Aaron Lamb has opened the vault to our entire premium show library to bring you an all new MandL "best of" PREMIUM SHOW edition! You'll hear from... Premium EP 04 - open mic check with Marc, Lowell, Buzz and RJ. Premium EP 03 - Lowell's concert bugout story. Also a Marc bugout story. Premium EP 09 - The guys watch a Star Trek inspired home video from the 80s starring Marc, Lowell and Eric. This ends with enough with the amplifier from Marc's dad. Premium EP 13 - Camp stories with Jonah. The various times the guys snuck into Ramblewood. Lowells worst summer at camp. The "eff me eff you" story. Marc visited 7-Eleven for such a pay and some new candy (into this week). Premium EP 43 - The gang discusses buff shrimp and working at restaurants back in the day. ...and more!
55:01 4/24/20
324 - If Push Came to Shove
Today, the boys return from their hiatus to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Lowell’s daughter is pranking her parents and Jonah reveals that he shared a very embarrassing story to his parents about Marc!
39:38 3/21/20

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