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Reimagine sustainable fashion with analytics
As a part Oracle Analytics’ initiative to help companies develop an analytics-driven culture, we are talking to a series of industry experts on some of the trends, challenges and the solution for it. In this episode, we talk with Barbara Cimmino, Head of Corporate Social responsibility at Yamamay, an Italy-based producer and distributor of beautiful, sustainably produced apparel. Barbara discusses Yamamay's vision of sustainability at the forefront of their business goals and how they are reaching their objectives with Oracle Analytics. 
21:21 1/27/23
People to Profit Analytics – the what, why and how - Ep 6 of 6
In Episode # 6 of the People Analytics Advantage series, your host, Chitra Shastri, will be conversing with Trevor Broman HR Director of Technology and Analytics, Arconic, about his analytics journey and his choice of Fusion Analytics (or FAW) as a success factor. People Analytics can be the strategic catalyst to drive higher performance and profitability for an organization. It has evolved to a stage where people leaders can self-serve and start their own journey with analytics with less reliance on IT. How to use People Analytics to your advantage? How to create a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment? How to offer the employee experience that makes your high performers choose to work with you? Find out more about Arconic’s people to profit journey in this episode with Trevor Broman and Manisha Gupta.
20:55 12/8/22
Invest in your employees with Learning Analytics - Ep 5 of 6
In Episode 5 of The People Analytics Advantage series, we are having an in-depth discussion about Learning Anaytics. In today’s economy, learning has become the focal point of hiring discussions because it signals that the employer values their people and is actively investing in their success. So has Learning Analytics. With more and more people leaders and Chief Learning Officers opting for a data-driven approach, Learning Analytics is becoming a much-needed requirement especially if it can link learning content to employees’ skill, performance, and goals, paving for a more thoughtful and analytic-driven career mobility. Find out more in this podcast hosted by Chitra Shastri along with Oracle’s very own Manisha Gupta VP Product, HCM Analytics.
17:17 10/18/22
Payroll in People Analytics – good, bad and challenges - Ep 4 of 6
Episode 4 of The People Analytics Advantage series features an in-depth discussion about Payroll Analytics with Oracle’s Lewis Thompson, Group Vice President, Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, and Manisha Gupta, VP of Product, HCM Analytics. Payroll analytics is not just for the income or balance sheet. It can help analyze the cost of keeping a workforce healthy, motivated, and rested. And it’s all worth it if the workforce delivers.The ability to access and analyze payroll information can help in identifying those invisible, difficult-to-measure workforce trends, including those as obscure and as burnout, thus paving the way for running a lean and effective business. Hosted by Chitra Shastri, Oracle Analytics Product Marketing.
21:47 10/17/22
Productize Diversity and Inclusion as a framework - Ep 3 of 6
In Episode 3 of The People Analytics Advantage series, we are focusing exclusively on Diversity and Inclusion or D&I. D&I is not just a standalone program. It’s a framework that needs to be plugged into every facet of your HCM application including talent acquisition and management, absences, compensation and payroll and so forth. and weaved into analytics, thus providing a solid foundation for your organization’s HR strategy and execution. Find out more in this podcast hosted by Chitra Shastri with Oracle’s Manisha Gupta and Synlait’s Andrew Dennan.
30:24 10/12/22
Extend People Analytics with Relationship Intelligence - Ep 2 of 6
Episode 2 of The People Analytics Advantage series is all about Relationship Intelligence. We learnt in the previous episode that People Analytics is about building, scaling, and strengthening the key facet of your organization – your people. For building the organization of the future, Relationship Intelligence is a promising technique that uses network patterns identified in emails, instant messages, and other enterprise collaboration data, to allow leaders to see quickly what networks are in place and identify the connectors, experts to solve for collaboration and innovation. Find out more in this episode from BigTinCan’s Manish Goel along with Oracle's Manisha Gupta and host, Chitra Shastri, as he shares his expert thoughts about Relationship Intelligence, and how Relationship Quotient (RQ) is one of the feathers in the cap along with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) for a people leader.
27:23 10/5/22
People Analytics is for everyone - Ep 1 of 6
In Episode 1 of The People Analytics Advantage series, we are talking in detail about People Analytics. People analytics is often used in the same vein as HR Analytics. While HR Analytics can provide key metrics about an organization’s talent acquisition and management strategies, People Analytics is a much broader umbrella that can help uncover key insights into the entire hire to retire lifecycle of your employees – productivity, internal mobility, compensation, payroll, learning, skills, D&I, and more. It’s not just for HR but for all managers and stakeholders involved in implementing the organizational strategy and running day-today operations. Learn from Al Adamsen, the founder of PAFOW, about the good, bad and challenges of unlocking the value of People Analytics for your organization, along with Manisha Gupta, VP of Product at Oracle. Hosted by Chitra Shastri, Oracle Analytics Product Marketing.
29:46 9/28/22
Migrating from on-premises BI to modern cloud analytics
This podcast focuses on strategy and tactics for migrating from on-premises, enterprise BI to modern cloud analytics. Learn some of the benefits to migrating from on-prem to the cloud, as well as best practices and next steps. Featuring Nick Englehardt, Oracle Analytics Product Marketing, and Doug Ross, Manager and Architect from Performance Architects. Hosted by Blair Bozada, Oracle Analytics Product Marketing.
13:28 9/25/22
Why is analytics important for the hospitality industry?
The hospitality industry has gone through a lot of change in the past few years. A lot of data is being collected via multiple channels, but how can they use this data be used for better decision-making. Find out in this podcast by Oracle's Divya Malik and Josh Anderson.
11:04 5/18/22
Trends in CPG and the value of analytics
This podcast focuses on the current complex market environment for consumer goods, including key issues, trends and how a data analytics solution can help provide the insight that’s needed to help accelerate and improve decision-making.
16:07 3/29/22
How every analytics user can benefit from machine learning
Imagine if machine learning (ML) was accessible to anybody who needed to make decisions based on truths, delivered by numbers. The difficulty up until now has been that many ML technologies require special skills or tools to do this. Oracle's Barry Mostert and Nick Engelhardt discuss how to empower clickers to coders with ML capabilities.
09:29 2/1/22
Value of analytics in the manufacturing supply chain
Manufacturers are facing significant challenges in the supply chain today. Having the right data can help provide the insight that’s required to get visibility into key issues, and accelerate and improve decision making. Listen to this discussion between Oracle’s Jake Krakauer, John Barcus and Ash Bajpai.
13:26 1/20/22
Augmented Analytics Reset for Retailers
In this session, best-selling author and keynote speaker Bernard Marr is joined by Rich Clayton, Vice President Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics, to discuss the current analytics landscape, and the importance of the analytics revolution in retail as well as why data and evidence based decision-making is necessary.
46:15 12/20/21
Forrester podcast series- Part 2 (The last mile of analytics)
How can you drive an analytics-driven business operation? One important element is to solve the challenges of the last mile of analytics. Organizations must also ensure that the technology, people, process, and data architecture dimensions of an analytics-driven strategy are aligned. Listen to this second podcast conversation with Forrester Wave author Boris Evelson and Jose Villacis, Head of Oracle Analytics Product Marketing, in this second podcast of a two-part series.
19:18 12/10/21
The Forrester podcast series-Part 1 (The value of cross-functional analytics)
While businesses are collecting large amounts of data, they also continue to have a lot of data silos either by buying or building separate analytical applications. A cross-functional enterprise-grade analytics solution provides businesses with a single version of the truth and enables them to gain a competitive edge. Listen to this conversation with Forrester Wave author Boris Evelson and Jose Villacis, Head of Oracle Analytics Product Marketing, in this first podcast of a two-part series.
20:46 12/8/21
How the State of Maine leveraged Oracle Analytics to make data-backed decisions
We recently had the opportunity to learn how the State of Maine leveraged Oracle Analytics cloud to make critical data available to business decision-makers across the state. We met with Controller Douglas Cotnoir, Natalie Bragan, Senior Financial Analyst, State of Maine, and Mitch Boynton, the Corrections Service Center deputy director. Listen to the podcast.
16:29 12/6/21
Benefits and drivers of cloud-based analytics across retail and CPG
In this third and final episode Bryan Ball, Aberdeen Research talks with Oracle Global Industry Advisor Jeff Dewing on how open source platforms can benefit companies by providing centralized foundational data to enable optimal business decision-making in a more efficient manner, especially in the case of warehouse management.
22:41 12/2/21
The benefits and drivers of cloud-based analytics across retail & CPG
Welcome to episode 2 in our 3 part series on Retail Analytics. In this episode we listen to Aberdeen's Bryan Ball discuss with Oracle Principal Industry Architect Guru Sulibhavi how an open platform provides retail, and CPG firms with the insights that they need to manage their activities both in the front office, and back office in a truly data-driven fashion.
25:38 11/1/21
Season 2 - Episode 1: The benefits and drivers of cloud-based analytics across retail
Welcome back to Analytics Advantage! We took a short break and happy to be back re-launching our channel with a three-part series titled The Benefits and Drivers of Cloud-Based Analytics Across Retail & CPG. We feature Aberdeen Research Directors Omer Minkara and Bryan Ball alongside special guests from Oracle. Listen to how retail and CPG firms are maximizing their performance by making effective use of data and analytics. Listen to episode 1, a discussion between Aberdeen Research Director Omer Minkara, and Rich Clayton, Vice President of Business Analytics. 
16:11 10/12/21
Educating Future Leaders in Business Analytics and Machine Learning
Listen to Kyle Hofer-Mora, Director of Business Analytics Graduate Programs at the California Polytechnic State University, as he walks through how educating graduate students in analytics is making an impact in higher education and in business.
24:39 8/2/19
Driving a Consumer Brand with Business Analytics
Ashish Joshi, Senior Director of Data, Analytics and Data Science at The Clorox Company, discusses the importance of an analytics-driven culture, and how his team uses analytics to identify consumer marketing insights around its products.
18:59 3/14/19
Data, AI and Analytics: What Matters Most in 2020
Listen to one of the leading authorities on Business Intelligence (BI), Bruno Aziza, VP Product for Oracle Analytics, as he discusses the top trends dominating the Business Analytics, Data and AI space and why we should pay close attention to these latest developments.
21:38 2/26/19
Winning with Analytics and Machine Learning
Listen to Jeff Silverman, Senior Manager for Grant Thornton, as he discusses analytics and machine learning in the marketplace, how it helps customers win, and what the future holds for businesses everywhere.
22:29 12/14/18
Business Improvement through Analytics
Listen to Todd Randolph, principal analyst at KPMG as he discusses the importance of advanced analytics and how it’s making an impact with businesses everywhere.
21:06 10/28/18
The Business Implications of AI-Driven Analytics
Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are top of mind for businesses everywhere. Listen to this episode where Karl Dollard, a thought leader and Senior Manager at Accenture, discusses how AI-driven analytics is changing the business landscape, business decision-making, and impacting industries everywhere.
19:52 10/9/18
The Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Business
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the hot buzzwords today but what does it mean for business decision-making? Kirk Borne, a worldwide top influencer in big data, analytics and data science will help break it all down and reveal some interesting insights in this episode. For further information about Oracle Analytics Cloud please visit:
33:30 7/18/18
The Future of Blockchain and Analytics
Blockchain is one of the hottest topics being discussed today. Listen to the top Bitcoin & Blockchain leader, thinker and doer in the space, Vinny Lingham, as he discusses his views on blockchain, analytics, and everything in between. For further information about Oracle Analytics Cloud please visit:
19:54 6/12/18
The Future of Analytics in Finance
Analytics is helping to shape the influence finance has on many organizations. Listen to a conversation with Viktor Sahakian, VP of Hitachi's Oracle Technology practice for North America, as he discusses the changes that are happening in finance today. For further information about Oracle Analytics Cloud please visit:
22:06 5/4/18
Management Reporting and Analytics in Finance
Discover both the art and science of modern analytics, and learn from innovators and experts in analytics and other areas of interest. Take the analytics journey and learn how to find new patterns at a glance, blend any data with a click, and share insights as a visual story.
18:32 1/30/18