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Tune into Digital Impact Radio where we’ll talk capabilities, projects and emerging trends from Oracle. Whether you’re an IT manager or a developer you will hear insights and interviews to gain deep knowledge about latest innovations from Oracle experts and evangelists from the community.


S8 EP27 - Raj Modi talks Clinical Trials in a Post-Pandemic World
Raj Modi Senior Director, Health Sciences discusses the state of Clinical Trials as we edge out of the pandemic. Raj also discusses new science and technology which is changing how healthcare is being delivered, and its impact on Clinical Trials.
18:14 1/9/23
S8 EP26 - Steve and Stan talk Oracle Integration 3
Steve Tindall and Stanislav Tanev talk about Oracle Integration 3, a fully managed, preconfigured environment that gives you the power to integrate your cloud and on-premises applications, and gain insight into your business processes.
13:05 11/22/22
S8 - EP25 - Special Edition: Alistair Green Talks CloudWorld Highlights
Alistair Green, Senior Vice President for JAPAC Cloud Engineering, shares his insights from Oracle CloudWorld, hearing about how Oracle is solving the world's most complex problems, maximising what is possible with SaaS, OCI, On-Premise in a Multi-Cloud Ecosytem, and working with Partners.
11:16 11/15/22
S8 EP 25 - Stan and Steve talk Oracle Process Automation
Stanislav Tanev and Steve Tindall talk about Oracle Process Automation, which helps rapidly design, automate, and manage business processes in the cloud, supporting processes across SaaS, APIs and Standalone.
13:10 11/8/22
S8 EP24 - Manoj Mathen talks AI/ML Project Characteristics
Manoj Mathen, AI/ML Distinguished Cloud Architect talks about helping organisations with their AI/ML Journey, whether supporting Data Analysts as Citizen Data Scientists, through to Data Scientists can build, train, and deploy models with Data Science Cloud. Manoj also explains the characteristics of an AI/ML Journey, needing its own respective ecosystem, talking through real customer examples.
19:30 11/2/22
S8 EP23 - Mark Rakhmilevich discusses Blockchain
Mark Rakhmilevich Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management takes us through the focus on evolving the Oracle Blockchain Platform and Oracle Database Blockchain Tables in the cloud and on-premises to meet the needs of customers and partners for a scalable, secure, production-ready platform to support blockchain solutions.
32:55 10/10/22
S8 EP22 - Robert Greene discusses Autonomous & Exadata Cloud@Customer
Robert Greene, Oracle VP of Product Management talks about Exadata Cloud@Customer, being able to create both Autonomous and Exadata Database VM Clusters on Exadata Cloud@Customer platforms from X7 Gen 2 to the newest generation. This provides organizations a single platform for their Modernisation Approach whether it includes a traditional approach to managing data, or what is possible with the Autonomous Database Category.
19:37 9/26/22
S8 EP21 - Raj Modi discusses Patient Engagement
Raj Modi, Strategic Client Advisor for Healthcare highlights the importance of Data and Technology in the role it should play with Patient Engagement. Raj sets the landscape of why this is important, and shares how Oracle is meeting this challenge, whether it is in the area of Real World outcomes, Digital Therapeutics or Patient Experience.
21:24 9/12/22
S8 EP20 - Chaitanya Koratamaddi discusses getting started with APEX
Chaitanya Koratamaddi from Oracle's APEX Product Management team discusses getting started with APEX by highlighting new features in the latest release. Chaitanya also gives us a sneak peak into the APEX roadmap. Learn more:
28:53 8/30/22
S8 EP19 - Suhas Uliyar, Using Digital Assistants from Data to HealthCare
Suhas Uliyar talks about Oracle Digital Assistant and discusses what's possible with its Low Code Designer. Suhas also touches on his team's roadmap which includes the future of healthcare.
29:32 8/7/22
S8 EP18 - Peter Williams talks Healthcare with OHMS
Peter Williams, Executive Director, Healthcare Industry for Oracle Japan & Asia Pacific talks pandemic response from Oracle with the introduction of the Oracle Health Management System (OHMS). From patient monitoring to cohort analysis to vaccine distribution, Peter discusses OHMS and sheds light on how it's being used around the globe.
17:45 7/26/22
S8 EP17 - Kevin Lazarz talks latest LiveLabs
Kevin Lazarz, Database Product Management, talks about what has changed with Oracle LiveLabs. LiveLabs gives access to Oracle's tools and technologies, with a wide variety of 400+ labs and workshops.
18:33 7/17/22
S8 EP16 - Tim Hickey talks Roving Edge
Tim Hickey, Master Principal Cloud Architect talks about Roving Edge that delivers cloud computing at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations.
11:20 7/12/22
S8 EP15 - Ramco's Balamalai Ranganathan talks financial well-being
Balamalai Ranganathan, Head of Ramco Strategy, discusses the role HR & Payroll systems, enabling employee well-being, with cloud based technologies, including Digital Assistants.
17:53 6/28/22
S8 EP14 - Monica Godoy, APEX Product Manager Talks APEX
Monica Godoy, Oracle APEX Product Manager based in Colombia, talks through the following: What is Oracle APEX, skills you need, how to get started, APEX use cases, and the latest in the 22.1 release (approvals, improved page creation, etc.).
18:27 6/14/22
S8 EP13 - IBSFINtech's Mr CM Grover talks InTReaX for Treasury Management
Mr CM Grover, MD and CEO, talks about IBSFINtech as a Make-In-India company, established by Ex-Bankers, having rich experience in banking, finance and treasury, that have released a SAAS Capability, called TMS InTReaX with Treasury, Risk and Trade Finance Management Capabilities as an offering available for Major International Corporations through to Small to Medium Size Organisations. Mr CM Grover and Nimesh Prakash talk through their recent Journey with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and why it was chosen.
19:58 5/31/22
S8 EP12 - Melliyal Annamalai talks Graph with Autonomous Database
Melliyal Annamalai talks about Autonomous Database with graph capabilities - including Graph Studio - which further automates graph data management, simplifies modeling, analysis, and visualization across the graph analytics lifecycle. Melliyal highlights this Graph Capability, especially within the Autonomous Database being of interest to Pure Graph, JSON and Database Developers.
19:50 5/24/22
S8 EP11 - Darryn Hinett on what's new within Oracle Analytics
Oracle Analytics lead Darryn Hinett talks through the recently released new Oracle Analytics Capabilities from January 2022 through to March 2022, including details of the upcoming roadmap.
17:30 5/17/22
S8 EP10 - Brenda Banning defines "Enduring and Adaptable"
Brenda Banning, Vice President, Architecture and Industry Strategy, JAPAC discusses the organisational shift from traditional pursuit of a Destination Fit for Purpose 10 year Solution, to an Enduring/Adaptable organisation approach which includes elements of Platforms, Data Management all leading towards Organisation Flexibility and Agility.
18:54 5/10/22
S8 EP09 - Stuart Coggins talks Oracle Red Bull Racing Innovation Garage
Stuart Coggins, Data Innovation Practitioner, talks about the Oracle Red Bull Racing Innovation Garage which included the following: F1 Race Simulator, Analytics Dashboard, VR and AR Experience, Cloud Building Blocks Car and Fan Engagement with CrowdTwist.
23:40 5/3/22
S8 EP08 - University of Queensland Innovation Challenge: Jason Lowe talks innovation with Dr. Christoph Breidbach
Jason Lowe, Oracle Cloud Specialist, Developer Communities catches up with University of Queensland's, Dr. Christoph Breidbach, Senior Lecturer. Hear their discussion about preparing students for a future that has not been invented yet, where technology, innovation and business models are valued and considered.
14:20 4/19/22
S8 EP07 - Steve Tindall Talks HyperAutomation and Integration, Pt 3 of 3
Steve Tindall, HQ Integration Product Manager, discusses where the integration industry going, what’s new? Future trends? Digital transformation is still the driver, with Oracle IAP – Intelligent Automation Platform. Adding Digital Assistant and AI to make a platform that can discover, analyze, design, automate, measure, monitor, heal and reassess.
12:16 4/5/22
S8 EP06 - Steve Tindall Talks HyperAutomation & Integration - Pt 2 of 3
Steve Tindall, HQ Integration Product Manager, discusses what's coming, which includes Many New Adaptors (eg eBay, SugarCRM, etc), Redwood UI Experience, B2B improvements and Greater Flexibility in Billing, as well as Infrastructure and Delivery Methods.
08:19 3/22/22
S8 EP05 - Steve Tindall Talks HyperAutomation & Integration - Pt 1 of 3
Steve Tindall, HQ Product Manager, focusses on Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) a powerful platform for application integration, process automation, with built in machine learning recommendations, supporting the designing and mapping of integrations, and some of the achievements over the last 12 months.
15:06 3/8/22
S8 EP04 - Benjamin Arnulf talks Augmented Analytics - Pt 3 of 3
Benjamin Arnulf, Senior Director, Analytics Product Strategy discusses the Oracle Analytics Leaders Program, who are forward-thinking analytics skilled executives who promote innovation inside their companies while networking and inspiring other leaders. Benjamin also talks through the upcoming Analytics Capability Roadmap.
19:06 2/23/22
S8 EP03 - Benjamin Arnulf talks Augmented Analytics - Pt 2 of 3
Benjamin Arnulf, Senior Director, Analytics Product Strategy discusses the Augmented Analytics Experience that comes out of the box for SaaS Applications such as Oracle ERP, HCM, SCM and Netsuite.
11:38 2/17/22
S8 EP02 - Benjamin Arnulf talks Augmented Analytics - Pt 1 of 3
Benjamin Arnulf, Senior Director, Analytics Product Strategy highlights the trend from Visual Base Exploration type Analytic Products to Augmented Analytics with NLQ, NLG, Digital Assistants to Auto Insights.
14:44 2/3/22
S8 EP01 - Martin Lambert talks Anytime Modernisation with Exadata
Martin Lambert introduces the term "Anytime Modernisation", helping organisations practice both Cloud Speed and Technical Debt. This enables customers to modernize operations and reduce costs, at speed.
13:32 1/18/22
S7 EP21 - Joshua Chua talks Autonomous
Joshua Chua, Oracle Product Manager talks about the Oracle Autonomous Database, a fully managed, pre-configured database environment with four available workload types (Transaction Processing, Data Warehouse, APEX, JSON) across 3 deployment choices (Shared, Dedicated/Public Cloud, Dedicated/Cloud at Customer).
21:55 12/14/21
S7 EP20 - Jason Reinhardt talks Data Management Choices
Jason Reinhardt, Oracle Product Manager talks about the Oracle Data Management Choices, from on-premise to the many cloud variants such as Autonomous Shared and Dedicated, Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service and Exadata Cloud at Customer.
09:48 12/7/21