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Oracle Groundbreakers

Conversations with thought leaders and experts in modern software development from across the Oracle community and beyond.


FROM THE ARCHIVES: John Spurling at UnVoxxed Hawaii 2020 on Debugging 16:22 12/31/2021
Janakiram MSV on Emerging Trends in Cloud Computing 44:51 12/10/2021
FROM THE ARCHIVES: Аlina Yurenko at Jfokus 2020 on the GraalVM Project and Building the Community 13:35 11/30/2021
Oracle Code Innovate Retools, Embraces Virtual Format to Engage Developers 27:47 11/17/2021
Simon Coter and Simon Hayler on Oracle VirtualBox and Cloud Integration 28:38 11/05/2021
Oracle ACE Director Rita Nunez Previews the 2021 LAOUC Evento de Primavera 13:08 10/26/2021
Building Intelligent Models for Smarter and Safer Cities 34:38 10/20/2021
Oracle ACE Director Francisco Alvarez Munoz Previews the 2021 Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Virtual Tour 16:57 10/18/2021
Oracle ACE Mirela Ardelean Previews the 2021 Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Virtual Tour 19:02 10/11/2021
Explore Oracle Labs Australia with Founder & Director Cristina Cifuentes 35:11 09/21/2021
APEX Changed my Life 23:09 09/13/2021
Preview: Oracle Developer Live — Java Innovations: Joe Darcy 06:38 09/08/2021
Preview: Oracle Developer Live — Java Innovations: Paul Sandoz 06:17 09/03/2021
Preview: Oracle Developer Live — Java Innovations: Venkat Subramaniam 06:54 08/30/2021
Preview: Oracle Developer Live — Java Innovations: Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro 04:27 08/17/2021
Sandesh Rao and Sai Penumuru on the Community and Technologies at Sangam 2019 16:03 08/13/2021
Red Bull Racing Honda and Oracle Team up on a Series of Machine Learning HOLs 05:48 08/06/2021
OracleDevLive Preview | Ophelia Hernandez on Continuous Deployments to Oracle Cloud 03:40 07/30/2021
Heating up with MySQL 26:27 07/28/2021
Building Software Development Communities: Lessons Learned and Stories from the Field 87:24 07/19/2021
Gerald Venzl and Chris Thalinger at UnVoxxed Hawaii 2020 12:05 07/16/2021
Mia Urman on the Year of Automation and Migrations to the Cloud 17:33 07/12/2021
Engaging Communities of Makers - People who Build with their Bare Hands 61:09 06/24/2021
Chris Bensen: Inspiring Developers to Build Real Things 34:31 06/17/2021
Views from the Mentors at the Hackmakers World Innovation Day April 2021 24:35 06/13/2021
Steve Nouri on Hackathons as Playgrounds for Techies 08:19 06/11/2021
ALWAYS FREE Oracle Cloud Free Tier — The Latest Services for Developers 12:28 06/07/2021
Jason Lowe on the Benefits of Participating in Hackathons at the Hackmakers World Innovation Day 13:36 05/20/2021
Franco Ucci on Building Technology to Help People at World Innovation Day Hackathon 15:27 05/20/2021
Sandesh Rao on AIOps, Autonomous Database, and Developer Productivity 46:05 04/22/2021